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Freestyle Music Park creditors cry fraud, fight back

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How does anything like this happen? How do they not have enough financial backing to only be open a few years? It really puzzles me, what a waste of money, and coasters just sitting there not being used.


My sister went there opening year, and said it was O.K. but nothing great and the ticket price was as much as a trip to Cedar Point,, but with almost not near the entertainment value. Those stupid Myrtle Beach(Whom ever was in charge) total idiots, they should have left the Pavilion alone. What they should of done was have a cheaper admission price to Hard Rock Park, to draw people in and show "The new customers" what you have to offer, then add rides as need every few years and keep people interested. I would not pay $40.00 dollars for a few coasters and a few flat rides. Maybe charge like twenty dollars and just get people in the gates.

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And opening a park today is not like opening a park in the past... Many of the parks that flourished during the last century did so because they were rooted in the local economy - Geauga Lake, Cedar Point, Kennywood... They have been around since the 1800's, and in most cases, started out as picnic parks, which then got merry-go-rounds, maybe a boat tour, and grew from there, developing and changing with the culture. Then there are the parks that started later, usually with corporate backing or a strong financial investment - Kings Island, Great Adventure, the Great Americas, the SeaWorlds, etc. But in those days, a park could be a draw and have only one or two coaster and a few family rides (like Kings Island, for example).


Opening with one or two main rides (in Ohio, read "coasters") today would seem to almost doom a park right from the get-go, especially in the competitive entertainment states of California, Florida, and Ohio. Today, for a park to get off the ground is hard. If a park's aim is to be a destination (as Hard Rock Park was), they have to start out large. The problems with Hard Rock Park were numerous - the location was off the beaten path for visitors to the otherwise busy Myrtle Beach area; the pricing system, as you mentioned, was not conducive to a park that was just getting started; their ticket options were far too overpriced, and have far too few options. Another issue with the park is the selection of rides. The issue is, if you want your park to shine in a tourist area, you must offer something that visitors can't get at home. The notion of a theme park itself won't draw visitors, especially when the location & pricing is like Hard Rock Park's were... The "stand-out" ride was Led Zeppelin. Whether you're migrating from Ohio, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida (why would you do that?), you would pass a superior, comparable ride on the way... Round About is essentially The Italian Job: Stunt Track without theme.


As I recall (this could be wrong) when the park became Freestyle, they tried their best to rectify the poor pricing options, but went too far in the other direction. I believe they had a special where you could get two tickets for like, $27? Sure, that's a good way to get people into the park... But it's like, you're essentially giving tickets away. $14 per person for a day?


I don't know what else could have been done. I think the park was sort of doomed from the beginning. As Hard Rock Park, it seemed to have a lot of personality - fog throughout the "Rock 'n' Roll Heaven" section, that fantastic dark ride, clever restaurant & shop names, activities for the whole family... I think it was just sort of not meant to be - the location hindered the park, and the pricing was way off no matter which direction they tried to push it. It sucks. Led Zeppelin is usually regarded by enthusiasts as just a "meh" coaster, but it would sure do wonders at say, Kings Island? Round About would be a good fit for Carowinds, too.

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i think the rides should just be sold to other parks. sounds like this park is just unable to get off the ground and gain momentum. id love to see the led zep coaster end up at KI. thats a dream of course, but it would be a nice addition. another big looping coaster and another beemer in the park. like i said, only a dream, but hey. either way, its just sad to see a park sit idle.

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