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Perhaps created in part for TombraiderTy, this thread is all about ideas for the parks Halloween themeing / attractions / etc. My plan is as follows:


During the chilly autumn months, the normally peaceful domain of Kings Island is malevolently transformed into the twisted Knight's Island. An uprising against the King has forced him off of his throne, replaced by the dark & twisted Black Knight. Within the Island, the realms are inexplicably transformed into twisted, evil versions of their usual selves as the sun's rays disappear over the horizon.



The once peaceful neighborhood of International Street has been overrun. The Knight's guards are positioned down both sides of the street as the Royal Fountains run blood red. The magnificent homage to the King, the Eiffel Tower, stands illuminated in flickering red lights, occasionally shooting sparks as the electrical systems fail. At the foot of the Tower and the end of the Fountains, the Knight himself stands guard, welcoming all who enter his dominion with ghoulish fanfare and praise for their bravery.


The Gauntlet

The cold pavement and bright colors of Action Zone mysteriously transform into fog-enshrouded plazas overflowing with the Knight's minions. Red emergency lights shine through the thick fog as an ever-present alarm rings in victim's ears. The security fences are down, and something sinister is prowling through the darkness. Dare you enter into one of the terrifying haunted houses? In Wicked Woods, victims are ushered into the woods, where the horrors of the Gauntlet await. Each group is assigned two lanterns and dared to brave the dark woods of twists and turns until they come face to face with the overpowering Son of Beast, a gargantuan wooden monster that rips through the woods at breath-taking speeds. In the haunted house Run, the Knight commands that visitors to his domain be tested inside a funhouse where the Kings Jester has been "reprogrammed". It's an all-out test of bravery and wits as your senses are assaulted and the boundaries are reality are stretched to the limit.


The Woods

Rivertown is silent. The citizens have fun for cover into the woods. And the screaming hasn't stopped since. Inside Rivertown, the mouths of caves have been erupting from the ground, and within, only darkness prevails. In The Tomb darkness falls once guests enter into the cave, weaving their way across pits and into ancient sacrificial chambers. Then, after the harrowing journey through the dark underbelly, an ancient exit is found leading into the woods themselves, large enough for a create of unimaginable size to enter into the alter chamber... Meanwhile, in Knightmare, the greatest fears of humanity are exercised. Darkness, creatures, claustrophobia, fire, and death. It's a test of bravery unlike any before as you're thrust into situations you only thought could happen in your worst nightmares.



X-Sector is in shambles. Something has torn through it. Experience two of Kings Islands fasted rides as you never have before: In pitch black darkness and blood-red fog. There is life out there. And it's looking for you. In Encounters, the top secret government facility is not so secret anymore. When a giant, smoking hole is blown into the side of a government testing lab, you're invited in. And inside, witness experiments the likes of which have never been seen on Earth or any other planet for that matter. But when the test subjects escape, it's a war for supremacy... and survival.





It's rough & last minute, but it's a great way to set Kings Island up as a Halloween event at a THEME park. NOT an amusement park like Cedar Point. The park is assigned themed areas and ought to use that to it's advantage! Back story and mascots are totally perfect for the park, and easy to do!

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I love this topic :lol:

^And I love the concept. While I don't think it would necessarily be a replacement for HH, I think that it'd make a great theme for a year (I think KI should theme each year, keeping the majority of the previous year's attractions though)


Well, guess I better get a Coke Zero out and prepare for a long time typing this all up :D For the record, I start at 6:47 with my Coke in hand.


Horrorwood Boulevard The glitz and glamour of Hollywood turn to guts and gore once the sun sets on tinsel town. Replacing the celebrities are the true monsters of the night who seek their next victim.

Club Blood- Reincarnated and brought to Horrorwood Boulevard, this vampire-run nightclub hides a background of murder and torture behind the flashy lights and loud music that has made it so popular. But once you pass behind the curtains and into their hands, prepare for a night you won't soon forget! [Club Blood would lack any reference to sexual activities, including the condom machine :P. The attraction would be placed in a temporary structure behind the Floral Clock]

Wax Museum- This abandoned Hollywood wax-museum was the scene of many strange disappearances in its day. The doors are now reopened and its your chance to explore and find an answer to just what happened to the lost individuals. The deeper you get into the building, the more you'll learn about its dark and sickening past! [Placed in Enchanted Theater, reached by entrance near Starbucks. Maintance area crossed over by bridge]

The Junkyard- Past attractions lie in heaps and piles as flames light the sky. The history of Kings Island has brought and taken away many attractions, and those that no longer exist are now seeking their revenge. Beware, for The Bat, King Cobra, and even the Maestro have all returned. [Placed between IS and AZ]

Zombie Zone- The classic zombie horror-flick comes to life in this farmyard setting taken over by the living dead. Overturned tractors, wrecked farmhouse, and dead animals should've been an early sign to turn back, but you may already be too late. [Placed between IS and the entrance to CM]


Lights! Camera! Horror!- Go behind-the-scenes of a horror movie with the help of professional make-up and prop artists. Learn how the monsters are brought to life and just what skills it takes to create them. [Placed in Kings Island Theater]

Hauncert Series- Hear local bands rock-it-out on Friday and Saturday nights at this pimped out stage. Bands change nightly. [international Street Bandstand]

Movie Monster Madness- Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolf-Man, and many other famous horror-movie characters are brought to life in this fun show that includes singing and dancing to famous Halloween hits! [international Showplace]

Movie Monster Meet-and-Greet- After a performance in the International Showplace, meet and pose for photos with your favorite monsters from Movie Monster Madness in the Tower Gardens. [Tower Gardens]

Fright Fireworks- The night turns to light every Saturday night when the skies erupt with fireworks, flames, and laser-lights, all synchronized to classic horror movie footage and music. [screen and many effects on Eiffel Tower]

Fear Feast- Dine on a variety of appetizing food in a creepy setting filled with cobwebs, ghosts, and even a few monsters. [international Restaurant]

The Prop Shop- Purchase props, costumes, apparel, and Halloween Haunt souvenirs all from this scary store. [in Lotsapalooza section of building]

Texas Chainsaw Massacre- Drop and flip on this dizzying ride that turns you into a victim of the infamous Texas Chainsaw Murderer! [Zipper carnival attraction, behind Floral Clock]

aaaaaAction Zone Scream all you want, but no one will hear you in the most sinister area of the park. With World War III in full swing, you're only chance of survival is to escape, but it may already be too late.

The Slaughterhouse- Sick of torturing the pigs, the crew-members of this slaughterhouse instead began their quest for a new victim. After passing through the largest variety of animals, they finally settled upon the most disturbing choice- humans. Making your way through the chambers and hallways, you'll find yourself progressing from the pigs to the other animals to human beings, and soon enough you'll find yourself joining the cast of the dead. [Club Blood building]

Urgent Scare- This hospital of horrors doesn't offer treatments or medicine, but instead the insane crew of doctors and nurses turn their patients into their victims with the help of their collection of tools. [New building North of Delirium]

The Wasteland- The aftermath of a nuclear accident has left this area of aaaaaAction Zone in wreckage and the inhabitants deadly monsters. Make your way through the rubble, avoiding the mutant freaks, but don't expect to find an exit! [Central AZ area]

Power Source- The generators that power the park have malfunctioned, sending volts of electricity flying through the wires that hang above the pathway and turning the workers into chainsaw-bearing mad-men. [Central AZ area to Invertigo]

Doom Day- Pilot your aircraft through the smoke and just try to make it back to base, but don't expect to succeed- the sky is filled with missles in this World War III disaster. [Flight Deck]

Fear Gear- Shirts, hats, and other pieces of apparel that sport both the Halloween Haunt logo and other horror images are available in this frightening gift shop. Adding to the feel is just who's modeling the clothing choices- amputated bodies and severed heads. [On Location]

Shoktoberfest A small but scary area, Shoktoberfest hurtles a combination of frightening attractions and settings at you that range from an abandoned mine to a garden of carnivorous plants.

Mine of Lost Souls- This mine and the surrounding area is filled with zombies, ancient curses, and other signs of bad-luck. When the train leaves the station with you in it, don't be expecting to return! [Adventure Express]

Garden of Gore- Mutant plants and insane gardeners patrol this garden. While one set is armed with their teeth, the others bear gardening tools and chainsaws. [Pathway near Sling Shot]

Soul Stealers- Follow the story of a young teenage couple as their night of romance turns into their worst nightmare when they become stranded in the woods and the victims of the Soulless. [Large stage in Festhaus]

The Blood Bar- Take a break from the horror and enjoy a nice drink in this bar. [Outer Hanks Bar]

Coney Maul This strip of fun turns to the strip of frights when the sun disappears and the dazzling lights flicker on. But don't think you're safe- monsters hide in every crack, crevice, and corner.

Massacre Manor- Follow the story of Emily, a deranged young girl who turns havoc on her family when she is stood-up on prom night. [CM building, present location]

Holiday Horror- Santa Claus and his army of elves have turned Christmas from the jolliest time of the year to the most horrible. There won't be presents under the tree this year, but that doesn't mean Santa won't be doing anything this Christmas season! [Coney Mall Arcade]

Doll Factory- The Marionette Murderer is infamous for turning his collection of prisoners into over-sized dolls, blending their faces with those of the plastic characters that they will soon represent. But now with his number of prisoners shrinking and the number of dolls more than abundant, new victims are needed. Any volunteers? [Action Theater]

Death Row- This maze of chain-link fences and mirrors will have you lost forever and at the mercy of these crazed inmates. [storage Building]

Unannounced- I honestly don't want to give this one away. Sorry. But it's a replacement for Trail of Terror.

The Worksite- A construction project gone terribly wrong has turned this worksite into a scene of horror. The workers were all killed off, yet many have risen from the grave and returned to finish the job. [CM to IS pathway]

Slaughter Street- Wrecked cars and trucks litter the street as smoke rises to the sky. Many victims of this terrible accident stagger around, searching for help, while others have become locked in their cars and trapped forever. [CM to RT pathway]

CarnEVIL The carnival is in town with a cast of clowns, jugglers, freaks, fortune tellers, carnival barkers, and the king of them all, The Ringmaster. They have all came together to bring your worst nightmares to life without offering any chance of survival.

Circus of Horrors 3D- The big-top stands high above the ground below, filled with entertaining performers and thunderous rounds of applaus- or at least that's how it should be. Instead, screams can be heard from behind the tent as this circus turns an entertaining show into one you'll never forget! [Temporary Building]

Clown Carnage- These clowns have turned pedestrians that crossed their paths into works of art displayed for the world around them. Their collection continually grows as they add onto the list of victims- will your name soon be written down? [Pathway to CarnEVIL]

FEARis Wheel- A classic Ferris Wheel attraction that has seen better days. It now rocks in the wind and groans under the pressure of riders. Despite its terrible condition, the risk of collapse isn't all you'll have to fear. [Ferris Wheel]

The Asylum- Asylums were once reserved for the mentally-insane, but now you'll find yourself in one as the walls spin and the floor drops. [Rotor attraction]

Freak Show- A cast of freakish characters perform their unusual, and often sickening, talents nightly before a large crowd. Who will you be privelleged to watch? [Temporary stage]

Ghost Town Abandoned by the living one-hundred years ago, Ghost Town is now controlled and ruled by an army of undead cowboys and miners. Run while you can, for you may soon find yourself amongst the cast of spirits!

Cowboy Carnage- Rivaling cowboys turned this saloon into the site of a massacre long ago. Return to the site where the blood is still fresh on the walls and the guns aren't yet finished being fired yet. [Rivertown Arcade]

The Beast: UNLEASHED- Journey deep into the woods beneath "The Beast", but don't prepare to journey back out. Instead, you'll be facing the wrath of the legendary Beast as he adds you to his list of victims. [underneath The Beast]

Tombstone Terror-tory- This woodland cemetery is filled with the graves of dozens of old-western figures that have since returned and now stalk their death-place. The woods have multiple exits, but can you even find one? [KI&MVRR + WWC Exit Path]

CornSTALKERS- Brought to life by witchcraft, these scarecrows now guard the fields where they stand and fight off would-be-trespassers. [RT to IS pathway]

Murder Mill- This abandoned mill has seen better days in its long history that included the famous slaughter of all employees from the deranged crew member "Frank Helbig", who stole his victim's pays and ran off to the mountains' top once all was said-and-done. [WTRA]





Questions? Comments? Concerns? I'd love to here some feedback! :D

And I finished this at 7:54, nearly 70 minutes after I started it.

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Just to appease Ty...


(Haha, only not...)


Those were amazing ideas. If I were into Halloween Hauntish stuff, I'd totally be filling Cedar Fair's email inbox with your ideas daily. I like how some of them go from typical zombies trying to rip your head off to truly disturbing stuff like Slaughter Street, which, if I went to it now, would leave me deathly afraid of cars for, like, a month.

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Well not to be negative nancy, (or Valleyfair-Freak) but that's too many haunts haha. I mean I have my own list of things for Valleyscare as well (I came up with the Junkyard idea firstest! :D) but yeah I do like some of your ideas! Honestly I'm a huge haunt fanatic and I'm dieing to see/find out what it's gonna be like this year over at Valleyscare. Anyways here's the link to my future Valleyscare.


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Too many haunts? Does such a thing even exist? I don't think so :P I mean, it's the same as saying "Cedar Point has too many roller coasters"


And for The Junkyard, that was originally called "The Forgotten". But since the rennovation of International Scream to Horrorwood Boulevard, it needed a renaming (and The Prop Shop was originally an idea for it, but a shop seems indoors). Anyhow... does your Junkyard concept include past Valleyfair attractions?


And I just opened the link and am preparing to read...

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Nah it'd just be random junk. I mean they'd probably just throw paint at old useless stuff (fridges, chairs, etc.) and yeah then people would be trying to make it through because there was a chemical spill in the junkyard so all the workers are like morphed into the junk & stuff. It's complicated but yeah I think it'd be cool if executed properly.

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Okay Valleyfair-Freak, just read it all. I'm not too familiar with Valleyfair, but is the waterpark a short distance from everything else? Because while I love the ideas there, especially VooDoo Swamp, it seems unrealistic if it is too far away, like it is at Kings Island.


I also enjoyed all your descriptions- much better than what I can do. Same with the logos and how you even highlighted the areas from an overview of the park.


Zombie Junction? Busch Gardens Africa uses that name for one of their scare-zones, so you may want to worry about lawsuits...


Finally, I especially like the idea for Stranded.

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Hey thanks! I'm really into our haunt :)

Alrighty though, waterpark is towards the back of the park, but there's some stuff around it. Plus with the Flume being removed this year, it's gonna expand. But actually we have a current haunt that runs right next to the waterpark entrance so it wouldn't be much of an issue getting people into the waterpark during haunt season. I didn't realize the thing about zombie junction! That was a cool name I thought because someone recommended it but I guess they stole it. And yeah thanks with the idea of stranded, BGA did something similar but I know I could think up something better.

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^What was BGA's similar? Catch Your Breath 13?


Which, btw, is one of the only two haunted houses I have EVER been truely scared in. And not scared of someone in make-up jumping out at you, but instead scared for your safety and even your life.

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It honestly wasn't way too good. A lot of it was repeated. They did a great job with themeing it though. And the reason for actually being scared was when I thought we were supposed to continue forwards, my group unexpectedly drew us into a different direction and room. So at first it was that "We're not supposed to be here" feel, and they had these body bags hanging from the ceiling, and despite logic, my brain was freaking out and I was getting really scared :lol:

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And my thoughts as I see the pictures:


-CornSTALKERS will be a waited scare-zone if it's that thin. And interesting how they used the trench of their ride for it.

-They could hang stuff from the bridge(s) you pass under on CornSTALKERS, or even have scareactors up there.

-What's with the giant blue truck? I'd assume they're not keeping it, but it looks kinda squeezed in that spot... Are they gonna turn the headlights on and blare the horn to scare the crap outta guests?

-I like the tractor! But the "No Smoking" signs are kinda ruining the feel...

-What's with all the machine stuff in picture 15?

-The way Millennium Force flies around Terror Island is amazing

-Their entrance to Club Blood is WAY more intricate than ours- http://www.pointbuzz.com/Photos/Photo.aspx?id=7216

-They even have a throw-up guy! You know how long I've wanted KI to have one of these? http://www.pointbuzz.com/Photos/Photo.aspx?id=7223

-Cool wall of faces- http://www.pointbuzz.com/Photos/Photo.aspx?id=7225

-Different style cages, I don't like them as much- http://www.pointbuzz.com/Photos/Photo.aspx?id=7227


Well, from the posted pictures, there seems to be no sexual themes in their Club Blood except for the cage dancers, which is honestly nothing compared to what we have. Of course, they may just not have posted all the pictures.

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Ha with the no smoking sign comment. . . what if someone lit up a cig in the middle and then threw it down into the corn. WOOSH! Just like our awesome scare zone, it becomes Hellside Farm.

Also yeah I dunno about the machines in the middle. I'll definitely have some pics up of our Hellside Farm once haunt roles around 2 weeks from this Saturday.

Edited by Valleyfair-Freak

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I doubt that blue truck will stay. It looks like its just there to bring stuff into the maze. And CornStalkers will be a queued maze, just like WereWolf Canyon was.

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