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Cedar Point Announces SHOOT THE RAPIDS

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Thirty four minutes before the big announcement, Cedar Point finally admitted via Twitter:|


One last bit of info...it's not a coaster! Details at 9:10 a.m.


Then at 9:10AM, as promised, the website was updated:


The feudin's been goin' on fer decades. Now, climb aboard and immerse yourself in one of the wildest water expeditions this side of the Appalachians!


You'll board your boat inside the Crystal Rock Bottling Company and travel through rivers, around an illegal moonshine still and encounter some wild feudin' and fightin'. We still have no clue what they're fightin' over (it could be Whyte Lightnin'), but yer sure to be a part of it!


The Shoot the Rapids adventure features two unique lift hills that drop you into roaring river rapids. You'll even encounter some surprises along the journey!




Shoot the Rapids is scheduled to welcome riders on Opening Day, 2010!





It looks like a mix of a river rapids ride (like Thunder Canyon), only because you have no choice but to get wet under waterfalls, through rapids, etc. and a traditional log flume. And it's taller than Snake River Falls! Sweet!


Grab your paddles and climb aboard the newest river-ride adventure this side of the Appalachians! Shoot the Rapids, an all-new family water ride, will rise above Cedar Point’s rustic Frontier Trail when it makes a splash on Opening Day 2010.


During the 2,100-foot-long journey, adventurers will travel through a wooded area and around an illegal still used for brewing sweet-tasting elixir, all while encountering surprise water elements and special effects. Guests will navigate the waters aboard a 10-passenger boat. Riders will be seated in five rows of two and will be secured by individual over-the-head lap bars.


The excitement builds when the boats ascend one of two lift hills. The first and largest hill will be 85 feet tall and will drop riders down onto Millennium Island at a 45-degree angle. The second hill will be 49 feet tall and will end with a dramatic “shoot” through water rapids and rockwork.


Guests on the Frontier Trail can keep their feet planted on dry land and watch as riders complete their wet and wild trek down the final drop.


“Shoot the Rapids will instantly become a family favorite,” said John Hildebrandt, vice president and general manager of Cedar Point. “Our guests wanted another option to cool off on warm summer days. We listened, and Shoot the Rapids will deliver the perfect combination of refreshment, thrills and new memories at Cedar Point.”


Shoot the Rapids will cost more than $10.5 million to build and will be the most expensive water ride ever built at Cedar Point. It will have a capacity of approximately 1,200 riders per hour. The ride will last three minutes. A rider height requirement has not yet been determined and will be released at a later date. The ride was designed and manufactured by IntaRide LLC of Glen Burnie, Md., the same company that built the Maverick, Top Thrill Dragster and Millennium Force roller coasters and the Thunder Canyon river-rafting ride.


Ready to take a ride? Please visit cedarpoint.com for a computer animation of Shoot the Rapids, plus construction updates and photos, a live construction webcam, video blogs and more.


The release mentions special effects as you travel through an illegal moonshine brewing operation in the Appilations... Might we see audio-animatronics? It also mentions special effects. And, at the end, a surprise where guests are "shot" through water rapids. A launched flume?! Haha. This image will help those with Cedar Point understand where it's situated (they're still adding to Frontiertown! And using rides that actually fit there! Wahoo!) and the layout.


Here's hoping that there's some animatronics who shoot waterguns at eachother, and the river runs right in between them, so you get soaked! Wouldn't that be awesome? Hahha. For $10.5, I wouldn't be surprised if we'll have at least a hint of theme in that first tunnel or whatever, even if it's Maverick-y and somewhat random, but awesome.








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i actually think that looks fun! im going to Cedar Point next year and so i plan on giving it a go :) im usually not a fan of water rides but this looks pretty interesting

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Despite a few small things that irk me about this new ride I do have to say that this is finally an addition that makes sense for Cedar Point.


Hmmm, now let's see, remove The Crypt and put a similar styled ride in its place. Keep the cave entrance and put the loading station inside the box. KI could use a water ride with a big drop.

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This looks like a VERY nice ride! The rocks at the bottom remind me alot of Diamondback's.


Oh wait.


EDIT:: Me and Ty apparently have the same thoughts!

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It looks like a solid addition to me. With two large drops riders are not going to get wet, they'll get soaked! I especially like the incorporation of the waterfall and hopefully other water effects into the ride.

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Didn't exactly know where to post this at, but since it has to do with CP I thought I'd post it in here. I doubt that coasters will reach 500' anytime soon, if ever. But I was thinking about how Millennium Force is turning 10 next year, and Magnum just turned 20. So in 89' Magnum opened, than 11 years later Millennium Force opened. And if you go 11 years before Magnum in 1989, than you would end up in 1978, the year Gemini opened. Gemini was the tallest and fastest coaster when it opened, only for one year until Beast beat it. So I was thinking what if in 2011 CP will add another huge or revolutionary coaster? TTD opened in 2003, and was kinda random (just 3 years after MF.)


I'm not saying that in 2011 Cedar Point will add some huge revolutionary coaster, but I just thought I'd mention this since I'm in Computer Applications bored.

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