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DropZone99's RCT3 Project

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It looks great so far, Nick! The side of the splash-down is beautifully landscaped, and the building design seen in the second shot is very nice. I think the little awnings may look a bit better above the windows, however.


I'll be keeping my eye on this ;)

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It looks great so far, Nick! The side of the splash-down is beautifully landscaped, and the building design seen in the second shot is very nice. I think the little awnings may look a bit better above the windows, however.


I'll be keeping my eye on this ;)

Thanks! The landscaping stuff is my favorite part of the coaster. And they were above the windows, but I decided to take them down. Since the tower has a bell on it, there are awnings above the door thing to the bell, above the doors, and above 2 Windows.



Park Entrance work and Dive Machine near completion.



As soon as you leave the parking lot, and approach the entrance, you'll see the Season Pass and Ticket Sales Building.


Since no food is allowed in the park, you can have your lunch your brought from home here, next to the Kennel and Season Pass Building.


Animals are not permitted in the park, so We have a Kennel located outside the park entrance.


We want our park to be very safe, so We have metal detectors infront of the entrances.


Inside of the entrance building is the turnstiles, a restroom, and Guest Relations.


Here is our Park Entrance from inside the park.


On one side of the entrance is a built in Convenience Corner which has all your needs such as medicine, Disposable Cameras, Batteries, and snacks.


On the other side of the entrance is the entry way to one of the park's Restaurants. What makes this restaurant unique is that it's built into the Park Entrance, see the glass window above the entrance? Well that's it.


Lastly, the Dive Machine is near completion, we just finished the first 90º Drop.


More soon, -Nick.

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Looks awesome Nick! Can't wait to see more! :)




Main Street Progression.


The center of the park will be our "Main Street" like Area with a Massive fountain in the middle.


The first building on the right is going to be a Store for kids, that sells Toys, Candy, Park Merchandise in Kid Sizes, and Feature a Build a Bear in it.


The second building on the right is a Spanish Style Restaurant.


I think it turned out pretty good, with okay detail.


It's located right next to the entrance to our Western Area which is home to the park's Signature Attraction, the nameless Dive Machine.


Than on the left is this building, currently it is empty on the inside but we plan to have it either be a Southern Style Restaurant or a Chick Fil-A.


Than Next to it is Emporium, which has pretty much everything in it.


Than is the most random building, which will sale Tropical Smoothies and other fruit items.


Than here is the last building we currently have in this area, which is Festhaus. We know it's not really themed much at all, and pretty small, but remember this isn't Busch, it's a Regional Amusement Park that's pretty low on theme. But there is a Glockenspiel on it!


At the end of the Fountains is a stage which will Feature many shows throughout the day.


Than if you look up you'll see our S&S Combo Tower.


One side is a Turbo Drop While the other is a Space Shot!


This is what Powers this massive attraction.


Here is the Queue Line, when full it's about a 30 Minute wait.


More soon, including two Heavily Themed Attractions!

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Okay expect a Photo Update Tomorrow, but right now I need some help. Obviously the park doesn't have a name, but it needs one. So Will you guys help me think of one, cause I suck with names. I also need a name for the Dive Machine and S&S Tower. And if you have any ideas for this park (Like What you would like to see) Than feel free to post it!


-So Please help me think of a Name for the Park, S&S Tower, and Dive Machine!

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Park Taking Shape!


Well the crew has been very busy working on the park, they recently had to remove two buildings on the Main Street because of a shipping order error. They have also been busy Working on Two new areas!



We recently made this building, it didn't turn out as good as it looked in the blue prints but it's still nice.


We also made an outdoor seating area for the Spanish Restaurant.


And we have made this! It's fully custom supported by me, it only took a few hours and I think it turned out nice! It's also GCII's Only Hybrid Coaster!


Here if the top of the lift and the pre-drop. It's drop is similar to Boardwalk Bullet's.


After the drop it does a small hill filled with airtime, than...


It does a Station Fly Through! (Notice the Ride Opt. Room, and the lose article shelves?)


Than It dips down and curves back up doing a Traditional GCII Move!


Than it does an airtime hill, and than curves before diving up a Banked Slope into a Double Down!


Than it does another airtime before entering a dark tunnel and doing a Double Up!


Than it hits 1 Trim brake, before dropping into the final brake run. (Notice the footings?)


Here you can pickup your on ride Photo. Well were testing the screens by showing pictures of me on Diamondback...


The Dive Machine has began testing.


Along with Tumbleweed, the new Top Scan!





Teasers... : )

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The Pier!

Hey! We recently started working on our newest area, The Pier, which is a Classic Boardwalk Area built along the Atlantic Ocean, with lot's of classic rides and games! But tonight we had to stop construction early due to an Atlantic Storm coming in, hopefully it doesn't delay us too much.


This is the Entrance to the Actual Pier, of the Pier Themed Area. No extra Admission is required, but we made a fake entrance to make it look like a real pier.


On the right we have our first Game Building featuring Hoopla and some Bulls Eye game?


Across from that is Ring Toss.


Next to Hoopla and Bulls Eye is Wave, Which is actually built over the water!


Than next to it is the last Game, which is Wheel of Fortune.


Across from that is Riptide, which came from Geuaga Lake.


Next to Riptide is another Sea Creature, Octopus!


Than there is our Tilt-a-Whirl, which is named Whirlwind.


We still haven't named our GCII, but we're accepting names!


Here is it's Queue Line, complete with Shaders and TVs.


We added Flags, and painted all the Head Chopper Beams Blue.


See the Blue Beams?


The station is about done.


We're testing the lights.


That's all, please help me think of a name for the park and any ride!

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Great park Nick! I think a cool name for the wooden coaster would be Hurricane. If you named it Hurricane, you could build a restaurant next to it called Storm Tracker's. :lol:

Edited by Lake Charles Guy

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The park is looking really good so far. The GCII coaster looks like it would be a lot of fun.



Why not name it Bandit.

Name what bandit?


Great park Nick! I think a cool name for the wooden coaster would be Hurricane. If you named it Hurricane, you could build a restaurant next to it called Storm Tracker's. :lol:





We just started landscaping the entrance area, it's not done yet though.


Eventually the Park Logo will be here!


We completed a new building on the Right side of our Fountain Midway, As of now It's purpose is unknown.


And we built this, It's going to be a Mini Famous Dave's BBQ, no seating, just order and go.


The Pier got some brand new Palm Trees.


On Screamscape they said a Rumored Name for the Dive Machine was Copperhead, I wouldn't mind it.


Boardwalk Bandit looks amazing next to the water!


Now for a Never before seen View of the New Area!


This is the Entrance Cave for Voodoo our Floorless Top Spin.


The Theming is yet to be finished.

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This Queue Area has yet to be themed at all.


There will be a Pre-Show Video in this Room.


The Actual Ride!


Our Vekoma Mine Train has a lowly Themed Queue Line sadly.


But the actual Ride is Mildly Themed.


It's a Family Ride, There aren't really any big drops, just Helices and Turns.


The First 'Tunnel' is made of Rocks and has alot of Plants growing in it and a Golden Hippo.


It looks pretty nice.


Than you Dive Into the Grand Finale where the top Speed is reached.


It's pretty Narrow, but enough room for the Train and hands up!


The Ride is Relatively Compact.


I must say The Station Turned out well.


The last ride in this Area is Tikki Twist, a Typical Scrambler with barley any theming.


Lastly, Do you Supports look nice now?

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The queue for VooDoo looks EXTREMELY similar to a certain queue at Kings Island.... ;)


The new "Adventure" area looks fantastic, very well done. The Famous Daves BBQ shop on the main street is also nice, it stuck out for some reason as a well-made building. The mine train's themeing is also nice, although those bright-red colors are a tad odd for a mine train, in my opinion.


It looks great so far!

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The queue for VooDoo looks EXTREMELY similar to a certain queue at Kings Island.... ;)


The new "Adventure" area looks fantastic, very well done. The Famous Daves BBQ shop on the main street is also nice, it stuck out for some reason as a well-made building. The mine train's themeing is also nice, although those bright-red colors are a tad odd for a mine train, in my opinion.


It looks great so far!

I already replied to this on Atari, lol.




Our Dive Machine is the tallest, fastest, and Longest Coaster in the park.


The Ride ends with a Unique Splashdown themed as a Canyon.


The whole park can be seen from here!


More soon, and expect an Announcement including names and alot of Information sometime soon!

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Okay Another Small Random Photo Update, that is Completely Pointless!


Boardwalk Bandit can be seen from All Over the Pier.


Not sure If I've posted this, It's a Tilt-a-Whirl next to Boardwalk Bandit's Queue.


Not sure why I took this photo... But Sorry for the Random Update I'm really bored and Wanted to Post something. The announcement will be Sometime next Week.

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Okay, random teasers for you! Sorry but updates will be slower, cause I'll be at Kings Island this weekend, than Indiana Beach, than possibly Wisconsin Dells or Six Flags Great America, than I start School August 11th.

This update is not the announcement, it's just 3 Teaser photos. It may seem like I'm bored with this park, but I'm not. I just need help with names and I need to finish a few more things. Let me tell you, I have alot of planned for the next few seasons but it's going to be a while til' it's even season 2! Thanks everyone for the comments by the way!


From ontop of the Vekoma Mine Train, you can see something very interesting...


It's either run down, or made to be like this...


And now I think I know... ;)

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Some Night photos.


As I arrived by Copperhead I was told that a sign will go up on the canyon saying the name of this area.


They also said the sign for Copperhead will go up on the entrance building, and the on ride photo pickup/gift shop will go in there.


The queue has received lights but hasn't gotten Queue TVs yet.


I also got told the Top Scan will be named Tumbleweed. It's sign will go on the wooden arch.


I said that Copperhead would look great with lights, they said that there is lights on the lift hill catwalk but they are off, and they are planning on putting spotlights up to shine on some of the coaster.


The park looks too dark in my opinion, hopefully they really do add lights.


I was told the name of the Vekoma Mine Train but am not allowed to post it. They also said very little lighting will be on it to add to the mysteriousness.


The park isn't very visible even from the Monorail, the officials said they want it to be like that so it will feel like your actually in Africa.


Lastly the S&S Tower got it's lights, I think it looks very nice.


More soon!

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So I came to the park today to find a big surprise. I saw a huge crane next to the S&S Towers. I didn't know what was going on, but figured it was maintenance or something. Another thing I noticed about the crane was that it's not an Adene one, it's Liebherr. This makes me wander if the park is still having Adene build. I hope they didn't switch the Liebherr cause if so that means I can't come into the park until it opens...


Something looks different.




Another crane is sitting on the back of a truck by the jungle area.


And lastly a mysterious deck appeared over at the end of the pier. I didn't get too close to it cause I didn't know if it was safe since it's not done.


I'll try to visit the park again tomorrow, and see whats going on.

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My friend attended the big announcement at Evergreen Plains today, and I also got an email of the speech. So I guess the park is called Adventure Cove Florida and part of Wonder Thrills Entertainment Group!


"Hello and welcome to Evergreen Plains and thank you for coming out to the park today! As we all gather here on Main Street , I have some very exciting news to share with everyone here today. Some of you may know that this park is apart of a small theme park chain called Wonder Thrills Entertainment Group. We have been around for quite some time now , and we are now looking out to expand this business. Over the last 30 years , a lot has happened with this company . We have always wanted to expand this park , and this company , but we almost lost in all back in 1987. We invested in a new ride you all know as Burnwood , which cost us a lot of money and almost went in dept. Thanks to all of you , the new roller coaster attracted you to the park in 1988. Thankfully , we started to climb back up , and started investing in two brand new theme parks , set to open in the late future , which is now , next year! You guys have no clue on how hard we tried to keep this company alive. All of us , and you standing here wouldn't be happening if you guys didn't come to the park! This really is a miracle in the making! You do not realize how amazed I am on how we sky rocket up in 20 years to come to this stage! This really is a dream! What we are about to tell you is also amazing ! "


Greg turner , the Operations Executive , gave the mic to the owner of WTEG , Jerry Watts. As Jerry walked up to the podium , the crowd applauded to him.


"Thank you , thank you! It is beyond a pleasure to be here at our park and announce our big plans for next year's 2010 season!"

The crowd once again applauded.


"We really do have some wonderful things that will be happening in the next few days! In the last couple of years , all of us here at Wonder Thrills Entertainment have been brewing up ideas to make us the next big thing in the theme park industry. Many , many blue prints have been printed , and much of our money has been spend for these two new parks , but it will be worth it! What we have in store for you really is truly amazing! This year , we are opening two brand new parks! Adventure Cove Florida and Lake Destinee Theme Park! Yes , two new major theme parks are going in the south! We know North Carolina is limited to only two major theme parks , so we decided to build Lake Destinee Theme Park there. Lake Destinee has much behind it that I will be going behind in a few Minutes , but first , I am going to be talking about Adventure Cove."


Jerry flipped over a page on his clip board and started to speak again.


"Florida has many theme parks. Many of them are unique in their own ways , however ,we are bringing the tradition theme park back to Florida! This park is really an amazing investment. This park is going to be twice the size of Evergreen Plains with many signature rides including Copperhead! Copperhead is our first ever B&M coaster to be built for Wonder Thrills Entertainment Group. It will also be our largest coaster to be built . Being around 170 feet in the area , it is one of the largest of its kind. Another new ride brand we have at the Boardwalk Bandit. It is a GCI that fits perfectly into the area. The Bandit gives you a traditional boardwalk feel , but with a new twist. We have many signature rides at the park including the S&S Turbo Towers. This ride provides many great looks around the park and give you an amazing drop! This ride will be located on the main street , which we are very proud of. The park will have many great rides for thrill riders of all ages!"


As Jerry stopped , he flipped another page of his clip board and continued. As the crowd applauded again , he continued.


" Now , I am going to talk about the Lake Destinee Theme Park. This park has a lot of emotion pack into it. Not many of you know that this theme park was once a lake park. There used to be a dock and many things to do with your family including fish , cook hamburgers on the grill , ride your boat , and play on the play ground. The previous owner's wife unfortunately passed away. He said that it was her dream to make others happy. He told us that he could no longer run the park without his beloved wife and wanted us to carry on her dream by building our theme park. The lake was owned by the man and he named it Lake Destinee after his wife. At the time , she was still alive and he wanted her name as the name . In respect we are keeping the name Lake Destinee ."


The crowd was silent in respect. Jerry Continued.


" We later started construction on the park in the beginning of spring. We demolished most of park as the previous owners wanted. Construction went smooth , and still is. Now , its time to talk about some of the features this park will have. The park will have four signature rides! One is Bandit. The Bandit is the first full circuit looping roller coaster from Vekoma in over a decade. We are beyond proud to hold this ride in our park for the first in a decade. Even though the ride does not have the new style trains by Vekoma , we plan on adding them in the near future. Another ride is Double Twist! This ride is set to go under construction on Monday. Double twist is an LIM : Twisted Impulse coaster by Intamin AG. This ride is very exciting and is not like many of the Twisted Impulse coasters of today. Double Twist will have two spiral Towers with the height of 140 feet and travel at a speed of 53 mph!"


Jerry Continued.


"The next ride we will be telling is our dark ride. This is another out of the ordinary ride. It is called Frank the Cow Boy's Wild Wet Adventure! This ride is located in the Wild Wet West. Frank is one of our mascots that will roam the park. This dark ride includes many elements including a broken water tower and many others that we want you to find out! Our last signature ride is the Sky Tower! This old time ride was made back in the 80s I believe. We wanted to bring this to our new park. There aren't that many around any more. This ride will bring you up in an elevator 200 feet and give you an amazing look at the park and beyond!"


"We are very excited to be opening these park for the 2010 season. We hope you enjoyed this wonderful announcement and we look forward to our brand new parks! Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful rest of the day here at EverGreen Pains! Thank you!"

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So I went to the park wandering if I would be allowed to go in still. I showed security my lanyard and they said I could go inside, so thats good! Not much is going on, just landscaping and fencing pretty much. The big crane next to Turbo Towers is now gone.


Some fencing went up around the left side of Main Street all the way to Boardwalk Bandit, I don't know why.


Workers are busy finishing up landscaping.


So far I like it.


Yep, looks good.


More landscaping.


A never before seen overview of Adventure Cove Florida!

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So I was bored online and searched Adventure Cove Florida on Google and found the parks website! I found out alot of information, and the park even has an email. I emailed them and they told me the website is unfinished and is only in the very early steps, and will be finished in September! Here is the link!



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I haven't had the time to update myself on your park, but I just checked out the website you made, and it looks fantastic! Only things I'd suggest are switching the place of Contact and Family Rides and maybe labeling the park map. Oh, and a page for the food/merchandise locations in the park is nice.

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As you can see, ACF has launched its website. This is the first of the four sites going to be launched. Leave a comment on a blog or e-mail. We love to here the feedback. Hope everyone has a nice day!



Cameron E.

Technical Editor for Wonder Thrills Entertainment




Some of this makes no sence but it will.


I will edit and control the websites. Questions or comments? I like the feeback.

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Late August preseason- Media Day Part 1.


About three weeks ago I checked my mail to see if I got anything. It was mostly bills and stuff, but then there was a small envelope in the back. It said...


"You and up to two guests are invited to attend Florida Adventure's Media Day which will be a pre-opening event for local news broadcasting reporters to come to the park and enjoy our world class rides before the park's grand opening this September. All rides will be open for Media Day, and you will be able to get free drinks, free food, and up to $20 in free merchandise. Media Day is going to be this on Wednesday August 26th. 2009. See you there!"


So just afew days ago I attended the park's Media Day. Although I've been in the park alot, this is the first time I've gotten to ride the rides and go inside the buildings.



When I came into the park, the announcement was about to begin.


Not as many people came as they were hoping.


"Thank you all for attending this special day! We really hope you enjoy our world class themed park, which features three roller coasters and many family rides and attractions. It wasn't easy to open this park, infact during the early planning stages we almost cancled this park and was going to build a similar one in San Diego California until this land went up for sale and we bought it. We spent over three-hundred-million dollars building this park, and we think it's worth every penny. As most of you probably know, this is not our only park. We also just recently bought Fun Valley Retreat located in Pennslyvania, and had Media Day for Lake Destinee located in North Carolina. So now I'm going to answer any questions you may have, and do interviews. You can eat at Southern Fried Chicken's buffet for a delicious free breakfast and than enjoy all of the park!"


So after breakfast, I decided to go to The Tombs section of the park.


I noticed the park added alot of great new landscaping!


And they built this huge new restroom facility in The Tombs.


First thing I rode was Voodoo, my very first Floorless Top Spin! It's also my favorite of all the Top Spins I've ridden.


The park also finished Exploration Post gift shop.


Tiki Twist was just the average Scrambler.


My first credit of the park, Mayan Expedition which was my 88th. coaster.


Honestly, I think the park did a horrible job on Safari Monorail's queue/ entrance area.


I'm also not a fan of the station building.


But the actual ride was a neat experiance. I love how you can barely see the rest of the park from here.


There were alot of small ponds throughout the Safari.


At night, this ride would be creepy.


The area around Safari Monorail is really ugly, it looks like they just put down some concrete and left it as that.


And than put an ugly fence around the midway.


Part 2 soon!

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Media Day Part two: The Pier


Well after I finished The Tombs, I made my way into the Pier section of the park, which is maybe my favorite cause of it's great rides and nostalgic atmosphere.


First thing I rode was Turbo Towers, both sides were open but I decided to to ride Drop side and save Launch side for later.


From the top I saw the area behind the fence, alot could be built there. Oh and by the way, on Media Day you were allowed to take photos on ride.


El Coyote still needed some work, and wasn't open for Media Day.


Coaster number 89, Boardwalk Bandit.


I wander if they will ever have to use the whole entire queue?


From the lift I got a great view of the Pier.


I really liked this drop, because of that drop and the great airtime on this coaster, it's in my top 5 woodies.


Station Fly-through and some classic GCII twists!


Some great ejector air throughout the whole ride.


Another great thing about this coaster is it's location next to the lake.


I don't really like most spinning rides, but I decided to ride Whirl-Wind, and I actually liked it.


Than I went into the actual Pier. The entrance kind of reminds me of Holiday World's entrance.


There was some great landscaping in here too!


The Pier part II will be up in a few hours!

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Media Day: Part 3- The Pier section 2.


I love the palms on the pier, it adds a good atmosphere to the section.


First thing I rode in this section was...


Lake Monster.


Although I didn't ride The Wave, I liked how it was built over the water, reminds me of Indiana Beach.


Next was my favorite flat ride on the Pier.


Riptide! I don't get dizzy, and I even got a little bit of airtime every now and than.


At the end of the Pier is another Midway game, this one wasn't quite ready though.


I went to go see how the construction was going on the mysterious boardwalk thing, and It was gone... When I got home I looked on the park's website and it still says that there's a restaurant there...


Next update will be the last section of the Media Day, and will show Frontier Gorge section of the park, home to Copperhead!

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Media Day: Part 4- Frontier Gorge


So now we are in Frontier Gorge, the park's old west section home to Copperhead which is the tallest coaster in all of Jacksonville (Wow!) There is also another flat ride in this area which is Tumbleweed, it's been having alot of trouble lately and the park said they fear it won't be ready to open with the rest of the park. So on to the photos!



The entrance to Frontier Gorge is very welcoming, it's supposed to have a sign up by opening day.


On the right side of the building is Copperhead's entrance, it's going to get a logo and a sign saying current wait time soon. And on the left side is the On ride photo/ gift shop.


The queue is filled with many small details such as this.


The switchbacks are shaded luckily!


Here is some more detail in it's queue!


After the switchbacks you are parallel to the lift hill and you go into this desert scene before entering the station (which I forgot to take a photo of!)


I'm in love with this splashdown, so beautiful!


I got a little bit wet from taking this photo.


Lastly here is the closed Tumbleweed!


Opening day is Saturday! So expect an update on Saturday!

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Not much of an update, the park opened today and I'll have photos tonight. But when at the park I was hanging out with some coaster friends at the park and while waiting in Copperhead's 1 hour queue one of my friends said that his friend who works at the park (He work's at Famous Dave's) said that the park is already starting land clearing for a new roller coaster next year. He also said that the coaster coming next year was supposed to open with the park but than the park put it on hold and instead proposed Copperhead and ended up building it. Not sure If I can believe this guy since he also told me that Adventure Cove Florida was being built by Six Flags (Back in the early days, before most construction started.) So I didn't believe him until he tried to prove himself right when he showed me on his Blackberry this: http://adventurecoveflorida.weebly.com/season-2.html



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