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EPKI History School May

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Here is what we will talk about tonight.


In 1992 The Smurfs Enchanted Voyage is reworked as Phantom Theater , Scooby Zoom, opens in Hanna-Barbera Land, on part of old Smurfs Enchanted Voyage, and This would also be the last year for the Wild Animal Habitat Monorail and would be snt to Jungle Jims. Paramount buys out Kings Entertainment Company in July of this year.





In 1993, Lion Country Safari is renamed Adventure Village, A suspended roller coaster, to be named Thunder Road, opens in Adventure Village, but is named Top Gun , which has the has the longest queue long in the park. This also marks the beginning of Paramount's Kings Island.


In 1994, Days of Thunder , (this ride was the first ride in Paramount Action FX Theater), opens in Coney Mall, Sunshine Turnpike and Scrappy Slide are removed at end of the season.


In 1995, a new area opens in the park, Nickelodeon Splat City, Flight Commander also completes its final season. Extreme Skyflyer is added.

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