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Trip Report 9/12/09

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We went down for my sister's company picnic on Saturday. We arrived about noon and the park was pretty packed. Since it was my first time to visit the park this season, Diamondback was first on my agenda. The wait was around 40 minutes but it was a fun ride and def. worth it. Unfortunatly my daughter got sick and so my sister and I had to drive her back to Dayton and turn around and go back to the park. We were gone about 2 hours and during that time my brother and BIL got to ride Vertigo and nothing else. It was one of those days where you bump into someone every time you turn around. Nick Universe was the worst!!!! I wasn't too thrilled that the entrance to DB was right next to it. Anyway, we had around a 15 minute wait for the Beast and Vortex and about 30 minutes for Drop Tower. MY BIL was too big for the safety belt to fasten and had to sit that one out. By that time it was around 6 and the park had really started to clear out. (Probably due to the OSU/USC game) We headed over to DB again and had about a 30 minute wait. I sat in the back of our car this time and enjoyed it a lot more. It also was dark by that time so the experience was better IMO. Our next stop was the Beast (a must ride in the dark) and we walked on. Then the Vortex again and it was about a 10 minute wait. By that time it was 9 and we started running. Between 9:15 and close we rode Flight Deck, Vertigo (we were the only people in line!) , and Drop Tower. We actually had time to ride Delirium but my sister was afraid. LOL. That brought our ride total to: DB-2 Beast-2 Vortex-2 Drop Tower-2 Flight Deck-1 Vertigo-1. Not bad for 8 hours on a busy day. I just want to add that the gaps between rides were because my sister and brother smoke and my brother and BIL were both stopping for beer breaks.(It's frustrating when you want to be on a ride) Also, my sister and I grabbed McDonalds on the way back down so I didn't have to pay any of KI's outrageous food prices. The wait for FOF was an hour and the wait for FH said that it was an hour but we talked to a girl one row over from us in the line and she said that she had been standing there for over 40 minutes already. She wasn't even half way through the queue. We passed on both of those rides.

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