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Forum Upgrade Completed!

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As you can see, we've just completed a major upgrade to the forum software. IP.Board has been upgraded to the latest version, but most noticeably, a brand new forum skin has been applied, replacing the default IP.Board appearance.


This upgrade brings additional social interaction features, including social media site share buttons at the bottom of every topic.


If you experience any issues with the upgrade, please post in this topic so it can be addressed.


Additional features will be coming soon!

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I agree CincinnatiKid123. Since this is now the official amusement park season its time to start recruiting more member and get our current members more active in the site. Anyways back to the topic on hand. The forum upgrade is very nice. Works great and looks great. Though as park of the mod team I will say that if any users notice spam bot please report those topics ASAP and DO NOT POST in the topic. Let us moderators do out job and ban those spammers. It does help us however if you report those posts and topic by clicking the report post button. The moderation team greatly appreciates it.

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