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Aspen Lakes Park & Resort

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I Recently moved from Kansas City to Saint Clair County, Illinois which is really close to St. Louis Missouri. I live about 20 Minutes from Lake Aspen Missouri. That lake has many resorts, and tons of stuff to do including an amusement park. It's called Aspen Lakes Park & Resort. It got bought out by Cedar Fair about 17 Years ago. It's a pretty major Park and competes with Six Flags Saint Louis, and even though SFSTL has more coasters, Aspen Lakes has better coasters and more to do. I have only been to Aspen Lakes once and it was about 10 Years ago when I was 6. And since I'm a huge Coaster Enthusiast and live so close I'm going to buy my season pass once the park opens for the season in a few months! For now Here are some photos I got from the website.



The oldest building at the park is Aspen Lakes Theater, it was actually a real theater for almost 50 Years before the park was even built!


The newest coaster at the park is Copperhead, an Intense B&M Invert that resembles Silver Bullet at Knotts.


New this season is Snake River Fall's, a massive Intamin Water ride similar to Holiday World's Pilgrims Plunge, only ours is about 20 Feet Shorter.


Lake Aspen's Impressive Skyline!

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