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The Crypt Cycle

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It always cracked me up that it was called The Crypt and yet, it wasn't on the official list of attractions meant to be opened at Halloween Haunt... Like, the queue line (and ride itself in some ways) IS a haunted house for all intents and purposes. This ride was brand spankin' new seven years ago and in a matter of seven years, is so beyond repair that it's 24/7 Halloween theme isn't even enough to keep it open for Halloween. Haha! I bet there was at LEAST a significant amount of guests who thought that Tomb Raider: The Ride was just renamed with a stupid Halloween name in October and that "The Crypt' name was just for effect. Haha!


As for actually converting the building to a Haunt, that really wouldn't work... The queue line, yes, but once it gets into the pre-show room and antechamber, what would you do in there? Much less inside the ride chamber itself! For all current intents and purposes, that room has only a flat garage floor... You couldn't see the creepy goddess even if they took the time to light up her because she's seventy feet above you. Ha!

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This ride is getting worse and worse. My June 1st trip, I was actually excited to go on this ride since I heard from here that the cycles were a bit longer. I go on the ride expecting 4-5 flips and didn't even get 1.


All they did was make it to where you were upside down going forward or backwards. I was extremely disappointed. Especially for my friend who's never even been to KI.


This ride was seriously in the top 5 best rides there when it first came out. I can honestly say Viking Furry is more thrilling then The Crypt.

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I rode it for the first time since it was Tomb Raider on Wednesday and I can honestly say it is by far the worst ride I have ever been on. The themeing is a joke and the ride cycle only had one or two flips .... that was it.

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I rode it Monday and Tuesday, and let me just say, without me saying a WORD, my friends (who are NOT theme park junkies and find 99% of my Kings Island information trivial and useless) sought answers from Cedar Fair workers as to why Tomb Raider has been destroyed. And these weren't the red-button-up-shirt workers, these were head honchos: Suit and tie employees with very official looking Cedar Fair name tags (NOT Kings Island name tags, mind you - Cedar Fair name tags!)


FRIEND: Why did they take out the lifting door?

CEDAR FAIR: Yeah, it actually broke.

FRIEND: So it's just gone forever?

CEDAR FAIR: Unfortunately, yes.

FRIEND 2: I swear you should put an employee at the exit and just poll people and be like "Have you ridden Tomb Raider: The Ride? How did your experience on it compare to The Crypt? Which do you prefer as a guest at Kings Island?"

CEDAR FAIR: (Laughs and look at eachother)

FRIEND 2: I'm not even kidding. Do you realize how much people hate this ride?

CEDAR FAIR: Trust me, both of us worked for Paramount. I totally understand what you mean.

ME: So can you just like, push a button on the control panel and it just does the Tomb Raider cycle?

CEDAR FAIR: No, that's gone...

ME: Forever?

CEDAR FAIR: Yeah, we'd have to call in the manufacturers to reset the ride.



So we step onto the ride and the load getting off in front of us, some 11 year old kids turn around and go "You're gonna be pissed you wasted your time in line. This thing sucks now." To which I replied, "I know." Hahha! So naturally, as the ride came to an end (during that awkward "at the bottom, but not in the resting position" portion), we got literally almost ALL the riders chanting "TOMB RAI-DER. TOMB RAI-DER." I suggest you try it sometime! I bet if we can make sure one Tomb Raider lover is on every cycle, and that chant starts every cycle, they'd get the idea before long.


And that same day in Flight of Fear, I was standing behind some teenage girls and overheard them saying "I freakin' loved the Tomb Raider! The Crypt is the worst ride I've ever been on." To which I joined in the conversation and was like "I LOVED TOMB RAIDER." And they were like "I think everyone did." And we talked about how ridiculous this whole thing is because (and here's for any Cedar Fair exec who checks this board) People just want Tomb Raider back. Hike up the 1-day tickets another five or six bucks and voila, there's enough money to purchase the licensing and EVERYONE will be happy. Sure, some people just want the thing torn down because it's so beyond repair, but I think a good portion of those people would, if presented with tear it down vs. restore it to Tomb Raider exactly the way it was, would chose to return it to Tomb Raider.

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