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READ THIS - Terms of Service

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No Drama!

The KIExtreme Forums are intended to be a welcoming community for civil discussion. Drama and fighting are not welcome here. Relax and enjoy a community meant for fans of Kings Island to interact with each other, share photos and experiences, and follow all the latest news and updates.


Signature images must not exceed 720 pixels in width, as larger images may distort the forum view for some users. Images must also not contain objectionable or inappropriate content. Images must be kept to a reasonable height to avoid being obnoxious. You may have up to two images in your signature, but site advertisement banners are not permitted without prior approval.

You may link to your site in your signature, provided you do not use promotional language, or unauthorized banners as specified above. Linking to sites that are not yours is allowed, as long as you do not claim to own it.

Spamming & Advertising

Spamming will not be tolerated. If an account is created solely for spam, it will be banned immediately.

Advertising your own website constitutes spamming if it is anything other than giving a link to someone who requests it, or volunteering a link without any promotional language. The exceptions to this rule are official affiliates of KIExtreme, who are allowed to advertise their content here, or users who have been granted permission to advertise.

Internet Shorthand & Emoji

This is not a chat room! Please refrain from using chat room shorthand, and use proper grammar and spelling. Unlike a live chat room, you have time to properly compose and edit messages on the forums prior to posting them. Posts in violation of this rule are subject to editing or deletion.

The KIExtreme Forums feature a full selection of standard emoji that are available for use. Please do not overuse them. Posts with excessive emoji usage are subject to editing or deletion.

Copyrighted Material

Do not post any copyrighted material on the forums unless you own it or can cite permission to use it. This includes photos, videos, and copy-pasted text content. The general exception to this rule is material released by the park, such as promotional images, videos, or press releases. You may still link to outside content, but please link to the web page or social media post containing it, rather than posting the material directly. Copyrighted material in violation will be removed.

Duplicate Accounts

Duplicate accounts are generally not permitted. If more than one person is using the same device or IP address to register, all involved persons must contact the administration and inform them of this BEFORE REGISTERING, to avoid the accounts being flagged for suspicious activity and potentially banned.

Park Associate Guidelines

Kings Island Associates are welcome. However, we suggest that you do not reveal your real name, department, or position for your own protection. Also, we strongly suggest you do not reveal any information that is not public knowledge. Please do not post any photos taken from a restricted area or outside of public park operating hours, unless the photos were taken with permission from your supervisor.

Park Rules & Regulations

KIExtreme does not condone the violation of park rules or regulations under any circumstances. For this reason, we prohibit discussion of any such violations, such as line jumping, taking photos or video while on a ride, or practicing unsafe riding behavior. Content in direct violation of park guidelines will be removed.

Discussion and posting of authorized on-ride material such as official park photos, videos, or other legally obtained content is permitted.


In accordance with federal privacy laws, children under the age of 13 are not allowed to register on the forums. Accounts found to be in violation will be deleted.

Private Correspondence & Personal Information

Private messages and emails are just that, private. If any private conversations are posted publicly without permission from all parties involved, they will be removed.

Under no circumstances will the release of someone's personal information, a practice known as "doxxing", be permitted. Doxxing is cause for an immediate removal of the content and permanent ban of the user who posted it. Any concerns regarding a member's personal information should be brought to KIExtreme's attention by private conversation only.


Politics is a highly sensitive subject, with even the most innocuous comment being capable of starting a serious conflict. For this reason, political discussions are strictly prohibited. Local political topics that directly involve Kings Island will be allowed, but closely monitored.

Enforcement & Disclaimer

Unless specifically stated above, violations of the Terms of Service will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. If you see a post that appears to violate the Terms of Service, please use the Report functionality of the forum software to alert us of the situation so we can review the content in question. Please note that should your post be edited to remove a violation, editing the post to re-add the content is a violation and cause for a suspension. If you receive a suspension or ban, any attempt to evade it such as registering a new account will be grounds for a permanent ban.

These guidelines are subject to change at any time with or without notice. Any questions can be directed to @PKIDelirium via private message or by using the Contact Us link which can be found at the lower left of every forum page.

Last Revised: November 3, 2019

Edited by PKIDelirium

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