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Kings Island's 5@5 Mailbag

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If you haven't been reading the daily 5@5 Mailbag on the park's official Facebook, you've really been missing out. Check it out here: http://www.facebook.com/visitkingsisland?v=box_3


Yesterday's was the first time I'd seen the fan sites mentioned: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=380442016948


David McPeak - Is Great Wolf Lodge actually on Kings Island property or is it on it's own land?

That is Great Wolf’s property now. The arrangement was complicated at the start and has gotten even more complicated. What’ not complicated though is our partnership. We work very well together. They attract lots of visitors to the area and many businesses, including us, benefit from them being here. If you’ve never stayed there, you should. It is a great experience. [Plug Alert] And with your 15% Off Gold Pass discount there’s no reason you shouldn’t check it out!




Matt Godfrey - I really liked the roving entertainment you guys put out there last year (magician, juggler, and stiltwalker). Do you think the idea of having live music like a band or small drumline is feasible enough to add to the live entertainment lineup? I know on occasion some schools do special events throughout the year, but I was thinking more along the lines of an in-house set of live music; the Twistin' to the 60's band did some really amazing improv in-between shows.

Our live entertainment department is fantastic. Kevin Brunck, Area Manager of Live E, is a tremendous asset. He and his team are creative, dedicated and really care about the product they put out. We have used the roving street entertainment for our special event days but I much prefer the work Kevin’s team creates in house. To be honest, I was never really into the shows here. I’d check them out once or twice but that’s about it. Now I find the shows part of my daily routine. Your idea for an in-house band is interesting. I’ll share it with the team.




Bret Shroats - I saw something about Kings Island Tv on the parks website under the youtube page. Can you explain what Kings island TV is going to be? What will be featured on Kings Island TV?

We will be loading much more video content to YouTube and to our new website. The traditional stuff (we’ve been sorely lacking) like POV and off-ride video along with our commercials. We have plans to get much deeper into viral videos. It may take us a little bit to get up and running but I think you’ll be impressed.




Jackson Thurnquist - On your website, it contradicts itself with the Gold Pass Perks. On one page, it says Morning Gold Pass ERT starts April 17, the other, April 30. Which one is it? Thanks.

Thanks Jackson. We were leaving the 17th off the list just to be cautious. But after reading your question I’ve corrected the web to say we are open for Gold Pass early rides on DB and Beast EVERY DAY just like last year, beginning Saturday, April 17! This is an awesome perk as you know. Make sure you use it so it never leaves!




Brian Krosnick - Do you folks ever post something (a la the pictures of the new dark ride) and then hop over to a Kings Island fansite like KICentral.com or KIextreme.com just to see how quickly and emotionally we all react? If not, give it try sometime... it's pretty funny.

Some of us (myself included) do visit these two sites periodically. I wouldn’t say we post and jump like this by any means. As you can see, we’ve got our hands full and barely keep up with our own stuff! These sites are a great place to see what your most passionate guests say and feel. You sometimes need to have a thick skin. We try really hard and it’s easy to get defensive when see something that you consider negative. Don’t get me wrong, this is certainly the exception rather than the rule. 99% of the time I visit I leave more energized. You care about the park and we love that.

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Sorry, but we are unable to continue this question and answer forum effective immediately. Thanks for your understanding.


Uh-oh. Who broke 5@5?

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Well, that was unexpected.


Answers from today: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=380726536948


Ryan Suhr - Many fantastic rides have been located in the building that will house Boo Blasters on Boo Hill, all of which were dark rides. The biggest contradiction I've seen was the transition from the scary Phantom Theatre to the family-friendly Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle. Although, judging by the photos supplied, it seems like this one will be its own unique experience. Which of the two ride experiences (Phantom Theatre and Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle) would you consider to be the most comparable to Boo Blasters on Boo Hill?

You’re right, this building has been home to some great rides. We are very excited by what we’ve seen for Boo Blasters. In my opinion the Scooby overlay was out of place for this type of attraction and I’m glad it’s heading back. Phantom Theater may have scared the pants off some kids and I think this one will too. There is still a fun, playful nature to this ride with the ghost blasters and some of the gags so kids will enjoy it. Honestly my initial reaction has changed 100% by what I’ve seen and I’m excited to ride it.




Rain Blanken - Boo Blasters on Boo Hill 3D Questions: "Guests can choose to enhance their ride experience on Boo Blasters on Boo Hill with 3-D glasses." How much will these glasses cost? Are they the kind that the park recycles to use again or are they disposable red/blue 3D glasses that kids will want to keep and parents will need to carry the rest of the day at the park? The moaning and groaning over this 'feature' may be scarier than the ghosts.

This will be a great ride with or without glasses. If you don’t want glasses, you don’t need them. That’s important to note. There are extra features that will make the ride experience different with these disposable 3D glasses.


Prediction: You will ride this ride once and forget about the “moaning and groaning” shown here today.




Tony Douglass - Thanks for the release of the dark ride today! Will we be getting a new dark ride for 2013, since Scooby was put in in 2003? The ride does have a tradition of every ten years, or does this ride now have ten years worth of being housed? So that it will be removed in 2020?

If I could predict what will happen in 10 years I doubt my NCAA bracket would have been busted weeks ago! This ride has taken many forms but there are no plans to replace it in a certain number of years. I think change is good - once I see it. I was a big fan of The Smurfs and objected to Phantom Theater. I was not happy about turning PT into Scooby Doo. As I mentioned above, I was skeptical of this change. Each time I have enjoyed the new experience. Yesterday I looked at a picture of the outside of Phantom Theater. Looking back, it was time for a change.




Amber Hodge - Will the Snoopy souvenier cup be the same at all of the parks, and if not will it be re-fillable at each park?

The Snoopy souvenir cup will have a King Island logo on it and it is only refillable here.




Justin Balogh - Will Backyard BBQ be earlier or later in the day? 3-4 seems a little early for dinner, and too late for lunch.

We have made a couple of changes to the Backyard BBQ. First is the time. You are right about the odd time we had before so this year we’re moving to 5:30 – 7:30pm. The menu is slightly different now with chicken tenders, hot dogs, Montgomery Inn pulled pork, baked beans, potato salad, watermelon, ice cream treats and unlimited soft drinks. 12.99 and 6.99 for non-passholders / 9.99 and 5.99 for gold passholders is a great value.


You’ll also be surprised by the new shelter improvements for this BBQ meal. Our F&B team is working hard to improve the overall experience and have made quite a few upgrades to the Picnic Grove area. We’ll post some construction shots in the photo album tomorrow, okay?

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Guys.... This worries me...


Thank You

Thursday, April 1, 2010 10:13 AM


Good morning, friends.


It is with very heavy hearts that we announce that the OnPoint blog will no longer continue after today. The two of us have decided to focus on our core responsibilities at the park and can no longer keep the commitment to do regular updates.


To those who've been following us from the beginning, we thank you.


Keep an eye on Shoot the Rapids construction updates in the ride's photo gallery.


Again, thank you, and Ride On.


KI's Blog


This is the 180th and final update for this blog. It is being retired. To those that have been following this blog, thank you! We hope you enjoyed the updates and photos that have been posted since the blog was introduced in February of 2009.


For park updates and photos become a fan on Facebook at www.facebook.com/visitkingsisland


Cedar Fair, WTF.

Edited by Asa

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Sorry. Looks like we didn't fool anyone!




David McPeak - My question of the day is, is this a April Fools prank, lol.

Busted. Sorry. My mom hates that I still do this junk to her too. Not coordinated in any way with Cedar Point by the way. We are still on for 5@5 each day and I even went through the comments and picked out any questions that were there. I hope we didn’t lose anyone for good. Help me spread the word and I promise not to do it again (this year).




Stan Byme - I also hope this is just an April Fool's Day joke. If not, I am sad that the park didn't realize how well this was going over. I have been going to the park since the 70's...and to be honest, for the last few years I see a difference...and not a good one. It has appeared to me that the park considers we "enthusiasts" as a nuisance, not a valuable

Mr. Byme, you couldn’t be more wrong. No other way for me to say it. You’re wrong. Our “enthusiasts” are very valuable and we appreciate them (you) very much.




Ty Mullins - Assuming that the 5@5 ending is simply an April Fool's joke, as everybody is hoping, I still have a question to submit- While looking through some Intimidator 305 media day pictures, I noticed several Coca-Cola bottle-shaped recycling bins. Are there any plans for Kings Island to receive these too, or a similar recycling program, in the future?

First, I’ve heard nothing but great things about their new coaster. Looks crazy fast. They should have a great year with that thing. Yes, we are working on a much larger recycling program and you’ll see similarities at sister parks. We have done really good green things for years but never to this level.

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I felt guilty about yesterday so you got some bonus answers!



Bret Shroats - Another Question. You tweeted yesterday the Park Maps are in. When will the map be available online

You’ll see lots of park maps online next week when the new website goes live!




Cameron Saavedra - How much work do you think the park has till April 17th?

It looks like a lot left to do – but it always does and it always gets done in time. The team will be working right up to the end this year thanks in large part to a really cold and snowy winter. The park is buzzing with activity now. It’s really fun to take a walk around each day. It’s amazing how much they get done so quickly.




Tanner Burns - Since Boo Blasters is going to be more intense, will the "entrance" to Planet Snoopy be moved back to not include it? or will there be any signs stating this?? or will it still be a family friendly ride??

The entrances to Planet Snoopy will be the same. The dark ride will be scarier but not so much that it needs to be addressed this way. Families like mine will still pour into this ride. My older kid will like it much better. My youngest kid might want to wait another year but that’s okay because there are a ton of things for that age to do.




David McPeak - What area of the park do you recommend going to first? The Diamondback line goes extremely fast, so no problem there, but usually X Base is packed, would you recommend going there first?

Go opposite everyone else. Every morning the right hand side of the street is packed with everyone heading to DB and Beast. Action Zone lines up because you see this first so lots of people go that way. You’re right to head to Firehawk and Flight of Fear. Diamondback’s line is always moving so you’ll still get plenty of rides there. Best plan though is to get your DB/Beast rides in during Gold Pass ERT every day!




David McPeak - How does it feel that Kings Island and Cedar Point are now sister parks? Before the purchase, I'm sure that you guys were "enemies", and had to compete with each other. For example Son of Beast and Millennium Force in 2000

It’s cool that we’re on the same team. Cedar Point is a great park – regardless of our connection to them. Many KI folks have made a trip up there for “research” and fun every year and still do. We do things differently but we do a lot of things the same. Always have. We were competitors that’s for sure. Not sure I’d say enemies. At the end of the day all parks root for each other. That means we’re all doing well.




Ben Rosen - Pop Evil rocked the house last year (IMO blew collective soul away), Are there any plans to have another rock show this year? I personally like metal / 80's hairbands (Poison,Firehouse, etc..).

Pop Evil was great. We had no idea to be honest. They were a very last minute addition. We are feverishly looking for more concerts. They are not easy though. Tough business. It’s great seeing Timberwolf full of people. Spirit Song, Hannity, JoyFest Gospel are all locked up. I think a country concert festival would work well here and we’ve always had luck with the rock acts like you mentioned. We’ll keep working it.




Brad Perdue - Has there been a significant decrease of ridership on rides in Action Zone since SOB has not been running? Specifically on Flight Deck? Just curios how it has impacted that area of the park.

Flight Deck ridership was up last year as was most every ride in the park. It is kind of hidden but it always has been. Most people coming to the park have it on their to-do list.




R.j. Huber - I guess you can say I'm a n00b to Kings Isalnd. This is my first year as a Gold Passholder and I am wondering if there was a "special" entrance for passholders? I'm wondering what your procedure was for the ERTs

Welcome. I hope you end up being a passholder for a very long time. Diamondback and The Beast open early every day this year for our Gold Passholders. You will see a designated entrance on the right hand side of the street when you come in. This has worked very well.




Christy Walters - Will the log flume be getting new boats this year? The old ones flooded.... a lot. & my kids love that ride!!

I have not seen any new boats arrive. If I do I’ll let you know. You’re right, this is a great ride.




Kyle Joyce - In the final couple years of Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle, the guns hardly worked anymore, and even from the beginning of the ride,when it opened in 2003, it seemed like a lot of targets you couldn't even hit, like in the "living room" scene. Will any of these problems be fixed for Boo Blasters?

Sometimes it’s the guns. Most times it’s the targets. I asked this same question to the workers in there this week. They said you’d see a great improvement in the ability to hit the targets. This makes your score better and the entire ride much more fun since it’s the targets that activate a lot of the scenes. People have been working in this building many hours in the past weeks to make this a better attraction.




Rick Penny - Scooby has been at Kings Island since the park opened, I understand why you guys put snoopy in but why take scooby away after 37 years....He was the best part, well Hannah Barbara!!! I love CF and KI And Snoopy but KI will just be a little different with out scooby!!!! Is there any chance that we may see scooby one way or another again in the future??

Scooby was a great piece of KI and it will feel different without him. I remember many people who didn’t want the rest of the HB characters to leave when the Nickelodeon characters arrived. Many of those people changed their minds quickly. I disagree that Scooby was the best part of the park.




Chris Hughes - What is one change at the park this year, that no one has asked about?

Surprisingly there are some questions no one has asked. One thing people will notice is a new family restroom located next to the women’s restroom at the front gate. Our group sales clients will also be very pleasantly surprised to see some of the new landscaping improvements being made in the Picnic Grove.

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Answers for Saturday's Mailbag below...



David McPeak - What ride do you find to be the "scariest" at the park? Drop Tower still scares the crap out of me.

I’m with you. Drop Zone is the only ride at the park that still gets me every time I get on it. My stomach gets tied in knots looking out at I-71 and seeing the tops of my shoes at the same time. A great ride. I have not tried Slingshot and doubt I will anytime soon. Too scary-looking to me.




Jon Roost - Have there been any changes to Backlot Stunt Coaster this year since the Mini Cooper license is expiring? For example, at Kings Dominion the cars got a paint job and the little doors removed, is a similar thing happening here this year?

You will see changes to the trains with the removal of the Mini Cooper brand. I’ve ridden this ride a lot and not once did I get off the ride and say “wow, those are great stickers”. For my money I would have spent a few more million on steel and less on copyright allowances.




Tanner Burns - Are there any plans this year or in the future to improve or do something with the old Paramount Story area?? It is a good place to go relax but its empty, the water falls are never working, and beginning to fall apart.

The Tower Gardens is a great place to relax. Our smoking guests will find this to be a restful and relaxing new smoking area this season.




Kyle Joyce - Also, it was posted a couple "5@5"s back, that there were pictures of the new facade for Outer Hanks in the photo gallery on this Facebook page. I checked, and could not find any pictures of that facade anywhere........

We will take a trip around the park on Monday and Tuesday and post many pictures like this for you.




Daniel Bruington - Is there a possibility that the Crypt will see a different ride cycle in the future than it ran for most of the 2009 season? I know that the ride is more reliable now, but was it not similarly reliable back when it ran with a more exciting cycle (from 2003-2006) as Tomb Raider?

The answer to your first question is also the answer to your second. The ride is much more reliable now than any time in its history. For that reason, I don’t anticipate you’ll see a drastic change in the ride cycle this season. The high mark for ridership was the debut season of 2002 and the numbers decreased from there - until last year.

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AGREED! I also think Scooby-Doo was the best part of visitng Kings Island he is know to young and old! It's gonna be a shock to not be able to get a picture with him on my way to The Beast. Snoopy is cool but he just isn't as zany as scooby.

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One Opening Day celebration in Cincinnati down....one to go. Let's hope for similar weather for ours! Answers for Monday's Mailbag below...




Brad Perdue - We have seen pics of winter rehab for coaster trains. How does this work for Drop Tower and Delirium?

These two rides are like all other rides at the park. Many of the parts are removed, inspected and rebuilt during the off season. All rides go through similar mechanical, operational, electrical inspections prior to opening.




Brett BeFair Fehr - Why is Avatar considered a roller coaster on your website? Why does the park sell a private event the day after opening day? Don't you think it would be better to open with two days straight instead of opening for a day, then closing the doors to the public again?

This was discussed at length when we added it. While certainly not your normal roller coaster, the track, hills, and drop technically do make this a roller coaster. We didn’t make this up ourselves. Others, including the ride manufacturer, classify this a coaster.


Opening on Saturday to the public and having a private event on Sunday has worked great for us, for our large group partner and we received no complaints whatsoever. It is a complicated message but I think we’ve done a good job of communicating it.




Hadley Erin Soderquist - Is Kings Island doing the thing where you get in for $15 if you come at 5 pm o'clock this year?

The After 5pm price is $25.99 this season. We did test the $15 ticket two years ago and it did have some success but not enough to justify repeating it. This discount of $23 off the regular price is a good deal. Kroger & Meijer will also have discounted tickets in Cincinnati and Dayton again - $34.99. Our website though will have a $33.99 price so go there for the best deal.




Taylor David Reece - Will the road work that is being done on Kings Island Drive, be finished in time for opening day?

Everything I’ve heard on the construction says it will be complete around May 14. So it should be finished before we begin daily operation.




Bobby Crawford - I know that in an earlier post, you said that Kings Island is a lot luckier than many other parks in the sense that KI has only developed around half of the total land it actually owns. Do you think that the newest area of the park, X-Base, could be the site of future expansion into the many acres of land that are left, since most of the rest of the park is completely outlined by coasters, a few flats, and the waterpark? The warehouses might just need to be relocated.

The Coney Mall / X-Base area does have land available for development. I never would have considered the route they took for Diamondback so really any area is available. They totally constructed much of the area this ride sits on – from very rough and deep ravines to relatively flat usable space. Expansion opportunities don’t just mean rides. I like other parks that have built up nightlife, restaurants, and other retail spaces near their entrances.




Answers for Tuesday's Mailbag are below...



Lillian Schwartz - Are the shows that you all do on the fest house and behind the DB going to be the same as last year are do you all have something new for us this year?

Down Home Country was in the Festhaus last year and is returning in June this year. I have more than 30 Johnny Cash cd’s and just bought tickets today to Willie Nelson at Riverbend in May so you’ll see me at this show for sure! Don’t stop the music will be back on Bandstand by the tower starting May 22nd. New this year are Charlie Brown’s Hoedown (in Planet Snoopy), Way Too Much TV (in Festhaus). Both of these open on April 17. Snoopy Rocks On Ice is a new show in the KI Theater beginning in June. Signed, Sealed and Delivered is a new show in the International Showplace starting in June. We are very excited about this lineup and proud of our show program.




Kirk Anderson - Loving the beautiful new website! I'm curious, as parks and other companies have many different budgets to draw funds from for certain projects (CapEx budgets for new rides, general funds, etc.), what budget would fund a project like this new website?

Good question. Marketing funds the website project. Our website was desperately in need of an upgrade and we are happy with the new look. Still plenty of things we want to add. This is the reason we launched it quietly today. As this daily feature proves, we are determined to do a better job in the social media world and the first place to start is with our own website.




Aaron Martin - Nice job on the new website! I partiularly like the history info given with most of the rides. I have gathered from answers to others' questions that you will be adding POV videos and addtional webcams. Any idea as to when we can expect those features to go live?

Aaron, there are several things we did not get done as fast as we’d hoped. You touched on many of them. Our new POV camera had a shipping delay but it came today so we’ll be working on NEW POV for every ride we can. We have a few more webcams coming too. For example:


Click this link below (or look in our wall photos) for a look from the new I-Street webcam coming to the site very soon. Thanks to those that gave us this idea in the discussion section. Look closely and you'll see Nikki and Don - the two people to thank for the new website design and content. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=1748...id=155893938367




William Hersman - Does Kings Island have any future plans to put the campground back, I know alot of people stayed there my family always stayed there on ours trips to KI

This is a popular question. In fact my uncle asked me the same thing at Easter dinner and told me the same story of his father-son campout tradition that he’s told me every family dinner for the past 7 years! Like him, there are many that enjoyed this every year. We have great land for this and many of our parks have added camping facilities recently so I’m optimistic that we could see this added in the near future. Don’t quote me on when. I just think it’s something we should keep pushing for.




Paul Bonifield - I love all the photos on the new and improved Kings Island website, where you the one who took the photos?

Don is the camera man and does a great job of it. This might be my favorite part of the new site. There are some great KI images there. Unique angles. Just really cool Kings Island shots. Still too many generic (could-be-any-park) images and we plan to replace them and we’re working as we speak on new wallpapers with these kinds of photos. Also working now on expanded photo galleries for all rides, shows and attractions. If you have some great pictures and would like to share them I’d happily consider adding them to the site. Offer goes for anyone!




Sorry for the delay. Late meeting that went even later. Answers for Wednesday's Mailbag below...



Jeffrey Schoenstra - First I kinda like the new web page look, I have 2 questions, Frist; what happened to the link showing the other parks, that really helped us plan our summer's, second; What is up with the web cam? CP & Carowinds have fixed web cams ours flips back and forth, You might want to take a poll, but the people I've talked to so, don't like the way it's set up now

You’re right, we should make it easier to find the other parks. The Cedar Fair logo does take you there but it needs to be more clear. I like that the DB cam has the ability to change views. Fixed cams are good too. The other ones we are adding will be fixed position but we plan to leave the DB cam as a rotating view.




Michael Eshom - I really enjoyed Endless Summer On Ice last year. Will the new ice show this year be the same (with the exception of Snoopy instead of Scooby) or is it a completely different show?

I’ve heard two things: (1) there will more differences than just the character and (2) guests will really like this show. Like you, I’m anxious to see for myself.




Matt Godfrey - I would assume the ride vehicles for Boo Blasters on Boo Hill are losing the Mystery Machine theme to them. Are they being painted back to the regular black color reminiscent of Phantom Theater, or will they be more in line with the theme of the ride itself? As in, will they be painted to look like coffins or something of that spooky nature, or perhaps even given the glowing black light treatment

When I saw them last week they were not black and I don’t think they will end up that way. The Scooby version had a lot of great haunted castle aspects to it that really didn’t need to be changed drastically. I really liked the building exterior and was pleasantly surprised to see much of it still remains very similar. Same with the cars. They looked better in Scooby than in PT in my opinion and I was happy to see they were not changing a lot.




Stan Byme - Does someone at the park choose the songs that are played around the park...or is it a service that the park pays for?

The music type is always selected by someone at the park. It is a service that we subscribe to but we have the ability to change it whenever we want. It is different from what we had here years ago and some don’t like the change but many (including me) like it very much.




Bruce E Knolle Jr - How old exactly are are the original Coney Island Rides? Monster, Zephyr, Carousel, etc. What year did they start giving rides & memories to guests for the first time EVER

A great feature of our new website is the history section on the detail page for each ride. Click on the picture of each ride and scroll down. Some great info can be found in the History, Trivia and Timeline section located in the Media Center of the new site: http://www.visitkingsisland.com/public/new...story/index.cfm


The Monster originally opened in 1968 as a new ride at Coney Island in Cincinnati, Ohio. The ride was included among the many attractions brought from Coney Island after the park closed in 1971. The Grand Carousel at Kings Island was built in 1926 and was among the many rides that were brought to the park for its opening in& 1972 from Coney Island in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Sorry for another late one. I'll apologize to you now and go home and apologize for missing dinner next! Answers for Thursday's questions below...



Mike Dahlmer - I remember reading about Carl Eckelburg. Is he still alive, and does he still ride the Beast every day?

Carl Eichelman is the man’s name and he’s doing just fine. Last count had his Beast ride total over 4,400 but he no longer rides every day. He attended Diamondback media and visited the park a couple more times last year. Really liked DB. He’s retired and living in Aberdeen, KY.




Bret Shroats - You said in in a previous 5@5 that there would be a new show at night. When will this new night show be announced and can you give us any details about it?

We are working on something but we like to start the hype on our timeline! Once we start talking about something we usually don’t stop. You’ll get plenty of info on it but you’ll have to wait until we’re ready. We are not just lazy or sloppy. We think long and hard about the right time to release things so we maximize the message. Honest answer.




Ray Osburn - I'm curious for the reasoning behind no re-entry during Halloween Haunt. What is the reason that you warrant this decision. I fail to see the difference between this and any other operating day of the season? Just curious. Thanks

First, I appreciate the questions like this very much. I also appreciate the answers some give but prefer to answer them myself if that’s okay. Jonathan had part of it right. It is a security and safety measure. Like most every park in the country that does a scary night time Halloween event, we take extra steps to make the event fun and safe for everyone. The re-entry process can be an inconvenience but it is the right thing to do. There are no “alterior motives”. It’s not to make you buy a sweatshirt from us because you left your coat in the car. It’s not so you can’t go eat. It’s a procedure we put in place for this event that works well and will be continued.




Jordan Hill - Is the person (or group of people) who pieced together the current park map, the same person who adds all the new additions to the map? The recent additions to the map like Diamondback, Firehawk, etc look like they were created by the same person who drew up Vortex, Racer, etc. Also, how long did the map take to create?

The same group has drawn and edited our map for years. We have not done a complete redraw in a very long time but are planning on making that happen for next year’s map. I don’t have an estimate yet on how long it will take but once I do I think that would be an interesting thing to share.




Action Theater 3D

Sorry, still nothing new to report here. As soon as I know I promise I’ll tell you.




Below are the questions chosen for Friday's 5@5 mailbag...



Brian Broom - I like that you give us the history of current ride's, How about a list of maybe not all the rides but the top 40 or 50, in order of rider's

Brian, the information you are looking for is available in the Media Center of our new website under Ride Record Book. All the active rides are listed in order of the most rides given in park history. We will at some point expand this section to include the number of rides past attractions have given.


Ben Besserman – Where is the Diamondback webcam actually mounted?

Ben, the webcam that is focused on Diamondback is mounted on the Eiffel Tower. We like the different views of the ride that we’re able to show from there.


Chris Hughes – I noticed that Kings Dominion’s Drop Tower is painted, orange and yellow with green at the top. Do you think that Kings Island’s Drop Tower will ever be repainted, different? I could see it like a yellow and blue, or yellow and red going with Action Zone’s theming. Just a thought.

Chris, there are no plans at this time and there haven’t been any discussions about re-painting Drop Tower a different color. I think the current color scheme works well for the ride. They’re colors that photograph well.


Brett Befair Fehr – What other webcams can we expect to see soon besides International Street and Diamondback?

Brett, we’re still in the process of deciding that. There’s so many places in the park that would be a great spot to put a webcam. If you were us, where would you put them?


Tim Brown – During the regular operating season when the park is open all day every day I’m sure there’s a lot of work that needs to get done at night. Cleaning, mowing grass, emptying trash, etc. About how late do workers stay to prepare for the next day and also are there any interesting facts about the midnight workers’ jobs?

Great question, Tim. There is a lot of work that needs to be done overnight to have the park ready to open the next morning. The process begins as soon as the park closes. Cleanup crews go around to each section of the park. Maintenance begins inspecting each of the rides, putting them through a series of electrical, operational and mechanical tests. It usually takes 3-4 hours to for the crew that inspects the Beast to walk the track. It’s usually about 30-45 minutes before the gates open before all the work has been completed.




Below you'll find the questions selected for Saturday's 5@5.



Christine Salleng Ummkhaleel – Which ride has given the most rides to visitors in park history?

Christine, the Racer has given the most rides in park history with 93,708,749, followed by the Kings Island & Miami Valley Railroad at 46,035,096 and Beast at 44,035,096.


Ben Kendrick – How crazy of a day is it on Opening Day? Is it a really busy day?

Ben, historically Opening Day has been a great day to visit the park. Last year, for example, everyone wanted to ride Diamondback on Opening Day (and for good reason), but the wait for most of the other rides in the park for most of the day was around 10 minutes. By mid day, the line for Diamondback was less than an hour. Weekends in April and May are great times to go if you’re looking to rack up a lot of rides.


Ryan Suhr – Snoopy has come out of hiding several times in the weeks leading up to Opening Day for things such as the Reds’ opening day and appearances at such places as Children’s Hospital. Is this something that is being done to promote Planet Snoopy or should we expect to see everyone’s favorite beagle around the city in the future?

Ryan, you can expect to see Snoopy out in the community on a daily basis throughout the year, including visits at schools, libraries ad bookstores through our Read & Ride with Snoopy program.


Brad Purdue – What ride created the most increase in park attendance its opening year?

Brad, the Beast was the ride that had the greatest impact over the years for the park. There had never been anything like it. It made Kings Island a destination place in the amusement and theme park industry.


Mike Dahlmer – Hey Don – since you were at Carowinds for their opening weekend and got to ride their Intimidator, we need a verdict. Which is better in your opinion, Diamondback or Intimidator?

Mike, I’ve been asked this question a lot. Their similarities are different. Both are fantastic rides! Intimidator is closer to Nitro than Diamondback. There are elements of each ride that I like over the other. I really liked the angle of the second drop and the turnaround on Intimidator. I like the airtime on Diamondback, the second drop and the splashdown effect. Overall: Advantage Diamondback!

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Below you'll find the questions selected for Sunday's 5@5.



Aaron Daniel Bort – Are they in fact early ride time on Diamondback and the Beast on opening day?

Aaron, there will be early ride time for Gold season passholders on Diamondback and the Beast every public operating day this season, except for Friday nights during Halloween Haunt. Early rides begin at 9:00am on Opening Day.


Brett BeFair Fehr – About what time does the first Diamondback train depart next Saturday? I can’t make it, but watching the webcam of the first train of the season would be neat.

Brett, the first Diamondback train of the season will depart the station at 9:00am on Opening Day, filled with Gold season passholders.


Rick Penny – Will Kings Island be having recycling bins throughout the park? Such as a normal trash can, a plastic bin, and cardboard bin, etc. for recycling? Will be seeing any of this type of work in the park?

Kings Island is going Green for 2010. You will see recycling bins located throughout the park. This initiative began in January in all of the office locations at the park.


Lillian Schwartz – What are your top 3 favorite rides at the park?

The Beast, Diamondback and Racer would be my three favorite rides in the park. I also like the Kings Island & Miami Valley Railroad. What are your top 3 favorite rides?


Austin Benton – I noticed this year holiday world is changing their wood coaster cars to something new that doesn’t beat you around and makes the ride more enjoyable…do you think we can expect anything like this on the Beast or will the historic cars be kept?

Austin, there are no plans to change the trains on the Beast. It has been and continues to be an enjoyable ride, having given more than 44 million rides since 1979. There’s no need to make a change with the trains on the Beast.

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Haha, gotta love that last one. It totally underscores the unspoken Cedar Fair policy of "if it isn't too rough or expensive, don't fix it." Compare that with Holiday World which seems to ask "How can we make it better?"

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Haha, gotta love that last one. It totally underscores the unspoken Cedar Fair policy of "if it isn't too rough or expensive, don't fix it." Compare that with Holiday World which seems to ask "How can we make it better?"


actually, it goes against the whole theme of the ride. its all about an untamed experience, gettling rattled around in the woods. not saying it should be rough (although i like how rough it is, its just right for me) but that if they were to put timberliners in, not only would MANY people be (rightly) upset, i feel that it would just be some smooth Woodie that happens to stroll through the woods. it wouldn't make its signature screeching, plus it would be super light and probably wouldnt give anywhere near the same ride... im pretty curious about the new timberliner trains being put on voyage, but in all honesty id be pissed even on voyage that they got them, i just feel its a new copout that many parks will use and most great woodies will be neutered because of these trains...

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Until we see how the Timberliners turn out on The Voyage, I'd say it's a little premature to say they will be "neutering" anything.


Gravity Group's engineers are arguably the best wooden coaster engineers in the past 15 years. They have the portfolio to back it up. I think their attempt at wooden coaster trains will continue their dominance.


Realistically, it's all about money though. Racer uses 4 PTC trains, Beast uses 3. It is obviously convenient to have many trains of the same type to save on maintenance costs. You have to remember that Timberliners claim to reduce track wear and tear. If that turns out to be true, KI will definitely consider it since the Beast is so long and costly.

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April 12: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=383901196948


Sorry, late again. Busy week! Below are your answers for Monday's 5@5 mailbag.



Derek Branock - Will Kings Island's parking lot open early on Opening Day or at normal time?

Gold and Platinum passholders get in at 9am this Saturday and have access to Beast, Diamondback, and Planet Snoopy. Last year we opened the parking lot a bit earlier than normal and it really paid off. We plan to do the same this year. How early, I’m not sure but our goal is to get you in the early ride areas by 9am.




Tanner Burns - Quick Question.... A few Friends, My Brother and I are Getting the 4 Pack Platinum Pass... My question is when we go to get them processed do we ALL HAVE to be there?? 3 of us were gonna get the processed on the 16th but One of us has to work so he was just gonna wait till the first time he goes to get his processed... Can we do this or do we all have to be there??

You do not all need to be present to have your photo ID cards processed. Come when it works for you. But you should do it before you plan to enter the park. Only in extremely rare cases have we allowed guests to enter with an unprocessed pass. Early morning is the best time to process. It seems everyone always arrives at the same time!




Brian Broom - You asked where to put web cam's, How about on top of Drop Tower facing towards Coney Mall ???

Great idea. This is one of our ideal locations that we’re checking into. It would be a great view. If not Drop Tower, a really high view of Coney Mall is our goal.




Aaron Daniel Bort - How many miles does a Beast train travel in one season

I like this question. Each of the ride pages on our new website has good info that could help you calculate answers for questions like this. Check out the Beast page: http://www.visitkingsisland.com/public/par...s/the_beast.cfm and you’ll see that the record ride year was 2,150,353 total rides. 7,400 feet of track is roughly 1.4 miles which means in that record year of 1980 the ride traveled 3,013,752 miles. Total rides to date translate to almost 63 million miles or 132 round trips to the moon.




Toni Brown - So i know you have a kennel to check dogs in but have you ever considered a staffed daycare kind of area for kids to go and hang out for an hour or two to give mom and dad a chance to ride a few rides while they are there?

This is a really good idea actually. Funny to think this concept would have been ridiculous not long ago but today it’s actually available in lots of places. I just recently went on a cruise and we took full advantage of this system. We also use it a lot at the gym my family goes to. Not exactly sure where to start with an idea like this but I think it could have potential.


April 13: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=384213596948


It continues to be a very busy week, so I apologize for the delay. Below are your answers for Tuesday's 5@5 mailbag.



Bobby Crawford - I really like the fact that the browser/site identification for the new Kings Island website says “Kings Island theme park – the fan and only.” I for one have always thought of Kings Island as a special theme park and not a run of the mill amusement park, with I-Street, Rivertown, Coney Mall, etc. Hasn’t the park always been called a theme park?

Bobby, when the park opened in 1972, it was divided into five themed areas: International Street, Old Coney Island, Oktoberfest, Rivertown and the Happy Land of Hanna-Barbera. But if you look at old news releases and newspaper articles, for more than a decade the park was referred to as an entertainment center. What we are is a fun park, the thrill capital of the Midwest.




Christine Salleng Ummkhaleel – I plan on visiting Kings Island on Opening Day. I will arrive at 2 p.m. I will also be processing my pass then as well. Do you think the season pass processing line will still be really long by 2 p.m. on Opening Day? I would really like to know so I can know if I will be waiting a long time or not. Thanks! I appreciate your help!

Christine, if you have a chance to process your season pass prior to Saturday I would recommend doing that so on Opening Day when you arrive at 2 p.m. you can head straight into the park to avoid whatever wait there might be at the Season Pass Processing Center. The wait time on most days is usually the longest in the morning. Opening Day always seems to vary.




Adam Woltermann – Will we see a change on the Rivertown Train this year like theming or just anything? Thanks.

Adam, you won’t see any new theming with the trains this season but what I can tell you is we’ve had a lot of discussions about the train. We feel there’s an opportunity there; a way to make the ride more of an experience for our guests. The trains are real authentic steam-spitting locomotives and are full-scale replicas of the 1800’s locomotive known as The General, which was the subject of the Great Locomotive Chase of the American Civic War. There's a story behind the trains, one we're looking at ways to tell.




Brian Krosnick – Will the red & purple spotlights be on inside Flight of Fear’s spaghetti bowl this year? They should be! :P

That’s a good question. I plan to ride Flight of Fear later this week and will let you know if the spotlights are on.




Tim Brown – There’s a lot of people that are annoyed by the kids at KI that walk around dribbling basketballs they’ve won at a midway game. In addition to the sound being annoying (especially when near a whole group of dribblers), they also often chase after runaway balls which causes the balls, or even themselves, to run into people. I was just curious if this was viewed by the park as a minor or major problem and is there any chance of the basketballs being replaced or at least handed out with no air in them?

Tim, looking through the guest comment forms from last year this doesn’t appear to be a problem but since you say there’s a lot of people that are annoyed by it, we’re going to take a look at it and see if there’s something we need to change there. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.


April 14: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=384514911948


Sorry for the latest post in a long time. Just got home. We invited a group of disadvantaged kids out today to see Planet Snoopy and Boo Blasters. It was an absolute hit. Kids and parents raved about the area and I think our guests will love it. Ch. 5 did a great piece. Check it out: http://www.wlwt.com/video/23153800/index.html


My kids came to see me and they had a blast. Neither of them were familiar at all with the Peanuts a few months ago. Now they are both big fans. I even took a ride on Woodstock Express with my son - our first ever together - which was awesome!



Jake Hamons - What is the process of adding a new ride

Pretty much what you would expect. A ton of planning, research, design, construction, promotion, and more planning. There is a multi-year plan in most every park. Kings Island has been lucky to have significant new investment almost every single year. And that strategy has resulted in a great park with a great collection and variety.




William Gehring - I’m a user of the Parent Swap program, which is really a great program. I was wondering if there is any education done for the employees on this program. Almost every time I use it, I have to explain to the ride operators what it is.

Your comment was just forwarded to several of my co-workers. They will appreciate the positive and constructive feedback. This is the perfect time to bring attention to this as we’re still close to the training process. Thanks William.




Damon Barnes - I also agree with the basketballs, not a major annoyance at all times but can be

Seems bouncing basketballs are a hot topic with this crowd. If you’re in the park a lot (like all of us on this forum are) you certainly notice them more. I agree at times they can get on your nerves but most of the time I don’t even notice. The Merch & Games director stopped by my office today so I brought it up to him. The balls are far and away our most popular games prize. Much like the big plush walking around on someone’s shoulders, these bouncing balls make others see that the games can be won. Giving them out deflated doesn’t really work the same.




R.j. Huber - Is there any WiFi in the park? Lazy question :P

Hanging at the copier yesterday chatting with the head of our I.S. department and we were talking about just this thing! He says it’s much closer to a reality than ever before so we went crazy discussing all of the applications we could do with it. We do have it in some areas but the only place currently with public use is Starbucks.




Ben Rosen - My question is: Us, as loyal patrons/ employees/guests of the park,,, What can we do to make this one heck of a record setting year? I've convinced 4 others to buy Gold Passes this year, but What else would you suggest we do?

As a Marketing guy, I think this is the best question since we started this 5 at 5 thing in February! Our most loyal fans could be our best ambassadors. I used to work for a sports team that had an “ambassadors club”. They would come into the office at night and make calls on behalf of our ticket sales team. It was a way to harness their passion and it made a difference. You can do the same thing with word-of-mouth marketing. We’re trying really hard to improve our email and Facebook numbers. Your referrals are appreciated and could be extremely valuable. I welcome any other ideas you may have.


April 15: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=384795206948


Another late night. Things should settle back to normal once we get open. And if you want to keep this going we would be happy to do it. Below are the questions selected for Thursday's 5@5 mailbag:




Daniel Bruington - Will the brakes during the middle of Flight of Fear be on as hard this season as they were the last few? (It really does dampen the ride experience...)

I don’t have a definite answer to that one. The brakes were on hard last year and probably will continue to be. This is to reduce wear and tear on the train. Adjustments have been made but it will most likely still be a brake.



Nicholas Himes - At some parks whenever you buy merchandise they will hold it for you at the main gate til you leave. Has KI ever though about doing something like this? That way people wouldn't have to hull around their purchases all day

I know I have personally done this for guests when they’ve asked. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure if it was allowed or not! Seems like the right thing to do and certainly falls within our mission of guest service. I will forward this to our merchandise and guest services departments in the morning.




Lillian Schwartz - You had mentioned on another 5@5 that you will try to get gold pass holders in for early ride time by 9AM on Saturday. Have you ever considered letting your gold pass holders back to the diamondback 15 minutes earlier before the early ride time starts. Just curious due to the fact that it can take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes for some park guests... See more

Thanks for asking again. Hard to pick just 5 each day. Cutting out the Gator fans is an easy way for me to get the numbers down! Just kidding. There are very few days where this would be an issue. I fully expected that we would have to make adjustments like this last season with the great demand for Diamondback but we didn’t. Early rides ran very smoothly last year and it will again. Also, a lot of times we cut the morning inspections pretty close to the early ride time. There is a lot of work to get the park and rides ready each morning and the earlier we/I make the opening, the harder the job for our ops friends.




Vince Scott - If you could be a ride op at any ride in the park for a day, which ride would you choose?

I was excited to run a ride the first time I was asked. I remember as a kid how cool I thought the guys were that hopped on the side of the Antique Cars. So that’s what I wanted to do. When they told me that same crew got to run the Bumper Cars I was IN. Ouch. I didn’t think about the fact that you had to run to each car to hop them and the bumper cars destroyed my new white shoes! Next I tried Vortex and Racer. That was 6 or 7 years ago and my back still hurts. I really appreciate the work our ride ops put in. Their jobs are fun but aren’t easy. Maybe next time I’ll go with something in Planet Snoopy!




Christine Salleng UmmKhaleel - Hello Again! I have a souvenir cup from last season. I was wondering if I bring this cup to the park on Saturday will I be able to get the refill discount on drinks or will it not be valid since its from last season? Its the medium souvenir cup that says fear the four and has The Beast, Vortex, Firehawk, and Son of Beast on the cup. Thanks for the help! I appreciate it!

Just got a note from our F&B director. He said we will refill cups from last season at the 2010 price of 1.99. There you go. I was wrong! I saw the new Snoopy cup and hear they are changing the Diamondback cup design a bit so you may want to pick up a new one anyway. I’m sure he’d appreciate me plugging the new ones! See you Saturday!


April 16: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=385066686948


Another late night as we prepare for Opening Day tomorrow. Below are the questions selected for Friday's 5@5 mailbag:



Zach Clapper - When do fireworks start? Do they start in the summer or opening night? We are going next Saturday and my friends have never seen the cool fireworks.

Zach, fireworks are scheduled to take place every night the park closes at 10pm through Labor Day. They’ve been a tradition at closing since the Coney Island days. Where in the park do you like to watch the fireworks?




Nicholas Himes – Will KI ever get a sit-down restaurant? That is one thing KI really needs.

Nicholas, a sit-down restaurant is something our guests have been asking for in recent years. As you said, it’s the one thing we need. It’s probably not as much a question of if we’ll ever get one, but rather when.




Chris Regan – Why is the policie on Diamondback different than the other coaster when it comes to kids waiting of a parent riding the ride? On others like the Beast, Vortex and son on there is a spot for the kids or they can wait on the other side of the exit.

Chris, a lot of the new rides being built today do not have the kiddie corals in the station like you see in the Beast station and on some of the older coasters in the park. In fact, an increasing number of parks no longer allow guests that are not tall enough to ride to enter the line. There has to be a secured area for a child to stay in the station while their parents ride. Unfortunately there's not on Diamondback.




Derek Branock – Will a performer of Kings Island’s Entertainment Department be singing the National Anthem right before 10 AM like they did almost every day last season? I thought this was one great thing the park did and I looked forward to it every morning and we would love for it to continue this season!

Derek, you will again see the live shows performers signing the National Anthem before the park opens. There will also be times we’ll have a special guest perform the anthem as we did on several occasions last year. We look forward to it every morning, too.




Mike Dahlmer – The Way Too Much TV show seems like a neat idea. Is that a new show or has it been at other parks in the chain?

Way Too Much TV is a new show. It was written, directed and produced in-house. I’ve had a chance to see the show and it’s a wonderful trip down memory lane. The show engages you. It’s a lot of fun.


April 17: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=385347006948


I had some computer issues last night so I apologize for the delay but here they are, the questions and answers for Saturday's 5@5 mailbag:



Joshua Young - Do the ride mechanics walk the track on the coasters every morning or is it just on the wood coasters?

Joshua, the maintenance workers on the wood and steel coasters will thoroughly inspect the track on every coaster in the park every day before the ride opens. On the wood coasters, they’ll walk the track. On steel coasters there are parts of the track they will walk. They will also listen for sound during test runs.




Brett BeFair Fehr – How did Opening Day go?

Brett, it went well. The temperatures were on the cool side, but overall it was a beautiful day weather wise. Planet Snoopy was a hit with children and families. Boo Blasters on Boo Hill received rave reviews. Guests enjoyed our new live shows, Charlie Brown’s Hoedown and Way Too Much TV. It’s always great to see the park come alive after a long winter.




Brian Krosnick – Now that the park is open, are you hoping to put photos of all of the Planet Snoopy rides on the official site, instead of just the logos?

Brian, we will be spending the next couple weekends taking photos of the rides in Planet Snoopy and all the other rides in the park for the new website. Each ride will have its own photo gallery like we have with the information about Diamondback.




Chris Hughes – Today was a great day at the park!!!! My question is that I noticed Christmas lights around Backlot, Tower Gardens and the Eiffel Tower….what are they for?

Chris, I’m glad you had a great day at the park. The lights on the trees are for a new night time show that will be unlike any other light show you’ve seen before. We’re excited about it. Full details including the dates and show times will be announced soon. The light show followed by the fireworks will be a great way to cap off a memorable day at the park.




Zach Branstetter – What roller coaster model is in the window for display at Thrill Seekers? Is this an idea for a future design?

Zach, the model on display is of an existing coaster. It’s not an idea for a future design. We have a couple of different coaster models at the park. I will find out which one we currently have on display.


Zach, just walked by Thrill Seekers and the model on display is one that the company that makes the models created.


April 18: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=385694201948


Below are the questions selected for Sunday’s 5@5 mailbag:



David McPeak - Last year, I got my on ride photo on Diamondback and I also got the picture sent to my email address. Will that still be an option this year? Also, do the other coasters have that option?

David, you still have the option of having your on-ride photo on Diamondback e-mailed to you. This option is also available on Boo Blasters on Boo Hill.




Aaron Daniel Bort – Is the 3rd Vortex train going to be used this year? Only two trains were on the track yesterday.

Aaron, the ride will still operate with three trains this season.




Nick Mahoney – How often are the tires replaced on Viking Fury?

Great question, Nick! The tires are replaced as needed and after showing wear and tear or slipping. The tires are checked every day, along with tire pressure.




Dusty Countryman – If you walk the entire outer path (loop) of the park how many miles is it? Thru Planet Snoopy, Rivertown, down Coney, Action Zone, back to International Street?

Dusty, it’s a distance of about 3.8 miles to walk the entire outer path of the park if you include Boomerang Bay. The courses for the annual 5k walks we host for JDRF and A Kid Again take walkers around the outer loop of most of the park and offer a great behind the scenes view of rides like Flight Deck, Firehawk, Racer, Beast and Diamondback.




Kevin DeVaux – What ever happened to the top portion of the Eiffel Tower’s antenna where the red flashing beacon light used to exist?

Kevin, there is still a flashing light at the top of the Eiffel Tower. There is also one on Drop Tower.


April 19: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=385847581948


Below are the questions selected for Monday’s 5@5 mailbag:



Laura Shutts Luke - Is there a way to commend an employee for a job well done?

Laura, if you would like to commend an associate there are several ways you can do so. If you are in the park, you can stop by Guest Services located at the front gate. You can also let us know by e-mail through the contact section of our website at www.visitkingsisland.com or by phone by calling (513) 754-5700.




Tyler Nusky – How are you still showing SpongeBob 3D?

The same way we always have, Tyler, with a projector and a big screen. :) We are able to continue to show SpongeBob 3D in Action Theater through a licensing agreement that is separate from what we had with the rides and attractions.




Nick Mahoney – What “restaurant” offers the best deal in the park?

We have a number of meal deals with many of them new this year including after 5pm meal deals that families can take advantage of at Stunt Crew Grill, Outer Hanks, Juke Box Diner and Planet Snoopy Grill. Each of these after 5pm offers is a great deal if you’re at the park with three or four other people. But for my money it’s tough to beat the value of the Backyard BBQ. It’s all you can eat for just $12.99 for adults and $6.99 for juniors. If you have a Gold season pass, it’s just $9.99.




Ryan Suhr – Under Kings Island’s web site’s events section Rock Band is listed. Will you give us more details about this event? Will it be a concert? A Rock Band video game tournament? A live show? Where in the park will it be located?.

Glad you asked, Ryan. Rock Band will be an interactive experience for our guests. It’s a high-energy, concert-like stage show that will take place in our International Showplace Theatre. It will feature talented singers from across North America. Prior to each show, guests will have the unique opportunity to engage and play the Rock Band video game and compete against their “band mates.” You will compete playing the guitar, bass and drums gaming accessories. The rockers with the top score will be invited on stage during the live show to play Rock Band songs along with the live singers. It’s going to be a really cool event. Be ready to rock June 3-13 at Kings Island!




Michael Eshom – Why were locker prices raised from $0.75 to $2 this season? This is a rather sharp increase, and seems a bit ridiculous to me.

Michael, at $2 our locker prices are still much lower than what you’ll find at most other major amusement/theme parks in North America. The price to rent a locker ranges from $5 to $8 at quite a few parks.


April 20: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=386152406948


Long day at work. Rushed out to get the kids and other family stuff. Sat down at the computer to do the 5@5 thing (which I actually enjoy by the way) and find that the "questions" have come down to this...



Brian Broom

Michael asked yesterday about the locker fee, You gave one of the most lame a$$ anwser's ever, You compared the price to other park's, My friend and others went to Mason's city concel, To stop them from impossing a 3 and 5% tax, And your trying to justify an amost 300% increase because other parks charge more, Is this your way to tell us it's not ok for Mason to take money out of our pockets because it'll stop people from comming to the park, Don't you think raising price's counter productive?? or should we just go to the other parks to see for ourselfs?


Hard to get motivated on my end with this. Okay to state an opinion. Not okay to do it this way. Not here. Michael asked a question and was given an answer. Obviously not the one you were hoping for.


Sorry to everyone else but that's it for today.

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