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Photo Contest Voting


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  1. 1. Pick your favorite photo!

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  2. 2. Would you be interested in future contests here on KIExtreme?

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Thanks to everyone that submitted a photo for the contest! Welcome to the voting round. To avoid favoritism in the vote, photos will be identified only by a number. Pick your favorite in the above poll.

  • Winning image guaranteed one week on the front page, with credit given to the photographer.
  • After the one-week period, the image will remain on display until the next front page update.
  • The winning image will also be featured in a post on KIExtreme's Facebook page.
  • 2nd and 3rd-place finishers may have their images displayed at a later time.

Deadline for voting will be 11:59 PM (Eastern) on Saturday, February 20.



Photo #1



Photo #2



Photo #3



Photo #4



Photo #5



Photo #6



Photo #7

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Photo #3 really captures the park's atmosphere on a beautiful sunny day. With puffy white clouds and clear blue sky in the backdrop. I think it's a great picture.


Photo #5 Is an awesome angle, and looks really cool. It's an unusual shot, and I really like it.


Photo #6 Is a really cool shot that not a lot of other people have. It makes Diamondback feel very secluded :D

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Photo 1: Unique angle because of the walkback tour. A little too dark but still a great shot.


Photo 2: Nice I guess, but just not photo-contest-appropriate. Looks like a random photo.


Photo 3: Another more random photo, but I really like this one. It shows some of the atmosphere at Kings Island.


Photo 4: Kinda plain, I mean just about anyone could take that no problem. But still nice I guess.


Photo 5: Unique photo, I love the fog and it's a weird (in a good way) view of Drop Zone. Probably my favorite of the photos. I was with him when he took this, and he didn't have a tripod. It took him a few times to get the photo to turn out good, so It's not like he just randomly took it.


Photo 6: First of all it's mine, so I don't want to say too much good about it because I like it because it's mine... But yeah, the reason this is one of my favorite photos I've taken is because it's not just a photo you would point and shoot. I had to wait for the train obviously, and needed to find the perfect angle where Diamondback and the flowers could be visible. It took me a minute of two to plan it out, and I think it turned out great.


Photo 7: I like the clouds in the background, but the editing makes the photo look bad. It's not necessary a bad photo, but anyone could take that. It's pretty much Firehawk's signature photo, only this one is more focused on the train instead of showing as much of the coaster as possible. A good photo, but just too simple and over used for me.

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^My goodness...you're a tough guy to please! :P I'm glad I didn't have you as teacher back in the day.


I can find something redeeming in all of the photos entered...sure some are better than others but I am glad to see all of the submissions.

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