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Six Flags tries to buy or merge with Cedar Fair.

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I'm surprised there hasn't been any mention of this here, but a few weeks ago Six Flags gave Cedar Fair a merger offer that offered cash-and-stock to Ceder Fair. The combined company would become the largest amusement park company in the United States (I thought Six Flags was already the largest). Many speculated that this would give Six Flags the ability and excuse to increase their ticket prices.  Cedar Fair fans spoke up saying that Six Flags would eventually ruin what makes each park unique and did not want to see this happen. A few kind of liked the idea because they felt like Six Flags would bring in new rides to the small parks that Cedar Fair doesn't do much with. I guess the fans who think that have forgotten how they took out the best roller coasters at Kentucky Kingdom and split, or how Flags mismanaged Geauga Lake and had to sell it, or how Six Flags New Orleans was abandoned after getting flooded by Hurricane Katrina. You know if they were successfully making money with it they would have repaired and replaced what was needed to get it up and running again. I think under Six Flags management, Michigan Adventures would be closed down. But Cedar Fair has since rebuked the offer so I guess we are all safe from all of our parks becoming more generic Six Flags parks.


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