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KIE photo contest for the off season of 2013/2014

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To make the off season fly by a little faster I thought we can have a photo competition. There are a couple of rules.


This contest will start Monday of next week. Once it start's the contest will last Monday through Friday. Once you post a photo on one of the days in the week you cannot post another one until that round ends. When there is a tie we will have the tiebreaker round on the weekend(You also get extra points. You can post roller coaster related photo's and other photos. If you are not in a tiebreaker you can submit a photo for extra points. At the end of every round I will Post the results for each week. At the end of the off season the user with the highest point's tallied up wins.


- Photo must be your own.

- Photo must follow park rules (exception if you had a backstage tour)

- Must be TOS appropriate.

- No excessive Photo shop filters.

- No illegal activity.


Enjoy and have Fun.

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I've already posted all my good stuff in the random photo threads. I do love the blue sky in the picture above, though.

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Oh, this is great, Mr. Roberts. Looks like they own the world. The babies are funny to watch. Beware the adults, though; they are protective and can be quite mean. When is the green coming back? Haven't seen anything but snow for months, it seems. I think that's the male in front - so haughty and royal. Terrific pic.

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