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March 2009 Kings Island Quiz

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The March 2009 Kings Island Quiz is now live, featuring eight questions that all revolve all around Kings Island's wooden roller coasters! Feel free to play it here!


February's quiz was played by a 124 different people- more than any other quiz in KIExtreme history! View the answers to the quiz here and take a look at the in-depth answers over at the February 2009 Kings Island Quiz topic, viewable here!


Good luck!

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The quiz system is having some issues with the newer version of PHP that's on our new server. We're working on getting the needed code updates done to it as quickly as possible.


The Contact Us form is down for the same reason. That will be working again tomorrow, but the ETA for the quiz isn't yet known.

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Although KIExtreme's April Kings Island Quiz has yet to be released, we have been able to provide you with the in-depth answers for March's:


1. Who designed Fairly Odd Coaster?

B. John Allen

John Allen, legendary coaster designer, brought both the Fairly Odd Coaster and The Racer to life opening year. He would also help with calculations for The Beast several years after


2. What year were the Southern Racer's trains originally turned in reverse?

B. 1982

Due to The Bat's constant down-time, Kings Island turned the Southern Racer's trains backwards for the 1982 season. The change proved popular and remained that way until 2008, when the trains were finally switched back around.


3. How long is The Beast?

B. 7,359

Although many sources round The Beast's length to 7,400 feet, the amazing coaster is actually only 7,359. Although a tad shorter, it still holds its spot as the world's longest wooden roller coaster.


4. How many world records did Son of Beast originally break?

C. 7

Height, speed, size, and the loop were only a few of the records Son of Beast originally broke. The list totals seven world records.


5. When known as "The Beastie", how was this roller coaster supposedly related to The Beast?

C. It was its brother

According to the 1982 Kings Island brochure, The Beastie was The Beast's little brother. This would've made Son of Beast the nephew of The Beastie!


6. What is The Racer's angle of descent?

B. 45-degrees

According to RCDB.com, The Racer's angle of descent is 45-degrees. Diamondback's angle of ascent will be approxiametly 45-degrees.


7. What year did The Beast open?

C. 1979

The Beast debuted in 1979, stealing multiple world records. Thirty years later, The Beast has remained a star attraction at Kings Island.


8. What defunct roller coaster did Son of Beast's current trains come from?

D. Hurricane

Son of Beast's current trains were recycled from the defunct Hurricane roller coaster at the Myrtle Beach Pavillion.



Hope the March quiz gave anyone a chance to learn some new stuff! The April quiz will be up as soon as possible!

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