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Action Zone Flood

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I was at the park that day and there were actually 2 storms. The first one is the last picture Paul posted which that was a pretty bad storm if you were driving because there was rain coming down probably an inch an hour at its rate and it had bad lightning and even hail at one point.


The second storm wasnt as bad there was heavy rain, some wind, but LOTS of lightning. I was really mad at this storm because i was in line for Face/Off and i was on the next train and they closed it which really sucked.


The thing that didnt suck though was i went back around 7:30 after eating out and there wasnt even 1,000 guests in the park for the rest of the night. For the first and probably only time Firehawk was a walk on in the summer on a Friday night.

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I remember being there because it think that was when i went with my cousin and we had just barely made it out in time. We were walking out of endless summer and we called my uncle and left right away.

Same thing happened to me to. I was walking out and right when I got in the car it just started to pour. And I remember going home and it still raining like crazy.

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I have seen Coney Mall like that. I remember working scrambler when the water in the midway between scrambler and that blue building was like 6 inches deep. Had about 2 inches of water in the queue. I can't remember if all the rides were closed at the time, or just nobody was riding, but I can still remember trying to squeegee out the line. I'd push about a gallon of water out of the line and have 2 more gallons flow into the line. It was kind of like Fantasia where Mickey is trying to bail out the water the broom guys were bringing in.


Good times.

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