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Going to KI P&G Day

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Well, every year, my dad, who works for Proctor and Gamble (for 20 years this year!!!), gets tickets for my family and some extra to got to P&G Dividend day in September. Luckily, looking at the schedule in September, knowing that GE gets that first weekend for their buyout, and looking at the UC football schedule (I'm in the band), it appears that I will be attending. BTW, if a few (2-3) members here would be interested in coming with me, I can arrage that pretty easily. I took Don up last year (I knew him before I joined this site over at Coaster-Net). I'm sure some of you have been at KI when P&G buys out, but if you haven't, almost every ride outside Nick Universe is either a walkon, and some rides like Drop Tower, Delirium and Invertigo have about 15-30 minute waits tops (firehawk may be 45 though). I usually spend most of the morning picking up free stuff with my dad and spend the rest of the day marathoning.


Anyways, for those of you not in the know, I've been through a series of 3 surgeries in the passed year, which, even after recovering to be able to go to parks, I couldn't ride Firehawk in that period. I only got to ride it its opening year once, and I vagully recall what it was like. I do expect myself able to ride it come September, but there are a few things I would like to know about to prepare. I would like to know things, as much detail as possible, on how Firehawk's restraints work. Paticularly, what parts of the restraints are pressed against the body when in flight mode, especially anything around the stomach.


This is something more urgent. I initailly bought a 2009 gold pass thinking my surgery in February was the last one, but complications arose to create another that was done June 9th. I've since been released, but obviously, am not able to use my pass. I was wondering if the park has anyway to make my 09 pass carry over to 2010 when I will be able to use it.

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I don't know the degree to your surgery but I had minor surgery around my naval area last August and I have really no problems I recall most of your stomach is free I believe the harness covers part of the upper portion of your stomach it covers mostly your chest. I would def. ask Public relations. Some of the other rides really do test my stomach and pull at my scar :(

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Firehawk has a lap bar that should be under your stomach on your hips, then the chest straps mostly puts pressure on your shoulders more than your stomach.

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I rode it for the first time this past Thrusday (really cool sensation the first time, really enjoyed it) and the pressure is mostly in your shoulders. Good luck getting your pass rolled over, I hope everything works out!

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So here's the TR from P&G day. The crowds were on the light side all day save for family rides, x-base and vortex. Had a great day from start to finish.







Flight Deck-1

Congo Falls-1

Drop Tower-1


Adventure Express-1

Flight of Fear-1

Backlot Stunt Coaster-1


The day began with a trip on Diamondback. It was pretty short all day on the waits, but later, KI did a bone-headed move, but I'll get to that later. I somehow always manage without requesting to get into the 3rd car outer row, and that trend continued on my first ride, not that I complain, for its a superb ride there. As always, a perfect ride through and through. There is one thing I hate about this, SOB and Firehawk in the morning and that is you are staring into the sun on the lifts. The ride itself more than makes up for it though of course. After that, Beast was up. Being a maverick at the time, I though it daring to go for the very back seat. Amazingly enough, it wasn't too bad, being early in the day. Some floater air on the first two drops was a nice surprise, and the final helix was all the more insane. It seemed to be running faster that day as well, even with trims.


I was starting to get hungry, so I made it out of my way to do X-base before lunch, so it was onto Firehawk. The 40 minute wait was all good, the longest of the day, and the odds were that where I got the 2nd car on the yellow train, outside seat. A blast as always and on that seat, there was some nice 0g moments on all the lie to fly/visa versa transitions and the rolls. The final helix and the horseshoe was more impressive near the front as well. Flight of Fear followed soon thereafter. I'm glad that of all the Paramount rides still with their theming, that FoF's still does its job well. I try to get into that build up before the ride, for it really helps the effect once those LIM's pur. I actually felt a rumble before launch, I guess, its the magnets energizing, and with so many and the power they hold to blast a multi-ton train from stationary movement to 54 mph, that'll happen. One thing that really got me mad was the fact we came to a complete stop at the MCBR. KI needs to time their trains better and not stack trains like that. It was especially annoying in the front seat where I sat, as you just hang on that diving curve with an annoying type of hangtime, and the 2nd half wasn't anywhere near as intense. Perhaps, they can take a page from Six Flags and ditch the MCBR on FoF as well.


After lunch at the Festhaus, which consisted of LaRosas, cheese fries and a Hi-C, it was onto a nice walk to Action Zone. With SOB's closure, it sure has gotten dead as you approach Flight Deck. KI really needs to either revive SOB or replace it with a stellar attraction for its pathetically uncrowded there. Flight Deck was my next desination to walk off the food on the long queue. The back seat was where I was to sit and a nice fun ride was to be had. I have more appreciation for it now, despite its medeocre ride, as the coaster communty recently lost a superb member of the suspended club. I hope however long FD stays, KI does something soon to make it look better and let it go out with a bang, especially at KI, being the originator of the suspended coaster in the now defunct Bat. If anywhere needs to pay respect to the suspended coaster, its KI (and I hope a shiny B&M invert takes its place ) The long walk through the exit got me deciding my next ride was Delirium. I forgot how awesome it is, haven't had the chance to ride it for so long. One note of advice for regular Giant Frisbee riders, when its at full swing, look up at the peaks and you'll see the world in a neat perspective. After that was the Vekoma built Invertigo. A surprisingly short wait was all that stood between me and the most intense steel coaster in Kings Island. I always make it a ritual to sit on the side closest to the lift. I find that its much smoother, unlike the other end where its the good ol' hang n' bang-ness of a vekoma slc. It kind of took me by surprise, for after it was being lowered back into the station after the main ride, I was on this adrenalin high I never had before. It was almost adicting to say the least. I like Invertigo for the fact that the g's are so compressing and the fact I'm a little woozy, in a good way, after it. If KI got a side of Vekoma in its coaster collection, it got the good parts, for Invertigo and Firehawk are among my favorites.


After purposely leaving Action Zone for the time being, it was time to head up Coney Mall, and first up was the Arrow built Adventure Express. Because of all the families there, as Proctor and Gamble rented out the park, AE had an unusually long wait. A fun, yet jerky ride, but its all good considering the type, and the fact it was designed by a guy who uses a coat hanger wire for blueprints. Looking at some of the transitions makes you wonder who in their right mind creates such awkward looking steel track.


Then it was John Allen's turn to thrill me in the form of the twin tracked Racer. Both sides were walk on. One thing I noticed, however, that though they are released simultaneously, the red side is faster in the pre-lift than the blue side, enough to where red is ahead by a one car length as they engage the lift. First time I rode, I was in the dead center of the train, car 3 row 2. From there, the ride was alright, but the air time was pathetic. So, I went to the blue side on car 5 row 2. Blue side, which is the former forwards side, has gotten really rough in the back stretch, and even more so as its magefied in the back. Not a good ride. So I gave Racer one more chance for redemption and rode 1-1 on the red side. It finally delivered that out and back goodness I love about it.


Having done X-base, I skipped it and went to another Ron Toomer creation, though a more twisted choice in the 148 ft. Vortex. This was the 2nd longest line today, which surprised me greatly. I had no idea it was still so popular. From judging by the GP's reactions, I think it has to do with it having the most inversions. All 6 of them entangled as they are does look mighty impressive. Now, I used this venture on Vortex to test a theory I think I read read about on here and the other site. Supposevely, Ron Toomer designed loopers with the 5th car of each train in mind, so I assumed that was to be the best overall ride. So I hopped into seat 5-1 (more leg room on the front seat of each car), and the experiment began. Right off the bat, it began to unfold to being true, as the train makes its way through the pre-lift, the point to where the chain caught it had the 5th car at the base of the lift. I was still skeptical, until we got to the top, where as soon as the 5th car crested, gravity yanked the train off the hill. It was spooky, yet great to find this theory true. The ride after that was one of my better Vortex rides. It wasn't as head-banging as usual in the 2nd hill area, the loops were milder than usual, there was true 0g hang time on the corkscrews, and the batwing-helix combo was the icing on top. I walked off totally speachless. I may have to ride that seat more often.


I was going to do Diamondback afterwards, but then I spotted a dumb move. Apparently, since my first ride on it, KI reduced operations to 2 trains, and the queue showed it. Not only that, they finally got smart and put the 3rd train back on when I got there. I skipped that and rode other things as the line would get shorter from the 3 trains back together. Backlot was next. My single rider status was beneficial there, as I snagged 1-1. The unblocked view of the front seat made the ride more fun and the effects along the ride were made even more apart of the experience. Surprisingly worth the 20 minute wait.


This is where the extreme side of my inner enthusiast took over. I though that was my last coaster ride and I completed the good rides of KI. Then I turned to Action Zone and saw the big tower I forgot to go on, perhaps out of lack of memory, or perhaps from the fact I have to drag myself on it. I have kind of a love-hate relationship with it. I hate the agonizing journey up and waiting the 7 seconds before the plummet, but I crave the adrenalin rush enough to endure the first part. From the point I entered the queue to the time the car stopped at the top of the tower, I was squirming like you wouldn't believe. The thrill seeker side of me ensured me it would be worth it. Talk of the SFKK incident made it all the more terrifying, but of course, I knew better than to let SFKK's poor maintenance affects keep me from the ultimate rush. I was very slow in getting in my seat and pulling the OTSR down. I checked my composure, and held out my hand level in front of me. I was shaking mildly. I tried to enjoy the way up with the fantastic view of the Ohio country side, but my adrenalin glands were going bezerk at this point. Then, I try to count to 7. I realize I'm early, and just grabbed for dear life on the hand bars. THUMP! We drop like a rock towards mother earth. The negative g's for those 2 death defying seconds seemed to last forever. Then the magnetic brakes did their job and we landed safely on terra firma. I was estatic at this point. My heart was thumping so hard and I was in a bit of a daze, but after pulling my composure, I concluded it was an awesome experience.


After seemingly conquoring death by gravity, I took a bit of a break before heading back to Rivertown. By now, it was dusk and the sun was beginning to set. I took the time to grab two more rides on Diamondback, now that the lines were more reasonable. The first was probably part of my Drop Tower experience, as I requested row 16-1. Of all the seats, the back is absolutely insane. There's way more air time than in the front, and some of it was approaching ejector status, especially the drops following the MCBR. I also got to enjoy the view being close up to the splash mechanisms. I looked back as we dropped into it, and its nothing but this blinding wall of water exploding out of nowhere. Very awesome experience. Another round through the queue set me up for my third DB ride in row 9-2. Somewhat in the middle, but the outer rows make anywhere worth it. I love looking to the side on the turns from that vantage point. B&M brilliance through and through.


Amazingly enough, it was approaching 8 pm, but it was certainly dark enough for the best part of the day. BTW, there was another Beast ride in there after Backlot, row 3-2. Anyways, by 8, I was not only on my way to reel in my night rides for the season, but a marathon of them. With the 30 minute waits, I managed to ride the behemoth 3 times before I ran out of steam. First ride was row 2-2, which was reasonably good. After that, it was getting darker still, and night ride 2 was at row 3-2 again. A bit better, more out of control than near the front, but I needed one more ride. Being a huge fan of the Beast, my third and final time was on the best seat for a night ride, being the almighty front row. I don't care if its twice as long as the other rows, its worth it through and trough. You don't have the rest of the train or other seats for any reference to anything, theres nothing blocking the view of the flying tracks, tunnels, tree's, etc. and you get a great view going into tunnels 1 and the helix tunnels. The moon wasn't out either, and the lights in the back were off, so it was really, really dark on my last ride. Of all my beast night rides, the last one is a top 5 contender.


After viewing the fireworks by the Racer, which was kind of appropriate considering that was for a long time, THE original spot to veiw them, it was onto the Festhaus to meet my parents. My day ended on one more good note, as the final seconds of the UC vs. Oregon State game were winding down, showing a 28-18 victory on the west coast. The day was completely great

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