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From a post at PKIC:


Hi guys, long time lurker on here and other coaster and park fan sites and a former KI employee from the late 90's. My names Scott Bradford and I finnaly took the time to create a username and make my first post! I wanted to commend PKIC on their excellent content and the way the site is run, I usually read the forums every day and have been doing so for a little over a year now. I want to let everyone know about what seperates this site from other PKI fansites. You may notice that PKIC gets a lot of content and a lot of respect from the PKI staff where as other sites may not, this is because of how administrators of other sites have behaved. EPKI (www.extremepki.com) is not a site that can be trusted. Their administrators and head members have actually been expelled and banned from PKI and other parks for indecent and illegal acts. Theyve also taken part in acts of theivery and content stealing from sites like PKIC and have endagered other guests by taking POV footage while on rides at PKI. There was even a time when their site displayed some gross forms of pornography. I was contacted by a member of EPKI who threatened me after I made a complaint about how he bragged about riding with children. I wrote this article to let you all know about the things EPKI has done, it is a gross indecent site that pales in comparisson to this one. No wonder why the park respects this site. Dont trust EPKI!


I assure you that this is false.


Yes, a member of ExtremePKI.com staff was banned from the park. As soon as that happened, I removed him from staff. I had no idea that he was breaking park rules while on staff. As I said, as soon as I found out I removed him from staff.


EPKI has never commited content theft from any other site. All EPKI content is original or has been submitted to the site for posting with permission.


There has, in the past, been POV photos on the site. These were taken before the site even existed, and they were only on the site for a short time in late 2003. I removed them as soon I learned of the possible consequences of having them. No POV photos or video have been taken since.


EPKI was hacked at one point, and inappropriate images were posted on the site. This was corrected as soon as was possible and there has not been an incident since.


This is the official statement. That post was made with the intention to trash the site and cause harm to its reputation.


Any questions can be directed to me via PM or E-Mail.



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This is a very good post.


I'll be keeping a VERY tight eye on this thread. The second it gets out of hand, it will be cleaned of all comments and then be closed.


You may also direct comments or questions to me.


PM or beck.colin(at)gmail.com

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Tell ya what, I've been lurking too, for years in both forums. This site ALWAYS has the best content, the most up to date info and just plain all around best layout. I've been to the other sites (names withheld) and they are ok too, if you like canned oppinions ran by what appears to be nothing but do-gooders. In fact, Ive even met admin from both sites at certain VIP events and slamming this site seems/seemed to be their cup of tea. (no, you dont know me, but im in several photos on epki, and the other site :D) Hopefully the post is gone, as I'm too lazy to look right now, but am angry enough to post here.





for now... back to lurking :ph34r:

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Yeah - I make fun of PKICentral all the time at the park - and even when Don comes to the park I make fun of him too! Its been said a million times but Ill say it again.


LOL @ teh PKI FaNb0yZ!


But yeah everyone is pretty much on the same team - different points of view. There are trolls out there in the fansite community - and all the sites usually do a good job in cooperating to make sure these people are removed from each of the sites.

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