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Cedar Point Halloweekends PTR 10/24/09

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Since I got good grades on my midterm, My dad promised he would take me to the Point. Since I was on Fall Break this past 2 days, he decided to take me this week. We were going to go for 2 days, but for some reason he decided to only go one. So we left his house at about 7:45am. West of Dayton we stopped for Sonic. I got a breakfast burrito, sweet tea, and fries. After a quick stop we were back on the road. Right before we got onto Route 6 we stopped at a Speedway and got snacks. We took Route 6 to Route 2 and got off on Milan Road. When getting onto Milan, traffic was bad. It took us 10 minutes to get off the highway. Just a few minutes after getting off the highway we were on the causeway. We parked in the back lot by Magnum.


From the looks of both parking lots, I was thinking crowds wouldn't be too bad. I was wrong. We decided to ride Maggie first since it's the closest coaster to that entrance. We waited 15 Minutes overall since the ride was down for about 10 minutes cause of highwinds/rain. I sat next to my dad in the second to last seat, Mitchell sat in front of us. Magnum was running good, Usually the small airtime hills hurt but this time I enjoyed them alot! Also the trims were off!


My Dad's favorite coaster at CP is TTD so he wanted a ride on it badly. Sadly it was closed, but as we walked by it's entrance it started testing. So we got in line and waited about 10 minutes. It opened and they let people in line. As they were letting people in line the greeter got the call saying to close the entrance, so we didn't get in. We waited about an hour and it never tested again so we walked away sadly to Millennium Force hoping for the best.


It was really windy, the clouds looked bad, and it was super cold. But luckily Millennium Force was open, sadly there was a 2 hour wait. We waited through it, and about 3/4 the way through it someone passed out or something, security and paramedics came and took a guy away in a stretcher. MF was running all 3 trains but as we got in line for our seat they put the yellow train in the transfer track. Me and my dad once again rode the second to last seat, but Mitchell rode the very back. As we were pulling out of the station a big gust of wind hit the train, I knew this was going to be freezing... When we were about to the top of the lift we stopped and rolled back a tiny bit before the anti roll back system caught us and we stopped for a few seconds. Than we started back up and crested the lift hill. Going down the drop I had to put my hood up and close my eyes, It was SLEETING! I was shivering and the sleet hurt going 93mph! I was relieved we entered the tunnel, but about a second later we were out in the sleet again. I got no airtime at all on the 182' hill, and the ride seemed slower than usual. Before I knew it we were entering the brake run. People in the queue line were laughing at the whole train cause we were all shivering, shaking, and had our hoods up over our head! After I got off, the weather seemed warmer since we were used to sleet at 93mph.


We waited for Mitchell to get off (He was on the train after us) and we walked over to Los Gatos to get a taco. In case you didn't know, Los Gatos has the best tacos! After our lunch we walked to Maverick to find a full queue and it overflow to the 'wanted sign.' As much as I wanted to wait in it, My dad was feeling sick cause of the weather so we skipped it. So we went to Mean Streak hoping for a short line but it was 45 Minutes, and Mean Streak is NOT worth a 10+ minute wait!


So we went to Gemini, but it had a just about full queue and was close cause of the rain/sleet. So we waited 10 minutes and nothing happened, so we went towards Magnum which was closed. TTD was still closed, and had no sign of opening soon. Corkscrew was closed, but Power Tower was open, well atleast most of it was. Launch side had a 10 minute wait, Drop side had a 30 minute wait. We went for Launch. I remember it being better, I didn't really enjoy it too much so we didn't reride. Instead we went to the much better drop ride, Demon Drop! On the way we noticed Raptor was closed, and had been all day. Demon Drop had a 30 minute wait. I took tons of photos and video footage of it while waiting in line. I was really sad thinking this is going to be my last ride on it ever (I doubt I'll make it to Knott's for a long while.) After an amazing ride on Demon Drop I walked towards MaXair sadly. Everything in this area had a full queue+. Wicked Twister had a half filled queue so we waited for it. It was about 30 minutes and we got back seat (My favorite.) Than we went to Chaos since it's for sale I want to get to ride it just in case. We waited 1 cycle for it, my Dad sat out. Chaos was just okay, it didn't get fun til the inversions, and just as the fun started it ended. I wanted a MF hoodie sooooo bad so I went to the gift shop by TTD (can't remember it's name) they didn't have it so I went back to Pagoda Gift Shop. They also didn't have it, but they had a 2 for $20 deal. I got a Raptor & TTD shirt (funny cause I didn't get to ride either this visit..) but they only made them in XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL! And I wear a Medium or Small. So I got the smallest sizes they had, L & XL. I hate how big they have to make shirts. Sorry I'm being mean, but skinny people should be able to buy stuff too!


My dad wasn't feeling good, it was cold, rainy, and windy, not much was open, the only things open had huge waits and we were thinking of the trip back home. My dad asked if we could leave, and I honestly didn't mine leaving this early. So we left the park at about 9pm.


All I rode was...

Magnum XL-200: 1

Millennium Force: 1

Power Tower Launch: 1

Corkscrew: 1

Demon Drop: 1

Wicked Twister: 1

Chaos: 1


We didn't get home til about 2am, it usually takes about 4 1/2 hours to get to CP but it took about 5 hours to get home for some reason. I was glad to be home, even though I miss CP so much. My dad felt bad for having us leave early and said that we will for sure go again on 2 weekdays in early June!


So now here's what makes this TR a PTR.



I was thinking I would get to ride old Blue Streak, but I didn't get to.


But atleast I got to ride Magnum.


MF was running slow this visit.


I wander why they call it America's Rockin' Roller Coast?


Another reason CP is awesome, PEPSI!


Main reason this visit was bad... LONG LINES!


I still don't get airtime here...


Out of all the times I've been to CP I've only seen them light the lift supports once!


Shoot the Rapids




I would of loved this photo, but my lens is kinda small so it can't get all of MF's turn, all of the barn, some of the ground, and all of the windmill.


Didn't get to ride Maverick...


Because of this..


Didn't get to ride Gemini...


And worst of all I didn't get to ride my all time favorite coaster at the Point! Jr. Gemini!


By the way, Halloweekends sucked! Barely any theming! NO FOG! Only saw one scare actor! Halloweekends makes Haunt looks good, and thats a big insult to CP on account of how bad Haunt is.


No TTD rides this visit...


Hey! Look! Diamondback! Yay!


"Are you ready?" YES! "Too bad, TTD is closed due to highwinds!" Oh...




I'll miss you so much.


Thanks for reading, and I made 3 videos! Check them out!


Wicked Twister off ride

Demon Drop tribute

Halloweekends video

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Good trip report, although it's too bad to hear about the insane lines. Despite this, you took some nice photos- you always have some unique angles you take pictures from, which attribute to their originality.

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