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Cedar Point has 18 rides closed this year.

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Because of Corona, 18 rides have not opened this year or have closed. I am speculating that this is just because they do not have enough employees to open everything, although the park hasn't given a reason that I am aware of. The park brings in a lot of foreigners to work, but with all the air travel bans and restrictions going on this has become more of a challenge this year. Surprisingly, Top Thrill Dragster is one of the closed rides, but the park hopes to get it open eventually. The rides currently closed include...

the Antique Cars,



Rougarou roller coaster,

Joe Cool’s Dodgem School,

Planet Snoopy,

Frontier Fling,

Wave Swinger,

Gemini roller coaster,


Wicked Twister,

Blue Streak roller coaster,

Cedar Downs Racing Derby,

Super Himalaya

and the Top Thrill Dragster coaster.

Snoopy Bounce attraction,

Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island and...

Snake River Falls


That is 4 closed coasters and 11 closed flat rides counting Planet Snoopy as a single ride. It is an area that has more than one ride or attraction. That is quite a few closed kiddie rides.

Kings Island's Orion has reservation seating, meaning you get a ticket (that is free) that tells you what time to come back to ride.

Cedar Point has three coasters you need to get reservations for, which are...

Millennium Force,


Steel Vengeance

Top Thrill Dragster will require a reservation ticket as well... if it opens.


Oh yea, the Soak City water park didn't open this year either.


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Not surprised, Mr. Roberts. Americans can't leave the country for hardly anywhere, and very few people are allowed in. I'm sure staffing is affected.

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