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Rank Ride Manufacturers

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I'm not as keen on all the manufacturers as many of you are, but I'll rate the ones that I'm familiar with enough to judge. I've chosen to rank mine with considerations towards smoothness, variation, comfort, experience, etc... Pretty much, this is just the "top 10" order in which I imagine the major manufacturers of primarily roller coasters, and flat rides, all blended into one list:


1. Intamin AG

2. Bolliger & Mabillard

3. Arrow

4. Premier

5. Vekoma

6. Great Coasters International


8. S&S

9. Zamperla

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1. Intamin

2. Bolliger & Mabillard

3. Custom Coasters International

4. Scharzkopf

5. Gravity Group

6. Philadelphia Toboggan Company

7. Arrow

8. Vekoma

9. S&S Power

10. RCCA

11. Zamperla

12. Mack


I can't think of much more, and the bell is about to ring in 2 Minutes for school to get out...

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