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Don Helbig Interview 2014 improvements and additions.

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  • The area under Banshee's station will mainly be the photo booth, with "some" souvenirs being sold there. The On Location building will have more Banshee merchandise.
  • The KI maintenance team will do the actual assembly of the Banshee trains.
  • Action Zone will have a new look. The park isn't saying any more than that until we're actually at the park next April.
  • The "gift shop" (I don't understand if they mean Banshee's gift shop or the On Location store) and Stunt Crew Grill MAY have new names. That's still being finalized.
  • Nothing new is happening with the International Street fountains at this time.
  • The International Street buildings have been painted.
  • The park is exploring options for improving communication concerning wait times and whether or not a ride is down.
  • Food options in the park will be expanded. (Not a surprise since they just hired a new chef and all, but now they're actually confirming that new things are coming.)
  • Gold and Platinum passholder benefits will be more defined and easier to use.
  • Snoopy's Starlight Spectacular is gone.
  • The Bat's station won't be drastically changing. The queue underneath was removed to clean that area up.

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So why did they remove Starlight Spectacular? I thought the Christmas lights back there made that otherwise dull area more interesting, at night anyway.

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