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Open Weekends - Kings Island's 2008 Season Debuts!

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For area park fans, Spring is now officially here as Kings Island has now opened for the 2008 season! Along with the park, the new County Line show in the Festhaus is now up and running, along with Dora's Sing-A-Long Adventure in Nickelodeon Universe.


Of course the major thing being watched now is the major construction project going on in Rivertown, including the draining of Swan Lake and the closure of a major park pathway. A number of concrete footers have now been installed, primarily on the former Swan Lake, but are also starting to appear on the Rivertown midway itself.


A number of photos of the construction, taken today, have now been uploaded to kick start our Project 2009 coverage. CLICK HERE to visit the Construction Gallery and view them now! Stay tuned as we'll be covering this project as it continues to unfold.


Update: To see photos of the construction project from April 26th and 27th, just CLICK HERE.


Update: To see photos of the Rivertown construction project from May 9th, CLICK HERE.

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Anyone have pictures of how Flight Deck's trains are now painted?

I dont have a picture, but they are painted exactly as they were last year. They just stuck a sticker on the front of the trains. It looks awful.

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