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Kings Island Taking Steps To Respond To Neighbors' Noise Concerns

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Kings Island Taking Steps To Respond To Neighbors' Noise Concerns




As WVXU reported in Dec. 2019, people living near the amusement park - feeling they weren't getting a response from Kings Island - began contacting media and lawmakers about concerns over excessive noise caused by Diamondback running after 10 p.m. in the fall. They were worried the new Orion coaster currently under construction would be even louder.

In an email from Cedar Fair to the neighbors' attorney, executive vice president and general counsel Duffield Milkie writes, "Based on the preliminary recommendations (from an acoustic engineer) Kings Island has initiated a project to fill certain sections of the Diamondback 'box beam' track with sand."

He continues, "Kings Island has proactively required that the Orion coaster track rails be pre-filled with sand to reduce sound levels from that ride. We believe these steps will address the neighbors' complaints related to noise emissions."

People living in neighborhoods just south of Kings Island have been complaining for 10 years about excessive noise - they have acoustic engineer reports showing the sound levels exceed local regulations - created by Diamondback. Those who talked with WVXU agree they knew what they were in for when they moved near the park - though some of them were there before the park was built - but they say they never could have imagined a coaster as big and loud as Diamondback, and Orion is the same type of coaster, but bigger.


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