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FEATURE - Sign up for KIExtreme SMS Text Alerts!

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Ever wish you could keep up with the latest Kings Island news and updates while you're away from your computer? Now you can. Introducing KIExtreme.com Mobile News Alerts, featuring FREE text message alerts to your mobile device every time we post major news or updates.


This service is completely free, however please check with your mobile carrier to ensure you have a text message plan, otherwise you may be charged for receiving the alert messages.


Your information will never be sold or shared by KIExtreme or Broadtexter. You may opt out of the service at any time should you decide to leave.


This service gives us the capability of sending out messages from our own mobile devices, so if major news breaks while we're at the park, you'll still be able to receive an alert!


To sign up, just CLICK HERE: KIExtreme SMS Text Alerts.

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