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October Kings Island Quiz Posted

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2nd place. Now what did I get wrong...


I'm mad... I thought questn three was asking what was the last year Fear Fest wasn't included with park admission... I know the answer to what it was asking though <_<. I'm mad now :lol:

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Sorry it's so late, had a visit to St. Rita's scheduled...




1. How long did it take to construct Kings Island?

A. Six months

B. One year

C. Two years

D. Three years

2. What year did Kings Island open?

A. 1968

B. 1971

C. 1972

D. 1975

3. What date did Kings Island open?

A. April 14

B. April 29

C. May 3

D. May 26

4. How many people visited Kings Island its opening year?

A. Two-million

B. Three-million

C. Four-million

D. Five-million

5. How many high-school age employees worked at Kings Island opening year?

A. 1,000

B. 1,250

C. 1,500

D. 2,000

6. What year was Kings Island originally set to open?

A. 1967

B. 1970

C. 1971

D. 1974

7. How many acres did Kings Island originally own?

A. 500

B. 750

C. 1,200

D. 1,600

8. How many areas was Kings Island divided into opening year?

A. 3

B. 5

C. 7

D. 9

9. What park were many of the rides shipped from?

A. Coney Island

B. Stricker's Grove

C. Cedar Point

D. Americana

10. What was the star roller coaster at Kings Island opening year?

A. The Beast

B. Racer

C. Vortex

D. There was no roller coaster

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