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What Shows Would You Want?

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The title pretty much says it all. If you could choose what shows could be at the theaters in Kings Island, what would you want to see?

At the International Showplace, I'd want to see maybe like an animal show. I remember watching one back in the 90s with a cat walking on a wire and jumping through rings.


At the Planet Snoopy theater (or whatever it is called), I would want the Slime Time show again. That was so much fun to watch. But since Nickelodeon is gone, I guess some type of Snoppy show.


At the indoor food place (I forget the name), I can't think of a new idea. A lot of people enjoy the country shows. Maybe put Flashback: Totally 80's in there too.


At the Paramount Theatre (What to they call it now?), are they still showing the ice show? If so, maybe get a new theme. Last time I checked it was "School's Out" or something.


And for a possible new "show", maybe put a halfpipe back in that clear space where the laser tag used to be. There could be skaters and bikers on there most of the day (switching on and off), doing tricks while people walk past or wait in line for Vortex.


Post shows that you'd want to see.

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