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Hello Friends:


I am personally inviting all members of Kings Island Extreme to attend Winter SOAR, this year. The brochure has been posted about the details of the event. It takes place at The Golf Center at Kings Island (formerly The Jack Nicholas Golf Center) on March 15th at 5pm. The cost is $25 per person. If

anyone has any questions or would like further information, feel free to email me at our regions's

email address, ACESOARRegion@yahoo.com.





Brian Neal

ACE Regional Rep for Southern Ohio

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I heard there will be a real good video presentation on the coasters of KI. :P


Too bad I live so far way, I would love to be able to attend it.

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25 bucks for pizza, a coney representative talking, no off season tour, no Kings Island rep. or announcements, and a video? Thats quite pricey.


What? Did you even look at the flyer? It's NOT pizza, it's a burger and hot dog buffet with redskin potato salad. There IS a Kings Island representative, and ones from Cedar Point and Indiana Beach, in addition to Coney Island of Ohio. And the event is scheduled to last four hours! Soda is an additional $1.75 though. And there's a cash bar.

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Hello KIE Friends:


Just a friendly reminder about the ACE Event, Winter SOAR at the Kings Island Golf Course next

Saturday evening at 5pm. Here is the link, http://kiextreme.com/pdf/soarflyer2008.pdf

If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me here. Just a few ticklers for what you are

going to see, to answer the question CoastersRZ had about who is coming from Coney Island,

That would be Tom Ryan in marketing. He has a couple of surprises for us. Tony Clark returns

with some good Cedar Point stuff, as well as John Robinson representing Indiana Beach. We

have another newbie with some neat things, and of course our own Don Helbig from the park

will be revealing some things we might not know coming to KI this year. Come on out and

enjoy the festivities.


Brian Neal, aka Raptorguy

ACE Southern Ohio Regional Rep

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