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Check Out The Completed Diamondback From The Air!

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Earlier today, the final piece of Diamondback track was installed by Adena workers, officially completing the giant steel snake. And now, you can view a large aerial photo update showcasing the newly-completed ride, along with the rest of a snow-covered Kings Island!


These photos show every part of Diamondback, opening at Kings Island on April 18, 2009! The park was blanketed in snow today, forming a picturesque backdrop for the massive coaster.


In addition to Diamondback, we also have a large gallery of general photos of a snowy Kings Island, showcasing the rest of the park from over a thousand feet in the air!


Click here to view our aerial photos of the newly-completed Diamondback!


Click here to view the rest of the photos of a snow-covered Kings Island!


For a complete timeline of Diamondback's construction from the very beginning, including daily webcam updates and official photos, please see the Diamondback Construction Thread and the original Rivertown Construction Thread


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