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8/3 Downtime Explained

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KIExtreme.com was offline for the last couple of hours due to an issue at our host's datacenter in Orlando. Here's the details:


Datacenter Issue. 8-3-2009

At around 12:05pm EST, we experienced issue's within a segment of our datacenter. As a result, some servers may have been restarted or will need a reboot.


We apologize for the inconvenience, we are working hard to bring everything back online as soon as possible.


Here is an update Firefighters rescue man shocked on power pole - OrlandoSentinel.com we had fire dept on site. This happened in the building next door to us. We had to shut down as a pre-cautionary measure. Everything should be coming back up now


85% of the servers of the servers are online and the remaining 15% should be coming up shortly


Everything should be back online now.

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