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See Paul and Don in DB video.

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Looks great. If everything works out, I should be down there next weekend.


I like what they did with the rest of the entrance sign. You saw a glimpse of it towards the beginning of that video. Looks better now that its finished.

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How did the harnesses feel? Are they pretty size-forgiving?


It depends mostly upon your size.


I, for instance, can't ride. I'm 6'4" and 320lbs., but a lot of my issue wasn't so much the stomach but the legs/hips. If you're a wider person, or have big thighs, the seat is contoured with an inward curve at the top of the sides of the seat (so that the restraint when closed makes a more complete "seal" as it were). You might be able to shove yourself down into it, but the restraint doesn't come down far enough.


I have a feeling that even if I were to lose 50+ lbs (which I've done before for this sort of thing) it wouldn't help unless I couldn't shrink the size of my legs. Most of the people that didn't pass the test to get on via the test seat were this way (bottom heavy).


Not to say I'm not going to try before the end of the season though. :D


Other than that, I love what they did with the whole Rivertown area. It's very nice.

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I had the same issue I could not agree with you more. I'm 260 6'ft and my legs/thighs prevented me. The test seat it kinda inaccurate I got it to go green but not a solid green kinda was a dim green and the nice man said I should be able to fit but yeah I took the walk of shame.


The Beast still beats all . I had an amazing ride on that the final helix was soo smooth today.

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