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Cedar Point will be kicking off their 150th season this year with free admission.

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To promote their 150th season this year, Cedar Point will be returning to it's roots. Just like the parks of yesterday, it will be free to get in and roam around, but if you want to enjoy one of the open attractions you have to purchase a ticket for that attraction. Think of the E-Ticket system that used to be at Disney or any carnival or fair today. If you want to ride everything and see all the shows, you can buy an "all day" wristband for $20.20. Otherwise it might cost you like $4.00 for one ride on Valravn or $3.00 for one ride on Wicked Twister.  I'm just giving an example here, they haven't said how much each ride and show will cost as of yet. It will only be for two of the midways, the main midway and the lakeside midway, so no western town. This event will happen on May 2nd and 3rd. It would be something neat to do if you just want to go, walk around and reminiscent about going as a teenager, but not as much if you want to ride stuff all day, although $20.20 is a pretty good price to be able to do that on the rides that will be open. Valravn and Gate Keeper are going to be the two most popular. Reservations to do this must be done in advance.

Just for Fun Weekend featuring free admission

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