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RCT3 - Bluegrass Park

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Well this is my first RCT3 park and it is definitely an amateur one right now. Please don't post bad comments please be constructive which is what I need because I am not experienced yet. This park is based in Kentucky hence the Bluegrass in the name of the park. I have just recently started on the park so nothing is officially done yet. I will be adding more scenery no worries, but I figured I would get everyone an idea of what is going on so far.


The park's entrance building which looks like a barn.


Park's office building.


Carousel in the front of the park.


US Flag flowerbed.


Park's construction of its park icon a steel tower which is all I know. Look familiar?


Overview of the park's dueling giga's!


Some hints as to what's coming soon to the park.



We are also on Twitter which will bring you live updates of the park. www.twitter.com/BGPRCT3

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Before you say anything bad about this update again I am working on getting some CS sets and I didn't have a lot of time so I thought I would show what I have anyways. I plan on more flowers, path covers, trees for the entrance area to come. This is somewhat similar to my older version with a few changes.


Carousel greeting guests at the entrance.


Entrance building with signs, along with a tickets & season pass buildings.


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