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Opening Day-April 17th, 2010

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Me and Crutchmud made out way out to the park yesterday and got there around 8:30. We got a pretty good parking space in the gold pass parking lot and made our way up to the metal detectors. We waited for quite awhile, because as anyone knows, it takes ages for them to get people through the metal detectors. After getting through the gates we made our way through the gold pass entrance for our early ride times and headed straight to Diamondback. it was a decently short wait. not too bad really. got on and got the front car with the wide spread seats ( row 2 ) and had a fantastic ride, but when does Diamondback ever give a bad ride? that floater air was just incredible and the best way to start the day. we headed over to the Beast next. Crutchmud has never been on the Beast before ( and this was only his 2nd trip to the park in his life ) so it was pretty important to him that he ride it. the wait wasnt too bad as it was still only open to gold pass holders. i dont hate the Beast but i was expecting a rough and uncomfortable ride as years past have given me. to my surprise, it wasnt rough at all. at least, not in wooden coaster standards. all except for that last sharp turn into the final helix, the ride was running scary smooth. not that thats a bad thing, i mean im glad i didnt get beat all to heck like i used to, but i was sort of disappointed that it felt so calm maybe its because its so early in the year? or because we caught it so early in the day? ( because i noticed most of the coasters run a lot smoother early in the day and seem to get rougher as the days go on )


after our Beast ride, we stood by Diamondback's splash finale and waited for the rest of the park to be open. we didnt wait long. the crowd in front of us broke free and we headed towards Vortex. we beat the crowd and got on in less then 10 minutes. Vortex never disappoints in the fun factor. headed over to the X-Base for FoF and Firehawk. Firehawk was down so the FoF line looked a lot longer than what it really was. the line was all the way out in the outside ques, but they didnt even fill the inside ques so the wait wasnt too awfully bad. we had a really good ride on FoF except for these two really obnoxious younger girls sitting behind us screeching at the very tip top of their lungs the entire time. it took away from some of the enjoyment of the ride, but overall still fun. Firehawk still wasnt open yet so we decided to go ride Monster. they definitely took some time to give it some TLC. Monster has a fresh coat of glossy black paint from its trash can looking head right down to the cage/motor housing. it looks almost brand new. it seemed to be running stronger too. they must have really done some serious rehab to it this past off season. Monster looks/runs amazing at 42 :) we hit up Viking Fury after that and we didnt get much of a ride on it, but thats okay. they werent even pushing it up to the highest point.


we then hit up the Racer. surprise surprise...a long line. it probably wouldnt have been nearly as long if they were running both sides but they were only running one side. we got a good ride on it and Crutchmud really enjoyed it ( again, another coaster he's never been on ) After our ride on the Racer we headed over to the Action Zone and went to ride Top Gun. the line wasn't too bad but its still strange for me anytime i see a line for this coaster. most people dont want to take the trek back there for a short ride. ill keep saying this until i see it done, but gosh they are just letting this poor coaster rot. it needs paint so bad. at least it runs great, but still. paint the poor thing! if they can give Monster a nice glossy paint job then i think this poor thing deserves some attention too! after our quick but fun ride, we decided to get food. we are going to start packing food to take with us though because as much as we plan on going, it would be stupid to pay so much for so little food. i have to make a comment about Action Zone though...its just too dead. I know that most people have said the same but it never seemed more dead then it has today. Face/Off wasnt running at all, Delirium was running on and off through the day, Drop Zone stayed stable as far as running, and of course its still much too calm over there without the roar of Son of Beast. i really miss that coaster. i stared at it a lot yesterday and just wanted to be able to ride it again. its just too quiet and dead over there. SoB needs to wake it all up again and bring back the energy thats been missing since it being closed.


we headed over to Firehawk which had finally been open and we most definitely beat the long lines. we only waited about 20ish minutes or so to ride. it was nice because i love the ride, but i hate how long the lines get and how bad the waits are for it. i know that really cant be helped due to the mechanics of the ride but thats its only drawback in my book. after that we decided to sit and relax for awhile because the lines had gotten seriously out of hand at that point in the day. plus it was really starting to get cold and very windy. it felt like a fall day. after having sat for awhile we headed over to Adventure Express. it had a line, but it moved along pretty good. one of the trains was having issues with the seat belt and we happened to board that train. we were the lucky two who ended up sitting in the seats behind the ones with the seat belt release issue. it seemed to be extra jerky today but fun overall. we decided to then leave the park to grab a drink at McD's since its stupid to pay $3. we chilled out in his truck for awhile because there was no point in rushing back into the park with it being so busy. we headed back into the park after about an hour or so spent enjoying some time to relax and we were going to try and get another ride on FoF but the line truly was filled all the way out to the que, so we headed back over to Diamondback. long line, of course, but i have to say even when it gets a long line it always moves so its never too awfully bad. we got another ride on Vortex after that.


by then it was just getting much too unbearably cold and the crowds werent dying down whatsoever so we decided to leave. we really didnt want to because we wanted to get some night rides and watch the fireworks, but the cold and the crowd really wasnt giving us any reason to stay longer. we will be back next weekend though and just about every one after that so its not like we are too bummed about missing some things. i only got 3 Diamondback rides this year so far but i know by the end of the season my counts will be high. combining last years and this years count im up to 43. not too bad for someone that lives an hour and a half away :)


overall great day with my best friend Crutchmud, but the heavy crowds and the not so friendly cold air were the only drawbacks. still a very fun day. im ready for next weekend :)

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