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Kings Island 2012 Season Recap

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It's official the off-season has begun! So this leads myself to take into account the end of this great season. During this year I have made it to a point to get to the Isle as many times I could, which I believe I did promptly. Soak City was something that I found personally a great ideal, with nastalgia to the Carribean Beach Resort, and to some of the more tropical-aquatic names. The food option increase was also something I liked, new foods that were some what too much money, but were better than the fast food that the Isle is known for. The Haunt was a bit of a let down personally, Coney "Maul" could of had a few more props, over all the whole operation seemed to be a great success. Largest happening this year was the Son Of Beast demolition, which was something I think everyone could say was needed. With this year's closing, I believe it leads into a new era for the Kings Island, it leads to more space for more thrills only Kings Island could bring.


-AA0, your resident poster

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