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Bob Sled team 2006

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EPKI is have Bob sled team competition this year. Bob sled competition is were team of 5 or less people ride down Wild Thornberry’s River Adventure, and to make the bigest splash, funnest picture or video. Your team must submit apicture, onride pictures, video, or some thing by when the park close at the end of the season, to the judges to judge. We need 1 to 5 judges, a judge can not be on a team too. You can use this thred to get your teams together. If you have any questions ask a staff memember.

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Honestly, this isnt going to work.


Drew, How manytimes do you even go to PKI nowadays?

I am busey, I only got to go once l;ast year, but that does not mean any thing. There does not need to be all 5 people, there can be less, and if I am the only one doing it, will thats fine.

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