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Disneyland Hong Kong Expansion

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Disneyland Hong Kong opened in 2005 as part of the 50th anniversary of Disneyland. Although the park is very nice (and in an awesome setting- there are mountains behind the park, making an amazing back-drop), it has failed to meet its attendance expectations. Perhaps in hopes of attracting more guests to the park, three new areas will be added in the coming years to the young park (all photos from DisneyandMore.blogspot.com, sorry for the large image sizes):



The first of these new areas is Toy Story Land. According to Wikipedia, the attractions are Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop, Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin, RC Racer, and Toy Story Mania :D



A half-pipe coaster seems extremely low capacity for a Disney park...



The next area is Mystic Point, with Mystic Manor (think Haunted Mansion) and Mystical Garden.



Mystic Manor model.



Overview of model.



Some concept art for the new Mystic Manor ride. A YouTube video provided some information about the attraction, including the armory room (top left), which will be filled with suites of armors from around the world. Brought to life by magical powers, they'll all be fighting with each other.



A monkey apparently plays a part in the attraction.



My favorite new area, Grizzly Trail.



The main attraction will be Big Grizzly Mountain Coaster. Most people are thinking it'll be like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but I'm seeing more Expedition Everest in it...



The other half of the town.



The BGMC trains look to be the same design as the ones on Expedition Everest.



Unlike the Yeti on Expedition Everest, bears populate the attraction.



So some concept art of the attraction itself...



The concept art on the left and the piece on the right both remind me of Expedition Everest- they look like the part where the train dives out of the mountain, swoops around a curve, and re-enters into a different set of caverns.



Unlike Expedition Everest, however, it seems as if there'll be a launch...



...and a splash-down :lol:



The other attraction in the area is apparently called Geyser Gulch.



It's a water-play-area. Notice how the coaster train "splashes" people in the play-area.



If Crypt was ever removed, I wouldn't mind seeing a pathway stretched into that area and having this on the side of it (as well as a GCI coaster on the other side :rolleyes:)



Overview of the full model.


I think it all looks really cool, and I'm jealous that Disneyland Hong Kong will be getting some of these rides :lol:

Your thoughts?

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Yeah, it does look like Expedition Everest. Just with a kids bear addition. Looks better if you ask me.


I'm pretty excited for the Toy Story Land. I wish it was in America though...

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^Toy Story Land looks the least exciting to me, in my opinion. Both Mystic Manor and Big Grizzly Mountain Railroad, on the other hand, look fantastic- I seriously want to go to Disneyland Hong Kong to ride those two rides :lol:

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Some new pics from Toy Story Land...





Apparently the new Slinky Dog ride... can't make-out what type of attraction it is... Notice in the background, however, the Christmas lights and Monkeys In a Barrel- the whole area reminds me of Pixar Place at Disney's Hollywood Studios, but 20x better.





1. Notice the giant weeds and stalks of grass- kinda like the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Playset Adventure at Disney's Hollywood Studios

2. The big house in the "distance"- I wonder if they'll have a large cut-out bordering the grass, using forced perspective to make it look distant and help you feel tiny.



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From ScreamScape:



Toy Story Land- notice how one of the entrances is through a giant barrel of monkeys.



Grizzly Trail



Mystic Point



Overview, and where they'll be in relation to the new park. Notice, with Big Grizzly Mountain Railroad, how big and twisted it'll be.

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From WestCoaster.net:



Toy Story Land - is that an oversized TV on the left?



Mystic Manor- notice the concept art in the background. The monkey is most likely gonna have some major stuff to do with the story.



More concept art. It'll apparently use the trackless ride system used on the Winnie the Pooh ride in Tokyo.

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I think I'm about the only person who actually cares about this expansion :rolleyes:


None-the-less, some awesome photos and information, all from DisneyandMore.blogspot.com.



So the manor has architectural references from around the world. After-all, the owner- Lord Henry Mystic- is a member of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers (a reference to the Tower of Terror at DisneySeas :)). The year is 1908, and Mystic has just invited us to his remote outpost in the jungle.



Mystic has an "assistant"- the monkey, named Albert. This is the preshow, and I'm assuming that Albert is an animatronic while that's an old movie of Mystic, projected onto a screen. It's probably a video inviting us to join him in the deep jungle, or something along those lines.



So Mystic Manor will have a new ride system, compared to the other Haunted Mansions around the world. It'll be a trackless vehicle (like the ones found on Tokyo Disneyland's "The Many Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh"), compared to the omnivores found on all the other Haunted Mansion rides. Notice the employee's outfit is different from the ones found on the other Haunted Mansions- it has some explorer-characteristics included in it, fitting in with the theme.



Oh yeah. So Mystic has found a box or something, which he warns us not to open. Albert, his mischievous monkey, disobeys. After its opened, a smoke drifts out of the box and brings all the objects around the house to life.



So the music room will have a bunch of musical instruments, all playing by themselves. The room seems to be very similar to the seance room in Haunted Mansion- musical instruments drift around the room, all playing different tunes. Notice the monkey, in the upper right, obviously frightened by the scene. Also notice how the ride vehicles seem to be traveling on two different paths... I wonder if the ride will have two separate tracks with cars going through the ride in pairs.



The Greco-Roman room, where the paintings and statues will come to life. I'd expect standard animatronics for the statues (the one shown looks like Mr. Tumnus from Chronicles of Narnia, doesn't it? :lol:), while the paintings will most-likely be projections. I could also imagine the painted figures on the side of the vase fighting with each-other, only being projections onto the surface.



Nordic Chamber, where a massive viking looks like he'll blow a blast of cold air at you. I wonder if he'll be an animatronic, projection... Being completely white, I kinda wonder if he'll fade into view then disappear afterwards, done with the classic Pepper's Ghost Effect.



The Armory, perhaps one of the most exciting scenes in the attraction. Besides the suits of armor fighting with each-other (probably mostly animatronics), notice the cool-looking cannon. I'm imagining a loud "blast" will echo as the cannon fires with a blast of smoke and a shot of air at guests.



Egyptian Room. I can easily see the hieroglyphics moving across the stone tablets while the mummy slowly moves forwards, stretching its hand out towards the guests.



Tribal Room, my favorite scene in the attraction. I wonder how the lava effects will be done, but I'm sure it'll be fantastic.



A continuation of the Tribal Room, looks like various alters and masks will be shooting arrows at the monkey and the guests. I'd imagine small, quick blasts of air at the guests, giving the idea that the dart barely missed the guests.



A very impressive scene. Four ride vehicles will meet together in the Chinese room, where an idol will create a vortex above guests' heads. The ride vehicles will probably begin spinning around the room quickly, caught in the turbulent whirlwind. Notice the paintings on the paintings on the walls also seem to have been affected by the windstorm.



Following the awesome-looking cyclone, Albert will try and shut the box, succeeding and sending the house back into its normal state.


Overall, the attraction looks fantastic and possibly better than any of the other Haunted Mansions.

Your thoughts?

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I am SO excited about all of the Disney's expansions... Thank God for the D23 convention or whatever. It's so incredible to have all of this new material to study and look over. I am particularly interested in Mystic Manor. It looks like an incredible take on the "haunted mansion" idea, and you all know how I love adventure-themed things (see, Tomb Raider: The Ride), so it's awesome to see a jungle-y themed mansion.


As a bit of trivia, the Haunted Mansion (and the differently named sister attractions) has never been located in the same land twice at any of the parks its in. Each Disneyland-style park has a Haunted Mansion or equivalent ride, but they're always uniquely themed:


Disneyland - New Orleans Square

The Magic Kingdom - Liberty Square

Tokyo Disneyland - Fantasyland

Disneyland Paris - Frontierland

Hong Kong Disneyland - Mystic Point


Up until now, Disneyland Paris' has been my favorite, as it has an actual back story (which was removed from the state-side mansions in favor of re-ride-ability) and a "directors cut" scene, you might say, wherein the buggy departs the manor and heads into a literal ghost town in the Old West. The buggy then enters a swirling green vortex as you get pulled back into the mansion. However, while the stateside mansion redo's in the past few years have turned the bride into a killer, her original intention is clear in the Disneyland Paris version when she throws herself in front of your car to protect you from being pulled back into the manor house. Love it!


But yes, Mystic Manor looks like it looks the best ideas from many great Disney attractions (the trackless vehicle from Tokyo's Winnie the Pooh & Aquatopia, the darts & lava from California's Indiana Jones Adventure) and other new and interesting effects. I'm sure this ride will represent a tremendous leap forward for Disney dark rides. The new (in 2008) haunted house at Pennsylvania's Kennywood uses the trackless system, and it's actually very cool to pull into a dead end (which I see many instances of in the concept art) and not know exactly where you're going next. Very cool!


What if Kings Island announced that this exact ride was being installed in the old Scooby Doo building? I would crap my pants. Hahha. But this attraction has cemented by insistance that I will get to every Disney park before I die. Hong Kong was kind of on my "Eh, we'll see how it develops" radar, but with these new attractions (plus their awesome Hong Kong-y Jungle Cruise), it's a must-visit.


Also, the monkey seems to play the role of the raven from the stateside mansions. Both have one black raven in every scene, originally meant to be the narrator of the house's tragic tale. As I said, they're silent today to increase re-ride-ability, but the monkey seems to play a similar role though perhaps more as a troublemaker who unleashes the mansion's spells than a narrator. Also, LOVE the reference to Tower of Terror. I always thought Japan's was easily the most beautiful, and if it contained the 4th dimension, horizontal movement scene, it'd likely be my favorite of the towers.


Also (at the risk of typing too much, I'll keep it "brief" :rolleyes: ) I thought Everest did have a launch? I mean, you'd know better than I would, but how does it exit the scene where it's stopped and the yeti sillhouette shows up? Doesn't it launch, even if it's slow and gradual? But yeah, Grizzly Mountain is looking like a sort of Revenge of the Mummy (starts out as a dark ride) that transitions into a coaster. Just my take on it.

Edited by GoodYellowKoRn182

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^About the raven, I heard it was originally meant to be the narrator of the attraction. However, your invisible Ghost Host took over this role after it was discovered it'd be too hard to see the raven in many of the scenes.


And for Expedition Everest, I wouldn't consider that a launch... if it is one, I doubt the train is going faster than 15 mph.

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