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Now Official: Save The Date For FALL FREAK OUT 2008!

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The American Coaster Enthusiasts Southern Ohio Region in cooperation with KIExtreme.com are pleased to officially announce FALL FREAK OUT 2008, coming to Kings Island this October!


ACE and KIExtreme are working together for the first time to bring Fall Freak Out back to Kings Island Amusement Park on Saturday, October 25th.


New behind the scenes tours, bigger prizes, priority access to several Haunt attractions and free soft drinks all day are included in the event's activities. We also have ERT scheduled for Racer and Flight of Fear, and will be having a Skyline Chili menu in the International Restaurant.


The event is open for registration immediately. You must be a member of ACE or KIExtreme.com to register for the event. Non-members may register only as the guest of a member.


Download the Fall Freak Out flyer and registration form (PDF) from KIExtreme.com, ACEOnline.org or ACESOAR.com and join all your KIExtreme and ACE friends for a day of exciting activities.


The Fall Freak Out event lineup is subject to change. The final schedule will be made available closer to the time of the event.


Diamondback's vertical construction is progressing rapidly, with the brake run, transfer track and entrance to the station completed this week. For our latest photos of Diamondback's construction, CLICK HERE!


Kings Island is offering all kinds of entertainment and fun this Labor Day Weekend, including a cameo by Carmen Electra in Flashback: Totally 80s! For more information, CLICK HERE!

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$31 is too expensive for this event. Look at CoasterMania at Cedar Point which was only $10 for Platinum Pass holders. Or the Fall event at Kings Dominion which is only $16 for season pass holders. I don't want Kings Island to lose money on an event but this price is too high.


Nope, not going to make this event. It is over-priced and at my least favorite time of year at Kings Island.

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So this is the only reason you joined KIE....

If you feel that way then don't come, its that simple man.....

We don't set the prices

Wow, harsh. I've been coming to this site for years. I've been meaning to join for some time but just never have. Your comment makes me question my decision to join though. Do I need to make a certain number of posts before I can try to make a meaningful comment?


I understand that you don't set the prices. But, if you are involved in planning the event, you do influence them. If Kings Island quotes you a price, you have the ability to turn down their offer. Or, negotiate for a better deal.


I was trying to spark some discussion about the high price of this event compared to similar events. I can't be the only one that is disappointed with the price. I guess I should have kept my mouth shut.

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i dont think the price of this event is high at all...considering the admission price to KI itself along with fearfest, i believe it is an extremely resonable price!

The price is good unless you already have a season pass. Plus, young children are not welcome at half of this event. The Haunt is not meant for families (which is fine).

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