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We headed up to Cedar Point for the last day of the 2008 season on Sunday and had a blast! First off the whole park was completely empty and the longest wait of the day by far was 45min for Maverick. The average wait was about 15min including the Millennium Force! We got all the major rides and coasters done by 4 and by then it was very cold so we headed home. Very fun day at Cedar Point and I wonder what new thrills await us in the 2009 season! Hope you enjoy the pictures!


I'm sure everyone following politics knows who this man is :lol:. I saw the sign in Sandusky on the way to Cedar Point.


The Ferris Wheel with a beautiful sky behind it.


One of my favorite pictures of the day. Top Thrill Dragster during Fall.


I really like this pictures also, Mean Streak and Maverick.


Mantis Loop


Snoopy says see you in 2009!

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I was there also on November 2nd. I did a PTR on the other KI fansite.

But I remember seeing that, "McCain, Joe the mechanic works here" sign. Ha.



It was a fun time up there. Barely any lines. The only big line was Maverick.



EDIT: Nevermind, it was Kiextreme that I posted the PTR.

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