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Well here some things you should know


-FearFest is very popular and attracts thousands of people each year so to make money you've got to spend money ;) ..FF isnt going to die anytime soon.


-2007 I hear will be a pretty big year I havent a clue of whats to come but I have been told something huge and creepy is on its way...I'm thinking its a coaster but who knows I will find sooner than later. :D


-I wouldnt expect a NU retheme until at least 2012.

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Or Zoey 101? (*shiver* Jamie Lynn Spears....acting?...now thats creepy...)

lol! :lol:


Addams Family? No... I hope Paramount gets smart so that we do see that coaster soon but I ment Creepy as in being plunged into total darkness at 75 Mph.


Exactly what I'm hoping for as well, although 75 mph, that's like hyper coaster height, which would be nice, but I don't know if we can hope for that much yet. :( But, you never know. :)

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Shucks, but the 75 mph into total darkness sounds awesome!

Wait...Isnt that just FOF just 20 MPH or less slower?



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