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KI Roller Coasters Info Needed

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I'm taking my grandson to KI soon and all he wants to ride are the roller coasters. When looking at their website, every coaster has an icon that states that people with bad backs should not ride them. I do have some back issues but they are not that bad, and I am not ready to give up riding roller coasters! Can someone please tell me which coasters have a fairly smooth ride, and which ones ride so rough that they will ruin my day? Thank you!

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Diamondback is very smooth in the front car, but gets jack hammer like the further back you sit. Still, its a steel coaster so it never gets too rough.


Banshee is very smooth.


The Beast can be pretty rough. Each car has three seats, a seat over the front wheel, a seat over the back wheel and a seat in-between that does not sit on any wheels. Try to sit in that middle seat for it is the smoothest. Also, the further back in the train, the rougher the ride. The last seat on the train that sits over the back wheel is the most rough of them all. These Beast suggestions also apply to The Racer. Going into the Helix on The Beast you get jerked down and to the right pretty hard. The park is always doing track work on the wooden coasters, so some years seem more rough than other years, and I might be crazy, but it seems like weather also effects how rough the wooden coasters can be.


Flight Of Fear is pretty smooth.


Firehawk is pretty smooth.


Invertigo is pretty smooth, but the over the shoulder restraints will box your ears if your somewhat tall and have a wide head like me.


Flying Ace Aerial Chase is pretty smooth.


The Bat, Adventure Express and Vortex are not rough, per say, but they can be quite jerky. Whereas Beast and Racer are rough up and down because your going over a wooden track, Bat, Adventure Express and Vortex will jerk you left and right. I've punched myself in the jaw a couple of times on Vortex because my face gets jerked to the side into my hand that is holding on to the over the shoulder restraint. Adventure Express has a small divider between the seat backs that will dig into your side as you get jerked left or right.

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