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EPKI History School Meet in January

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Does any one remember the EPKI History School idea back in the summer? Well the wait is over On January Saturday the 28th, 8:00 PM Indiana time, there will be the 1st EPKI history meeting. In these meeting there will be a given topic, and we will talk about the topic. The topic will be 1972. The meeting will be held in the EPKI Island Chat room, you need java to use this chat room.

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Do to problems with that chat room, the EPKI history school will meet at 9:00 PM Indiana time on 1-28-2006, tonight. Here is some of the stuff we will be talking about, 1972 will be the first year for Kings Island. Taft Broadcasting owned Coney Island, then sold Coney Island ( Which Is still there today), to build KI, Taft Broadcasting later became KECO. The signature ride was Racer, which started the second Coaster golden age, which is still going on today. The five main areas were International Street , Oktoberfest , Coney Mall , Rivertown, and The Happy Land of Hanna-Barbera , which later was shortened to Hanna Barbera Land. Some other rides were Bavarian Beetle, Canoe Ride, Der Spinning Keggers, Enchanted Voyage, Flying Dutchman, Flying Eagles , Flying Carpet, Haleys Comet, Kings Mill Log Flume, Monster , Rotor, Scrambler, Sky Ride, Tumble Bug , Wheel of Fortune(when it was removed it was sold to DelGrossos), Sunshine Turnpike, Scooby Doo , and Eiffel Tower . The Kings Island Inn also opened, The hotel’s original design was meant to take advantage of the pastoral setting and evoke a sense of the foothills to the Swiss Alps.

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I am in the chat room, and there are only 2 people in it, you need more people. If you are just now reading this post come and join are chat, in the Isand Chat room, to get to it, click on Island Chat right above my controls.

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Here is what happened at the EPKI history school tonight,






[20:26] * Now talking on #extremepki

[20:26] * ChanServ sets mode +n #extremepki

[20:26] * ChanServ sets mode +t #extremepki

[20:26] * ChanServ sets mode +r #extremepki

[20:26] * services.magicstar.net has changed the topic to: Welcome to ExtremePKI's IslandChat! - http://www.extremepki.com - Have Fun! - At January 1, 2006, at 12:32 AM, we officially broke the Most Users Online record! (PKIDelirium)

[20:26] * ChanServ sets mode +q #extremepki PKIDelirium

[20:59] * drewbari (~drewbari@MagicStar-FC99551F.dial1.cincinnati1.level3.net) has joined #extremepki

[20:59] drewbari hi

[20:59] * drewbari has quit (Disintegrated: drewbari)

[21:02] * drewbari (~drewbari@MagicStar-FC99551F.dial1.cincinnati1.level3.net) has joined #extremepki

[21:05] * pipesdrums (pipesdrums@MagicStar-A27A2135.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #extremepki

[21:05] pipesdrums hi hi!

[21:05] drewbari hi

[21:06] PKIDelirium it workz

[21:06] drewbari so are you here for tyhe history chat?

[21:06] * flightoffear1996 (~flightoff@MagicStar-158C0C7B.fuse.net) has joined #extremepki

[21:06] flightoffear1996 Hey Don?

[21:07] flightoffear1996 O

[21:08] flightoffear1996

[21:09] pipesdrums quality > quantity

[21:09] drewbari ok, lets talk about history

[21:10] drewbari when do you guys want to have the Feburary meet?

[21:10] drewbari it does not matter to me

[21:10] flightoffear1996 Chat meet?

[21:10] flightoffear1996 Don you going to the tour?

[21:10] * PkiJake (~PkiJake@MagicStar-923B9FB3.xdsl.qx.net) has joined #extremepki

[21:11] PKIDelirium depends on when the tour is

[21:11] flightoffear1996 I think its when No Caster Con is

[21:11] drewbari yeh, every month the epki history school meets

[21:11] drewbari in this chat room

[21:11] PKIDelirium No Coaster Con was about two weeks ago

[21:12] drewbari so when does you guys want to have feburary meeting?

[21:12] PKIDelirium how about feb 13

[21:12] PKIDelirium lol

[21:12] drewbari ok

[21:12] drewbari what time?

[21:12] pipesdrums 4am

[21:12] PKIDelirium 9

[21:13] drewbari 9 am or pm?

[21:13] pipesdrums am

[21:13] PKIDelirium 9PM

[21:13] flightoffear1996 Does anyone ant to donate to my new comptuer fund?

[21:13] drewbari i like pm more

[21:13] drewbari ok, next chat will be at 9pm on feb 13

[21:14] drewbari nope, does any one want to donate to my new bittinmg trout found?

[21:14] drewbari ok, the topic is 1972

[21:15] PkiJake Is each meeting a differnt year?

[21:15] drewbari yeh

[21:15] drewbari but we dont have to stick with the topic

[21:16] PkiJake Ok

[21:16] drewbari next month will be 1973

[21:16] PkiJake Should be interesting.

[21:16] flightoffear1996 I need a new comptuer.

[21:16] PkiJake me too

[21:17] flightoffear1996 What kind do you got

[21:17] drewbari i just got one in the summer

[21:17] drewbari compaq

[21:17] * PKIDelirium has a 14" iBook G4

[21:17] flightoffear1996 I got a Compaq with 512MB of RAM

[21:17] flightoffear1996 200GB of hard drive space

[21:17] PkiJake Not sure, it's eight years old and stopped working a couple of days ago.

[21:17] flightoffear1996 128MB GeForce video card

[21:18] drewbari ok, what does every one think of the year 197? think it was a good year for ki9?

[21:18] PKIDelirium 197? ?

[21:18] PKIDelirium year 197?

[21:18] PKIDelirium I wasn't born

[21:18] drewbari 1972

[21:18] PKIDelirium lol

[21:18] PkiJake I guess it opened for a second season

[21:18] drewbari yes, its the year that started it all

[21:18] flightoffear1996 Guess what I am watching

[21:18] drewbari it opened in 72

[21:18] PkiJake I wasn';t born till 1990

[21:19] flightoffear1996 Italain Job Stunt Track

[21:19] PKIDelirium I wasnt born until 1988

[21:19] PKIDelirium lol

[21:19] drewbari i wasnt born till 87

[21:19] flightoffear1996 I was born like 2 weeks after the Vortex opened

[21:19] PKIDelirium Italian Job: Stunt Crap

[21:19] flightoffear1996 LOL I would say something

[21:20] drewbari which ride that opend in 1972, do you think was the best?

[21:20] PkiJake I think if there is an NU tour, they should let last ride son FoF happen. That is if it is getting taken out. It is my favorite steel coaster at PKI.

[21:20] drewbari i would say racer

[21:20] PKIDelirium Eiffel Tower

[21:20] PKIDelirium PKI's FOF is safe

[21:20] drewbari it start the scond coaster golden age

[21:20] PkiJake Racer

[21:20] PKIDelirium Racer is ok

[21:21] flightoffear1996 Flight of Fear is staying

[21:21] PKIDelirium Paramount f*cked it over with trim brakes and killing the last hill

[21:21] PkiJake Eiffel Tower made an image for the park

[21:21] drewbari it saved wooden roller coaster, and started the coaster wars

[21:21] drewbari which are still going to day

[21:21] drewbari your right

[21:21] PkiJake Only between CP and Six Flags

[21:21] drewbari et made a great image of the park

[21:22] PkiJake Also the themeing and atmosphere of the park in 72' looked awesome.

[21:22] PKIDelirium yeah, the distinct areas

[21:22] drewbari the park had a hotell back in 1972 too

[21:23] drewbari the Kings Island inn was owned by the park then

[21:23] PkiJake Also season passes were green

[21:23] PkiJake at one point

[21:23] drewbari it coast 6 $'s to get in too

[21:23] PKIDelirium WRONG!

[21:23] PKIDelirium Opening season admission was $7

[21:24] drewbari are what is then?

[21:24] PkiJake Now you can buy a Ckoe for that.

[21:24] PKIDelirium LOL

[21:24] PKIDelirium park food prices are crazy

[21:24] flightoffear1996 Coke is $1 in the employee lot

[21:24] drewbari my mom is saying its 12

[21:24] PKIDelirium the vending machine by HR?

[21:24] flightoffear1996 ID

[21:24] flightoffear1996 IDK

[21:24] flightoffear1996 Never been

[21:25] flightoffear1996 I remember when DOn thought he paid 4.50 for a pop

[21:25] PKIDelirium ;p;

[21:25] PKIDelirium lol*

[21:25] drewbari lol

[21:25] PKIDelirium I paid 5 bucks for a coke unce

[21:25] PKIDelirium fricking machine didn't give me change

[21:26] flightoffear1996 Just go to the stand

[21:26] flightoffear1996 you get more for less

[21:26] flightoffear1996 Or sneak your own in

[21:27] drewbari lol, then the get a drink detector machine

[21:27] drewbari lol

[21:28] PkiJake I checked a couple of days ago and Kentucky Kingdom now cost the same as PKI to get in. Both are more expensive then Cedar Point.

[21:28] PKIDelirium wow what a rip

[21:28] PKIDelirium SFKK is so ghetto

[21:28] PkiJake I kow SFKK sucks

[21:28] drewbari i agree

[21:29] PkiJake It is my home park, but I claim PKI

[21:29] drewbari when we go to gulf shores, and st. pete, we pass it

[21:29] pipesdrums yay overtime time

[21:29] drewbari for what game?

[21:30] PkiJake Except they ran two train on all coasters that could the last few times I have been.

[21:30] drewbari i would like to go there to see flying ductman

[21:30] PKIDelirium ductman!

[21:30] PkiJake That was the only good thing

[21:30] pipesdrums montreal vs toronto

[21:30] drewbari and it came from pki

[21:30] drewbari !

[21:30] PKIDelirium lol

[21:30] PkiJake Oh, it is kinda fun.

[21:31] drewbari o and i fargot to say, i am psting this chat in the forums for the people who missed it

[21:31] flightoffear1996 Anyone going to holiday world

[21:31] PkiJake Cool

[21:32] PkiJake I want to

[21:32] drewbari it takes 3 hours for me to get to it

[21:32] PKIDelirium Announcement: Starting tomorrow evening, EPKI will be hosting a PKI Quiz

[21:32] PkiJake This year I am going too: Busch Gardens Williamsburg, SFKK, CP, PKI. I would like to go to Beech Bend and Holiday world.

[21:32] drewbari its had to get to from indy

[21:33] pipesdrums holiday world looks over rated

[21:33] drewbari the roads are not very gopd

[21:33] flightoffear1996 I don't know If I will be going anywhere

[21:33] flightoffear1996 cause I got to get a new comptuer

[21:33] flightoffear1996 and I just bought a new TV

[21:33] drewbari i need a lap top for collage

[21:33] flightoffear1996 o

[21:33] flightoffear1996 I got one

[21:34] PKIDelirium so do I

[21:34] flightoffear1996 lol I dont ever really use it

[21:34] PkiJake I personally don't think Raven is all that great. Legend is just ok. But Voyage looks great. I don't say this cause I like Beast eithier.

[21:34] drewbari did you need a new tv?

[21:34] PKIDelirium I have two laptops

[21:34] flightoffear1996 Did I need one

[21:34] flightoffear1996 No

[21:34] drewbari drewbari joe

[21:34] flightoffear1996 But I wanted a LCD HDTV

[21:34] * PKIDelirium slaps flightoffear1996 around a bit with a large trout

[21:34] flightoffear1996 lol

[21:34] drewbari a bitting trout that is

[21:35] flightoffear1996 Its nice though

[21:35] pipesdrums screw voyage

[21:35] pipesdrums kentucky rumbler looks better

[21:35] pipesdrums voyage is going to be a clunker

[21:35] drewbari i had a dream that Bil Gates bought pki

[21:35] PkiJake I use to live in Bowling Green and Beech Bend was nothing, now it looks like it is going to be great.

[21:36] PkiJake Now I liove in Lexington two hours away

[21:36] drewbari and it was called Computer land usa

[21:36] pipesdrums bill gates wont buy a paramount park

[21:36] pipesdrums he has no need to

[21:36] flightoffear1996 Bill Gates and his XBOX360 suck

[21:36] flightoffear1996 lol

[21:37] drewbari beastie was called virley, beast was called virus, and son of beast was called Son of virus

[21:37] PkiJake Microsoft Virus Detector: Stunt Track

[21:37] PKIDelirium how about

[21:37] drewbari lol

[21:37] * freddie (~RCoaster2@MagicStar-78522962.ipt.aol.com) has joined #extremepki

[21:37] flightoffear1996 an the Vortex was called: APPLE SUCKS

[21:37] PKIDelirium Apple's Kings iSland

[21:37] * PKIDelirium has kicked flightoffear1996 from #extremepki (play nice)

[21:38] * flightoffear1996 (~flightoff@MagicStar-158C0C7B.fuse.net) has joined #extremepki

[21:38] flightoffear1996 Don kicked me out

[21:38] PKIDelirium I did?

[21:38] flightoffear1996 Yea

[21:38] flightoffear1996 thats what it said

[21:38] PKIDelirium O

[21:39] freddie omg people here

[21:39] PkiJake Back on Topic, I wish International looked like a streetstill

[21:40] freddie and to think I was just about to take this out of my autojoin

[21:40] PKIDelirium yeah

[21:40] freddie

[21:40] drewbari hey don, is the nick locke pn?

[21:40] PKIDelirium it looked a lot better

[21:40] * PKIDelirium sets mode +N #extremepki

[21:40] PKIDelirium it is now

[21:40] drewbari good

[21:41] PkiJake What does it do

[21:41] PKIDelirium prevents people from changing their username

[21:41] PkiJake oh

[21:41] PKIDelirium name change got abused last time we had a chat

[21:41] PKIDelirium cough skywriter cough

[21:41] drewbari lol

[21:41] drewbari thgats right

[21:41] drewbari does any one think Monster and Scrambeler will saty for ever?

[21:42] drewbari i think they colud

[21:42] PkiJake If they are maintained well

[21:42] drewbari and there are

[21:42] drewbari as of now

[21:42] PKIDelirium Scrambler got an INTENSIVE refurbishment in 04

[21:42] PkiJake I just hope if Coney gets a renovation they don't take thhem out

[21:43] drewbari monster opened in in 1968, in coney isalnd, and it does not look that old

[21:43] PkiJake I wish companies still made monsters so more park could have them. Does any make them

[21:43] drewbari idk

[21:43] PKIDelirium nope

[21:43] drewbari i had to quit ridding

[21:44] PKIDelirium Eyerly is no more

[21:44] drewbari i get dizzy when io ride it

[21:44] drewbari has any one ever gotten dizzy on a ride before?

[21:44] PkiJake Nope

[21:45] drewbari lucky you

[21:45] drewbari i almost got sick on monster

[21:45] PKIDelirium I have....

[21:45] drewbari it was a realy hot day

[21:45] PKIDelirium I ate pizza, drank a coke, and hopped on Delirium

[21:45] PKIDelirium BAD MOVE

[21:45] PkiJake Does everyone here think that TRTR's themeing as overall stayed in shape, I do, but other peole seem not to think so

[21:46] PKIDelirium It has

[21:46] PKIDelirium there are only a few minor issues with the lights

[21:46] flightoffear1996 Not as good as it used to be

[21:46] PkiJake I wish that themeing was applied to IJST

[21:46] flightoffear1996 The fog doesnt allways work

[21:46] drewbari has any one ever got stuck in a ride before

[21:46] PKIDelirium fog is tricky

[21:46] flightoffear1996 IJST themeing sucks

[21:46] PKIDelirium it has to go down for short bits at a time to recharge the fog machine

[21:47] drewbari one time i was riding racer, for the 1st time, it stops half way up the hill,

[21:47] flightoffear1996 Well maybe they should have 2 fog machines

[21:47] PkiJake I like IJST themeing, I liked it, it just isn;t the coaster I was wanting. The show part with the shooting is to short.

[21:47] drewbari i people got to cheack if the bars were down

[21:47] PKIDelirium they have several. They are all fed from the same supply of fog juice

[21:47] drewbari so they came runing up to cheack

[21:48] PkiJake I'll be back

[21:48] flightoffear1996 Does anyone rembemer when Vortex always broke done

[21:48] flightoffear1996 down

[21:48] PKIDelirium um

[21:48] PKIDelirium it's always been reliable

[21:48] flightoffear1996 Like im talking

[21:48] flightoffear1996 1995

[21:48] flightoffear1996 around there

[21:48] flightoffear1996 every time I looked it was stopped on the lift

[21:49] PKIDelirium that doesn't mean it broke!

[21:49] PKIDelirium thats just a blockstop

[21:49] flightoffear1996 True

[21:51] drewbari i remember in the last full year of King Cobra, it broke alot

[21:51] drewbari and when sob opened it broke alot

[21:51] flightoffear1996 Joey dp o you like Galditor movies

[21:52] flightoffear1996 Yup

[21:52] flightoffear1996 King Cobra was sweet

[21:52] flightoffear1996 I loved that ride

[21:52] drewbari sob had a roll back in it 1st year

[21:52] drewbari does any one remember when it had that 2nd roll back?

[21:52] PKIDelirium it had a roll back in april 2004

[21:52] PKIDelirium I was there :-P

[21:53] drewbari i know

[21:53] drewbari just seeing if any one remembered that

[21:53] drewbari did you get it on flim

[21:53] PKIDelirium i got pictures

[21:53] PKIDelirium theyre in the gallery

[21:53] flightoffear1996 DId anyone have a Paw Print pass

[21:53] drewbari i remember some one saying they just happened to flimming it when that happened

[21:54] drewbari in early 2005, natnoil geograpich was at the park

[21:54] drewbari what were they doing?

[21:55] PKIDelirium filming?

[21:55] PKIDelirium

[21:55] flightoffear1996 Did anyone have a pawprint pass

[21:55] PKIDelirium wtf is a pawprint pass

[21:55] drewbari for the natiol geographic chanel?

[21:55] flightoffear1996 If got you a early ride on the SOB

[21:55] flightoffear1996 when it opened

[21:55] pipesdrums that sucks

[21:56] drewbari i remember, one time Kenton Coves Keelboat Cannel broke, down, and the had to shut KIAMVR too

[21:57] drewbari becuase people had to cross the tracks to get to it

[21:57] flightoffear1996 I rember when someone died on Top GUn

[21:58] drewbari a woman died of a hart atack

[21:58] flightoffear1996 She had an englarged heart

[21:58] pipesdrums vortexpcw > topgunpki

[21:58] drewbari she had an enlaged heart, and did not know about it

[21:58] PKIDelirium ours can hold 8 more people per train than PCWs!

[21:58] pipesdrums which slows it down more!

[21:59] * pipesdrums slaps PKIDelirium around a bit with a large trout

[21:59] * PKIDelirium throws a brick at pipesdrums

[21:59] drewbari but PKIS Top Gun still sucks, and will forever!

[21:59] pipesdrums yeah being next to sob must make it suck

[22:00] drewbari :;

[22:00] drewbari

[22:00] drewbari

[22:00] drewbari

[22:00] drewbari

[22:00] drewbari :l

[22:00] drewbari :h

[22:00] * PKIDelirium has kicked drewbari from #extremepki (emoticon flood)

[22:01] * drewbari (~drewbari@MagicStar-FC99551F.dial1.cincinnati1.level3.net) has joined #extremepki

[22:02] drewbari * drewbari throws a biting trout at pkidelirium*

[22:02] pipesdrums does anyone here do balet?

[22:02] PKIDelirium OW!

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Here's the rest:




[22:03] drewbari ok, we need to re say every thing we did, before i got ki9cked

[22:03] drewbari so i will start off

[22:03] PKIDelirium check your PM

[22:03] drewbari hi

[22:03] PKIDelirium lol

[22:03] PKIDelirium I PMed you the log

[22:03] drewbari i know lol

[22:04] freddie so has anyone heard anything more about PKD's FoF and Ava?

[22:04] drewbari ava?

[22:05] drewbari avatar?

[22:05] freddie avalannche

[22:05] drewbari o

[22:05] freddie the mack bobsled

[22:05] drewbari what ride is that?

[22:05] drewbari cool

[22:05] freddie 10:04:05 pm the mack bobsled

[22:05] drewbari do you like it?

[22:05] PKIDelirium Ava was never on the website apparently

[22:05] freddie oh ok

[22:05] PKIDelirium but it looks like FOF sits on leased land

[22:05] freddie and FoF

[22:05] freddie ?

[22:05] freddie :-\

[22:05] pipesdrums fof is coming to pcw :D

[22:06] PKIDelirium apparently the former safari land there is all leased

[22:06] freddie someone said MTV retheme or something

[22:06] PKIDelirium and the owners are being [system Edit]es

[22:06] freddie yay minus one credit for me!

[22:06] drewbari so pki does not own the land fof is on?

[22:06] freddie :\

[22:06] PKIDelirium PKD!

[22:06] drewbari its just leased?

[22:06] PKIDelirium not PKI

[22:06] PKIDelirium lol

[22:06] drewbari o

[22:06] freddie not PKI's FoF

[22:07] drewbari drewbari :trout drewbari

[22:07] PKIDelirium PKIDelirium :trout: drewbari

[22:07] PKIDelirium PKIDelirium :trout: drewbari

[22:07] PKIDelirium PKIDelirium :trout: drewbari

[22:07] drewbari so pkd had a safie too?

[22:07] PKIDelirium safie?

[22:07] drewbari lion couty safi

[22:07] drewbari you know the wild animel habatat monorail

[22:08] drewbari were top gun now is

[22:08] PKIDelirium ah

[22:08] PKIDelirium yeah

[22:08] freddie nothing on rcdb about FoF yet

[22:09] PKIDelirium PKD didn't answer my [system Edit]ing email!

[22:10] pipesdrums probably wont

[22:10] PKIDelirium [system Edit]es

[22:10] freddie GG hasn't answered my email :(

[22:10] PKIDelirium about what

[22:11] freddie whihc was pretty much "you guys were good with CCI, and even better now. Oh yeah can I have some specs of BD?"

[22:11] freddie lol

[22:11] freddie to sum things up

[22:11] PKIDelirium lol

[22:12] freddie I just felt like emailing them lol

[22:12] pipesdrums lol

[22:12] freddie http://www.pkdplace.com/images/featured_sale.gif

[22:13] * drewbari has quit (Disintegrated: drewbari)

[22:14] * drewbari (~drewbari@MagicStar-FC99551F.dial1.cincinnati1.level3.net) has joined #extremepki

[22:14] PKIDelirium lol

[22:14] freddie wb

[22:14] PKIDelirium you clickd a link and killed the applet :P

[22:14] freddie java users :x

[22:15] drewbari i tried kicking flight of fear too, but it did not work

[22:15] drewbari lol

[22:15] freddie if you use Firefox, I think it will open in a new tab

[22:15] freddie but in IE it might close the window

[22:21] drewbari i have net scape, but not fire fox

[22:21] drewbari juno is my online priveder

[22:21] freddie ewww

[22:22] freddie Juno is still around?

[22:22] freddie lol

[22:22] drewbari yeh

[22:22] drewbari lol

[22:22] PKIDelirium you can't talk, you use AOL

[22:22] PKIDelirium lol

[22:23] PkiJake Gotta Go

[22:23] PKIDelirium later

[22:23] * PkiJake (~PkiJake@MagicStar-923B9FB3.xdsl.qx.net) has left #extremepki

[22:23] freddie 10:21:43 pm you can't talk, you use AOL

[22:24] freddie lol I tried people PC on my grandfathers computer today

[22:24] freddie worst

[22:24] freddie ISP

[22:24] freddie ever.

[22:24] drewbari my did has people pc

[22:24] freddie its very slow

[22:25] freddie I was going to do a bandwidth test, but I didn't feel like waiting

[22:25] freddie it made AOL seem like DSL

[22:25] PKIDelirium lol

[22:26] pipesdrums lol

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