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Firehawkboys's PTR of RWCW!

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I had an absolute blast Saturday!

I rode DB a total of 30 times yesterday, bringing my total to 41 times. :)


Anyways, here's some pics that I took yesterday.

(Ps, not the best pics)


Beast's drop.



Diamondback coming into splashdown.



Diamondback going through splashdown.



Again, Diamondback going through splashdown.



Yet again, Diamondback going through splashdown.



And of course, my ride photo. (Blue shirt, back seat)


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Good photos. It was really awesome that they offered to email everybody their on-ride photo. Although a great thing, I didn't take part in it- I only managed two ERT rides before leaving, neither photo being something I wanted to keep :lol:

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I rode it about a dozen times during ERT and still didn't get a photo I liked (though their system crashed at one point so for part of that time the camera wasn't even working)

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