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Watch the Hot Blooded and Graveyard Shift finales LIVE!

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Can't make it to the finale performances of Hot Blooded or Graveyard Shift? Now you can!


We will be webcasting the finale of Hot Blooded tonight at Midnight, and the finale of Graveyard Shift Sunday at 6PM.


For Hot Blooded, the webcast will go live at 11:59 PM tonight, Saturday October 29.

For Graveyard Shift, the webcast will go live at 5:59 PM tomorrow, Sunday October 30.


The live video feeds will be taking place on Qik Video. Our channel is located at http://www.qik.com/kiextreme


Please take note that "KIExtreme TV" as we are calling it is a BETA FEATURE, so bugs and technical difficulties may occur. The service has been tested, but as with anything technological, things can occasionally go wrong.

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