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banshee testing (creeps through elements)

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What other coaster manufactures have taken on huge coasters? Mack? Girlstlauer? Premier? Dont think so.


Remember, bigger does not mean better. Maverick is only 105 ft tall yet it's my favorite steel coaster. Just because companies like Mack, Gerstlauer, and Premier aren't making the largest rides in the world doesn't mean they can't be almost as thrilling as an Intamin.


Have you seen rides like Blue Fire at Europa Park, Helix at Liseberg, The Smiler at Alton Towers, or even Sky Rocket at Kennywood? All of these coasters look like they could rival the intensity of an Intamin blitz or mega-lite...


Sure Kings Island might never get that Intamin giga or strata you've always been wanting but at least our park has a CHANCE of getting some coaster over 300 ft someday. Even if it will be designed B&M, how many parks' fanbases right now can have a legitimate hope of getting a giga someday except for Kings Island and Carowinds?

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