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Comfirmed 2009 hyper at KI

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As said in the Descritption I recieved a message that said the following......






yo rumor is kings island is gettin a hyper in 2009

2009 - B&M Hypercoaster - Rumor - (11/13/07) Inspired by the drawing in First

Drop and reports from my own sources about the new B&M Hypercoaster, I've drawn up two possible layouts for the coaster over an aerial image of the park. We've heard that the ride may be given some kind of monster / creature / dragon theme. I've also been told that the proposal for the three giant drops should be fairly interesting, starting off with a 210 foot drop, a 170 second drop and then using terrain the third drop may be as high as 240 feet.
(11/12/07) The latest edition of First Drop Magazine (FD #79) confirms our rumors about Kings Island adding a B&M Hypercoaster. The layout drawing they have published also confirms the location we mentioned, with the station next to the small lake in front of The Beast and from the look of things, the brake run for the coaster will go right over the lake itself. (Unless they're planning some kind of splashdown effect in the lake.)
The layout shows an L shaped out and back style layout with the 210 foot first drop diving towards the Tomb Raider ride building, and turning to the right slightly to head off into the woods. Somewhere out in the woods the coaster will turn to the left heading towards The Beast's big helix finale for the turnaround. On the way back they show a couple of helix spirals before hitting the brakes.
(11/5/07) Two Screamscape sources back up the claims that a new Hypercoaster is indeed in the works for Kings Island in 2009, adding to it that B&M may be involved. However while the coaster itself may be great, we've heard that there is some concern over the location of the ride's station and that they are going to destroy the atmosphere of the area near The Beast in the process. It's possible this is just a coincidence, but we've heard that the park may have already started clearing out some of the brush and trees around "swan lake" in front of The Beast and Tomb Raider.
(10/31/07) It's a little early for this kind of news, but Screamscape has heard from one source claiming that a large new steel coaster may be added to Kings Island somewhere behind Tomb Raider, which makes me wonder if it might head off into the woods to play with The Beast. Sounds like a great location for a Hypercoaster with some terrain hugging and tunnel sections. Just an idea"

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