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Geauga Dog

KI Weather Forecast

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Hopefully someone can give me a heads up on the weather for tomorrow. Just wondering what the weather is being forecast as. According to weather.com it's saying partly cloudy but a chance for thunderstorms but sometimes I don't trust what is being posted on the Net.


I don't care if it's cloudy all day, heck a day without the sun beating down on me would be a nice change compared to a few visits to other parks I've had this year but I don't want it to be a total washout either as I'll be driving 3.5 to 4 hours for the day.


Thanks for the info.

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WLWT for Tuesday: http://www.wlwt.com/weather/grid.html#HEARSTWX=http%3A//www.wlwt.com/weather/hrstwx%3Bbyzip%3B45202/forecast.html%3Fqs%3D%3Blongname%3DForecast%3Bshortname%3DForecast%3Bdays%3D7



showers and thunderstorms possible mainly to the NW of Cincinnati.


scattered rain


Local12: http://www.local12.com/weather/default.aspx



Partly Cloudy-A Few T-storms Redevelop. High: 88°


Tomorrow Evening

Partly Cloudy-A Few T-storms Possible Low 74°


Doesn't seem too bad to me. Given that forecast, I wouldn't hesitate to go.

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