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Coney Island Pepsi Python Incident

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I'm sure there's no official news about this yet, but I was there first hand to witness the event.


Today, Coney Island's "Pepsi Python" rollercoaster slightly derailed at the top of it's first drop, leaving it's lone passenger stranded just over the edge of the drop. Luckily, a fire engine was on the scene to rescue the child on board, and there were no injuries. The Python is a D.P.V. Rides Classic Family Coaster model portable coaster(very similar to the Pinfari Z40), which has been in operation since 2002. When last I left work, it remains derailed at the top of it's initial drop.


The derailing doesn't look that serious and is hardly noticible to the untrained eye, but I still think it needs to be looked at

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