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Unofficially Official Nickelodeon Universe Review

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The Unofficially Official Nickelodeon Universe Review

by the RingMaster

Yeah, that's right, I have a review....what'cha gon' do about it? Read or be square (even though that doesn't even rhyme to begin with):


Overall Rating:


I was utterly SHOCKED by how beautiful the new area looks. Depending on which route you choose to enter NU, you will run into brightly-colored attractions nontheless. Every aspect of the kids' area has been re-done, re-modeled, and re-SLIMED with vibrant themes and colors. Even though three attractions are still in the process of being finished, the other 15 make up for them. From flying high aboard Timmy's AirTours, to bumping and bashing fellow friends using Jimmy Neutron's personal Atom Smashers, their is something for everyone, and I mean EVERYONE. The stores themselves have also gotten a facelift, tying in with Nickelodeon's crazy theme (the new Nick Store is the best out of three re-themed shops), along with an all-new snack shop built next to the classic Runaway Reptar. But, don't listen to me, get out here, come to Nickelodeon Universe, and experience what is truly the World's Most Spectacular Nickelodeon Area! You can BET that the next four years of Golden Tickets are in the bag for Kings Island.


Now it's time to check out the three ALL-NEW rides from Zamperla:


Phantom Flyers


First new ride of the day I got to ride, and it was great. Very similar to the Zephyr, the Flyers pull an interesting twist involving you lying on your stomach and giving you the sensation of flight. It's truly an experience not to be missed. The ride itself also looks cool; the futuristic satellite what-cha-ma-call-its on top are neat-looking, and has a red flash at night. The line might get a little long on more crowded days, but definitely check it out.


Plankton's Plunge


2nd new ride of NU I had a chance to go on, this was a surprise to me. I didn't realize how TALL the Plunge was (at least 22 feet), but it didn't stop the littlest of kids from hopping onto it. Nicknamed the "Frog Hopper", the Plunge takes guests up a massive kelp tree-plant-thingy with Plankton at the top basking in his victory...before taking the plunge over and over again in quick, fun drops. Short and sweet, although the lines can get long quick, especially today (it had wrapped around the SpongeBob statue!). Ride it if you want, it's a fun little ride for those too young or too scared to tackle its 316-foot sister the thrill-junkies call Drop Zone.


Avatar-The Last Airbender


THIS is the reason why teenagers need to visit Nick Universe; hands-down the best ride out of the entire area. Traveling through an ancient pagoda, visitors climb aboard a giant cloud carrying 36 people at a time, with the Avatar himself, Aang, riding on top. Suddenly, you rocket off into the sky, back and forth until Aang decides to take you for a spin-literally! It's a high-speed, whirlwind adventure that will leave ANYONE out of breath and ready for more! Although the ride area is pretty scarce in terms of scenery, that's only a minor quib as the ride is truly extraordinary. Get the family and kids (the ones that are at least 44 inches, mind you), make a special trip to Nick Universe and ride Avatar. You do NOT want to miss this.

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Yeah, I saw those yesterday, and I know they have yet to install SpongeBob's pineapple house and, hopefully, Squidward's tiki hut for BBB.


Hopefully, they'll also add more to Avatar--I noticed that they covered up the other half of the supports with that cool wind tarp-y thingy. I want to see more of those pagoda things and some kind of covering over the queue line and station.


Other than that, I think I fell in love with Avatar.....oh, and Nick Universe too. :P

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Does anybody know why PKI de-themed The Krusty Krab Snack Shack? Now it's a terribly cheap and bland looking building <_< IMO, it's the ugliest thing in Nick Universe and would better fit the Sponge Bob theming as the Krust Krab once again.


They could've replaced the old Sponge Bob figure, that used to be on top, with a Mr. Krabs! It makes sense that they would move the Sponge Bob figure down to where he is more noticable, and that they would take down the Patrick and Squidward wooden cutouts now that they have real figures, but why did they tear down the Krusty Krab theming?


And to think we could've had the Chum Bucket next to Plankton's Plunge and across from the Krusty Krab :rolleyes: Oh well...I'm just comlaining about somthing WAY to trivial anyway!


Nick Universe looks great but I'd like to see less GIANT open fields of grass and concrete (behind Go, Diego GO! and infront of Avatar) and alittle more TREES B) Great job PKI!


PS: I would take Crash Course Boating School over the entire Nick Universe!

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