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Aspen Lakes V2

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Some of you may remember my park Aspen Lakes from this summer. I worked on it for a long time and than posted it. Than for some reason I just never updated. So after I finished Adventure Cove Florida, I wanted to try out another timeline park. Once I got started it reminded me of Aspen Lakes, so this is pretty much supposed to be the same park only a whole different story line and different rides. For now I'm only going to post a few photos to build anticipation. The park isn't finished yet, and won't be for a while. Here is the story line.


The park opened in 1974 by a company similar to Marriot (Like SFGAm & CGA)

Rides were added, bla bla bla. Than in 1994 a company bought the park. Before this company bought it, the park was a pretty major park for it's time but lacked newer rides like other parks were getting. This new company wanted to transform this medium sized amusement park into a huge thrill park.


In 1994 the first thing the new owners added was Skycoaster. Although I realized Skycoasters didn't look like this until the late 90's or early Millennium; I hate how the ones in RCT3 look (so huge) so I made my own.


Than in 1995 the owners wanted to build a new roller coaster,something the old owners probably wouldn't of ever built. Draftburner, a B&M Invert which is inspired from Flight Deck and Afterburn at CGA & Carowinds. This is what got the park famous.


In 1996 the owners scraped the skys with an Intamin 2nd. generation drop tower, which at the time was the tallest in the world! The skyline was forever changed.


New this year (1997) the park added another roller coaster, this one was the biggest one yet. Standing over 140' it's the second tallest ride in the park. I won't share the name til' later but the ride is another Bolliger & Mabillard, only this one is a standup. The ride layout is very similar to Chang's and the colors are much like Dominator's when it was at GL.


So here are 4 Photos for now!






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Okay, first of all sorry for the long time without an update. And sorry again for tricking you all thinking this is going to be a much needed one! The reason I'm posting this is because I wanted everyone to know I haven't quit this park.


During Black Friday I bought Sims 3 for $25, and that morning I stayed up for hours playing it on my sisters new notebook. I later wanted to install it on my desktop, but Sims 3 is a DVD-ROM and my old 2005 Dell only plays CD-ROM, so I had to buy an external hard drive thingy. Once I got that for $65 I put in Sims 3 and installed it. It played very slow and horrible graphics, even though my RCT3 ran okay and had okay graphics. So I took out my video card and got the dust off it. While doing this I accidentally shattered the fan on it and now my card is broken. So my screen on my desktop is messed up and I'm using my sisters notebook now.


But the good news is, I can reinstall RCT3 on the desktop and I'll my stuff will be up, than I'll put the park up for personal download or on a disk and than delete everything. I'll give my mom my desktop and old monitor. And I'm probably buying an hp pavilion desktop featuring intel pentium® processor e5300. It had 640 GB of Hard drive, which is amazing compared to my current desktop which has 75GB! So once I get the new one, I'll be able to install RCT3 & SIMS 3, download my park and CS and start playing again. And since I'll have a good computer, I should be able to play better and the game won't lag near as much!


So overall, don't hate me because you thought I quit this, and I will continue once I get the new computer! :)

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